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Event: Gomo Tulku Rinpoche

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Added by Wangmo , 22 Sep 2018

Taking place 12 Oct 2018 (Single Day Event)


We are happy to inform that Gomo Tulku Rinpoche will soon come to Ljubljana to give precious teachings. The lecture will take place in Dharmaling Buddhist Center in Pavsiceva 41 in Ljubljana on 12th October at 6 p.m.
Gomo Tulku will challenge our everyday thought processes which negatively impact us and our surrounding through subtle yet consistent, destructive habits. Particulary he will cover, for this year, the topic of Judgement.

Please register at the email office@dharmaling.org or call +386 40 125 512. Recommended donation: 10 euro. More info below.

Tibetan, Canadian, American. Lama, Musician, Entrepreneur.

Gomo Tulku’s philosophy towards living, learning and teaching Buddhism is one with a strong emphasis on authenticity, relevance and pragmatism – an approach that is evident in the young Rinpoche’s life and career choices so far as he made it a point to explore the world beyond the monastery, living in various countries across North America, Europe and Asia.

Gomo Tulku was born in Montreal, Canada on August 8th, 1988. He was recognized at the age of three by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, as the reincarnation of his maternal grandfather, the 22nd Gomo Tulku. Ordained as a monk by the Dalai Lama in 1995 at the Lama Tzong Khapa Institute, in Pomaia, Italy, Gomo Tulku spent his following 12 years in a traditional monastic education at Sera Jey Monastic University, India. There, he studied Buddhist philosophy and psychology.

In August 2008, he graduated with honors following a ceremony called Rig-Chung, which involved a rigorous scholastic debate in front of thousands of monks.

Like the previous Gomo Tulku who was renowned for his expertise in Buddhist philosophy and tantra practice as well as traditional chants and ritual dance, Gomo Tulku discovered a parallel passion in music and dance at a young age. After completing his foundational education in Buddhism, Gomo Tulku left formal monastic life to pursue a musical career in Europe.

Gomo Tulku’s debut album was produced in collaboration with internationally reputed hip-hop producers and musicians, including Deleterio and Jidenna. His single, Photograph, won him the Best Male Artist award at the Tibetan Music Awards in 2011. His musical career as a whole also saw him being covered in Time Magazine, GQ Italia and Details Magazine as well as appearance on the Italian television talk show, The Chiambretti Show.

Gomo Tulku’s convictions on the future of Buddhism lie in the contemporizing traditional teachings with today’s ever evolving science and society. Today, Gomo Tulku continues to build on enriching his knowledge of being a traditional lama with the experience of living as a millenial, young adult in the modern world.

In recent years, Gomo Tulku has been involved in a number of business ventures across a diverse range of industries while also balancing his wellness endeavors, from private life coaching sessions to public seminars. Although currently traveling the world, he still maintains his close connection to his Buddhist heritage through frequent visits to his monastery in India. Gomo Tulku’s future projects include promoting Buddhism through interactive media, charity work in Tibet towards environmental preservation as well as education, institution development, and creating more music.

Gomo Tulku is fluent in Tibetan, English and Italian. His life story has been featured on multiple international media outlets, including the Oprah Winfrey Show and NPR Radio in the US and Marie Claire Magazine Australia and major news agencies around the world, such as Rai Italia.