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Tibetan Workbook For Healers

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#1 Ani.Chödrön


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Posted 04 October 2008 - 07:12 PM

Today a Slovene mailing list dispatched an invitation to a workshop called "The use of tibetan wisdoms and skills of self-help and help to the others" which will be lead by Damjan Plut. The main focus will be relieving the pain and rheumatism, yet, Plut's web page does not mention any kind of medical qualifications, just that he has a "natural gift" of healing, which increased through "various courses".

Even more interesting is a book which was translated and adapted by the same person Tibetanski priročnik za zdravilce (literary: Tibetan Handbook for Healers, originally Tibetan Healing Book). It is about crystals, singing bowls, "healing stick", chakras, healing "bad energy", epilepsy, stroke, asthma etc. It is explaining that "the task of the healer is to change negative energy". It is written as an instruction to "all people who wish to become healers", telling them how to treat a patient. It is available for 12 - (CD) or 19,57 - (book), plus post expenses.

#2 Shenpen.Rinpoche


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Posted 04 October 2008 - 07:25 PM

"Tibetan Workbook for Healers"

After the 25 years of this life in contact with Tibetans, being a healer, and a past life in Tibet also dedicated to healing, I can say quite safely that such thing has never existed in Tibet or among Tibetans. Even the "singing healing bowls" are a Western invention.

There are extensive books and training about Tibetan Medicine, learning pulses, plants, anatomy, astrology, etc... framed into a specific curiculum within the Astro-Medical Institute of Dharamsala. But no "Tibetan healing book"!

Nowadays, to be "in", cool, magical, it has to be Tibetan. But it's fake, made up by charlatans seeking power, fame, or money.
People shouldn't be blinded just by words, but investigate if there is any root, any genuine tradition behind such things, before to give any faith to it.

Note: what I wrote above are general remarks, and encouragement to investigate always whatever name a person, book, or workshop might have. It is not intended to be read as a personal offense against the translator of the book mentioned on first post, whom I don't know personally.
Lama Shenpen Rinpoche
"For as long as space endures, And as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I too abide, To dispel the misery of the world." (Arya Shantideva)

#3 Jampel



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Posted 06 October 2008 - 02:33 PM

Dear all,

Even the "singing healing bowls" are a Western invention.

What is the traditional function of those bowls? In the movie Samsara there is a scene where with help of such bowl a meditator has been informed, that his meditation retreat is over. Is that function a valid one?

All the very best,

#4 enostavno



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Posted 15 March 2009 - 12:20 AM

Nowadays, to be "in", cool, magical, it has to be Tibetan. But it's fake, made up by charlatans seeking power, fame, or money.
People shouldn't be blinded just by words, but investigate if there is any root, any genuine tradition behind such things, before to give any faith to it.

Dears Sir,

No, nowdays it is not neccesery to be Tibetan anymore, I agree with Mr.Shenphen, to trie to be "in", cool, magical. It is nice and good to know a lot about Tibetian medicine and/or healing technics. Also genuine tradition should be important. It should be good and effective to use tibetan healing technics and historical knowledge with good and pure intentions of the persons whoever use it. And maybe in some positive perspective if any, Tibetan Healing Book shows, whoever work with, that he or she has (or better had) faith in Tibetian medicine, tradition and culture in general.

We should respect Mr.Shenphen warning, that the character of the people use whatever knowledge, the pure and good intention, love is what have to be developed first. Yes, here are also people, which seeks for power, fame, or money - frightened people which are a part of every tradition on Earth.

On the similar (but not same) way of pure in good intentions, faith, there as I could feel and know is some a bit different approache also. It is actualy no approach or technic at all. It is life.

In life is space for all.

With respect.

#5 Simona


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Posted 15 March 2009 - 09:57 AM

In life is space for all.

Unfortunatelly, it seems for the ignorance, as well. In Slovenia there is a saying which compares wisdom with the salt, so for the things which lack the wisdom we say they lack the salt. But, not so far ago you could get at the market one kind of salt, it was considered as homogeneous stuff, whereas nowadays there is a flood of salt, differentiated regarding the spices added, level of moisture, brands, combinations, etc. This differentiation will lead us where? I am afraid, we are easily forgetting in this way the source of all these different salt is one and the salt is getting devaluated, even before we could have a chance to taste it! I can understand one unhappy client who wrote "I went to the shop to buy an axe. When I found myself among 30 kinds of axes, and started to examine them, I forgot why I need one."

In the society of greed, virtuous values are added as a nice decoration, to divert. In the past when you for example bought a salt, you bought a salt. You used it, and applied it in accordance to your own abilities and level of understanding, or not applied it at all. Point. Nowadays the market is wild like a jungle due to the market fundamentalism, preaching there is one "invisible hand" which takes care things go fine and where Ethical, virtuous values are not really needed, in the position of a decoration. Even a hairdresser asks you "Do you wish we add a bit of Tibetan Medicine, too?" Oh, dear!

The traditional Buddha Teachings are not "also" important, yet the most important and the Teachings of Venerable Lama Shenpen Rinpoche the most precious, because He leads on the Path by showing what is essential, being an example of Compassion and application of it in daily life. :prostate:

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