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Tshong Tulku (Pavel Hanč)?

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#1 Wangmo


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Posted 31 May 2010 - 12:08 AM

Another one is "Tshong Tulku" (Pavel Hanč), saying about himself: "I am a tulku, buddhist, meditator, photographer and philosopher." After being asked his Tulku credentials, he removes one from his friends.
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#2 Michael John Smith

Michael John Smith

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 09:20 AM

Pavel Hanč is a Facebook friend of mine and I have had the opportunity to chat with him from time to time. I know from another Facebook friend of mine that he has been bothersome with his Tulku claim but he is really quite harmless and certainly not out to make any money or become famous. Please if you knew him as I have come to know him you would realise he is a very compassionate young man, practicing with huge obstacles present.

#3 Shenpen.Rinpoche


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Posted 31 May 2010 - 10:05 AM

if you knew him as I have come to know him you would realise he is a very compassionate young man, practicing with huge obstacles present.

Michael, I do know him since long. He even asked me to ordain him long ago but it appeared that the reasons and his own inner state were not clear.

The point here is not either he is nice person or not. The point is trying to keep a tradition clean of ego implication regarding the use and misuse of titles. "Tulku" is used in a specific frame, requiring credential for that. Pavel has been asked about his claim, and at first didn't answer, since he has no credential for using such title. And no "obstacles present" can justify this.
After, he answered = First answer was: "Buddhism is delusion.", then "If you are a real rinpoche you never ask someone a question if I am tulku or not. Identification is ilusion showing biggest grasping tendencies of oneself which is biggest delusion ever."

This topic, on this forum, is not a yellow-page type of gossiping and pretending to say who is nice or not. It is raising the cases of some people self-proclaimed Lama, Tulku, or Rinpoche. And the danger it represents for Buddha-Dharma, specially in our western world where it is new and without any established authority in this field.
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