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Naljorma Yeshe Khadro

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Posted 20 August 2011 - 11:41 PM

I was wondering if anyone knew about this lady.

She claims to be a recognized emanation of a deity:
"Tantrayana Vajradharma dharma center was started in 1975 by the dakkini Naljorma Tensin Konchog Palmo Yeshe Khadro a western yogini of the Vajrayana tradition of Buddhism. She is an medium of many different deities. Naljorma started researching the Dorje Phagmo legend back in 1969, and it lead her to many different esoteric Tibetan lamas, Rinpoches, and Maha Siddhas. After discovering Padmasambhava's sanskrit mantra in Sanskrit class Naljorma knew she had found her root guru. She began researching the legend of Padmasambhava while he was in India, and began to realize the roots of the Indian Vajrayana with its strange beginings. She is also a medium of the Yoruba Orishaxic tradition from Africa and Brasil. Naljorma is a professional astrologer, psychic medium, dharma teacher, retired public school teacher, artist, children's author, illustrator, and an interesting metaphysical teacher that has vast insight into the global nature of reality, or shamanism. TVMC is now only a lineage dedicated to the energy of the Oracle Dorje Phagmo, and Indian Padmasambhava. This emanation has not taken an physical rebirth at this time. She stills is in astral form, in Tibet. She told me that she would not take rebirth, until Tibet is freed from Communist control. Her spirit body contacted Naljorma in retreat in 1978. So there is no physical incarnation of the Dorje Phagmo, regardless of what political, or dharma leaders are telling the public." - excerpt from one of her online profiles, http://www.myspace.c...yanavajradharma

She has made up a lot of schools in the West with New Age descriptions but doesn't seem to have any students:
"Whole Mind Learning Institute
Managing director
A balanced learning system for all subjects academically and spiritually. Can be taught for all ages. Brain dominances are focused on with MI intelligences, and whole Brain theories. Individual, and group tutoring programs and training programs for teachers.

Tantrayana Vajradharma meditation Center
A Non-profit dharma center established in June 1975 in Southern California" - taken from her facebook profile, https://www.facebook.com/lamanaljorma.khadro#!/lamanaljorma.khadro?sk=notes

"Joyce Naljorma is the founder and director of Gaia Visionary Design, and Brazamer Art Productions. She has been accomplish Artist, Children's author Illustrator, dancer, Actress, Choreographer, Director of Theater, western Lama, Maha Siddha, Vajrayana metaphysical teacher, Astrologer(Vedic-Tropical) herbalist, healer, California Credential Teacher, Naljorma Jyothi Chandra, Naljorma Yeshe Khadro, Sanskrit scholar, and Qigong instructor. This of course has made her a very free thinker. She holds a MAed in education focused on Whole Brain theories of Education, and a BA in Art Education. Her latest work is the Brazamer progressions and Wuji style of painting. One is the Brazilian shamanistic tradition, and the other is the Taoist style of painting. Her teachers have been diverse and very esoteric. Her work can be seen on www.Gaiavisionarydesign.com" --http://www.myspace.com/gaiavisionarydesign

She claims to be the student of teachers and then derides them :
"Those of you on my site, I am in retreat for the Yamantaka initiation, with his Holiness 14th Dalai Lama. This is a very powerful initiation, that will be given tomorrow in Long Beach. I am in a retreat for the empowerment, so I do not want you to think I am ignoring you, but I can not interact with all of you, when I am doing texts, visualization, and mantras as much as I can. I have done this one before, but the affect is already being felt with His Holiness." --https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=220775991269298

She regularly derides teachers including His Holiness the Dalai Lama:
1"Please His Holiness do not tell me that I have to practice my birth religion, when it is a piece of ignorant shit. It took most of my life to get back to dharma, and now I am suppose to stay in ignorant shit, where is your compassion?"--https://www.facebook.com/groups/147420125310258/
2"Dear Kinley that is your opinion, I respect His Holiness Opinions but what he says is his opinion of the Buddhist tradition, but as scientific evidence I have some problems with what he says is for the whole world. I have several initiations with His Holiness as well as the Kalachakra, and some of what he says is quite filled with wisdom, and other statements I find invalid.'--https://www.facebook.com/groups/147420125310258/
3"I feel His Holiness is not the final authority on these issues, but your own Buddha nature. He was quite conditioned in his youth like all monastic persons on many dharma issues. Traditionalist are protecting their way of life, which has little to do with the awakening mind."--https://www.facebook.com/groups/147420125310258/

She seems to be mentally ill:
"I just love my Yamataka, Mahakala, Kali Ma , Dakkini fields, Palden Llama, Vajrakilla, and Black Hayagriva. They are my comrade in arms. I am tired of all this ignorance and stupidity coming from dualistic realities. They visit me everyday in my center."- https://www.facebook...47420125310258/

She has been making up teachings, giving out empowerments, and calling them Buddhist, if you read her posts, almost every post is tinged with new age stuff. She is always mixing God, paganism, and new age ideas into what she is teaching. She has even self published meditation books full of this stuff, misquoting and taking out of context what Tibetan Lamas have said. --- https://www.facebook...271068789573351

I hope someone can shed some light on this woman, I have heard that the Lamas she claims to have "worked" with, do not even know her. She says she is writing a new meditation book and using Geshe Jinpa Sonam La from Dregung Gomang Monastery in San Diego for citation. Someone needs to tell Geshe La that this woman is using his name and taking what he says to write a new age book.

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