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  1. Pamo

    A Prayer

    May we clear our perception and cease the conception any especially most convincing one... May only the Dance of both Truths survive...
  2. Pamo

    A Prayer

    May we open our hearts may we open our minds may we open our eyes and see be see purely. May we... may we... may we... with palms together... may we...
  3. Dear Sincerity, this is really nice how and what you expressed. Thank you Pamo
  4. Mingyur Rinpoche writes, "I'd like to say that everything got better once I was safely settled among the other participants in the three-year retreat.... On the contrary, however, my first year in retreat was one of the worst in my life. All the symptoms of anxiety I'd ever experienced--physical tension, tightness in the throat, dizziness, and waves of panic--attacked in full force. In Western terms, I was having a nervous breakdown. In hindsight, I can say that what I was actually going through was what I like to call a 'nervous breakthrough'." May we all soon breakthrough and reach Enlightenment for the benefit of all! May these Teachings we have received from our Teachers come fully alive, now!
  5. Good evening, raistlin, i clicked reply only for a short message of "thank you", for this sincere story of, anyhow, courague. With my best wishes.
  6. »The Free World« by Ajahn Brahm For several weeks, one of my fellow monks had been teaching meditation in a new maximum- security prison close to Perth. The small group of prisoners had come to know and respect the monk well. At the end of one session, they began to ask him about his routine in a Buddhist monastrey. »We have to get up at 4:00 a.m. every morning,« he began. »Sometimes it is very cold because our small rooms don't ahve heaters. We eat only one meal a day, all mixed together in the one bowl. In the afternoon and at night we can eat nothing at all. There is no sex or alcohol, of course. Nor do we have television, ardio or music. We never watch movies, nor can we play sports. We talk little, work hard, and spend our free time sitting cross-legged watching our breath. We sleep on the floor.« The inmates were stunned at the spartan austerity of our monastic life. It made their high-security prison seem like a five-star hotel in comparison. In fact, one of the prisoners was so moved with sympathy for the plight of their monk friend that he forgot where he was and said: » That's terrible living in your monastery. Why don't you come and stay here with us?« The monk told me that everyone in the room cracked up with laughter. So did I when he related the incident. Then i began to contemplate it deeply. It is true that my monastary is far more ascetic that the severest of prisons for the society's felons, yet many come to stay of their free will, and are happy there. Whereas many want to escape from well-appointed prison and are unhappy there. Why? It is because, in my monastery, the inmates want to be tehre; in a prison, the inamtes don't want to be there. That is the difference. Any place you don't want to be, no matter how comfortable, is a prison for you. This is the real meaning of the word »prison«. If you are in a job where you don't want to be, you are in a prison. If you are in a relationship where you don't want to be, you are in a prison. If you are in a sick and painful body where you don't want to be, then that too is a prison for you. A prison is any situation where you don't want to be. So how do you escape from many prisons of life? Easy. Just change your perception of your situation into »wanting to be there«. Even in San Quentin, or the next best thing – my monastery – when you want to be there, then it is no longer a prison for you. By changing your perception of your job, relationship, or sick body, and by accepting the situation rather than not wanting it, then it no longer feels like a prison. When you are content to be here, then you are free. Freedom is being content to be where you are. Prison is wanting to be somewhere else. The Free World is the world experienced by one who is content. The real freedom is freedom from desire, never freedom of desire.
  7. Pamo


    may the patterns take the sun's treatment ( ) and give in to melting and then...may we then see what happens ... what's left and then ...
  8. Pamo


    Pattern When happy i talk Don’t know that I walk Afraid to explode Old ways to let go Some sadness with left Old ways old ways… You’re not what I want Change pattern Come home.
  9. Commedia dell’arte (of ego) O Shakespeare, (so thick in your name no surname), I want to be loved! (blink blink) I want to be loved… Huuuu…is that true? (blink blink) I’ll sit close to you… ……………Come ………………………Come come ………Come! Why hesitation? Why all of the sudden you look like you’re going to run?! …..Your lap resembles the shine of the glue… …..there’s no blanket….it fell through…. What Baba Yaga’s tooth got stuck now in you? Ups, sorry my host, don’t know how come…a spelling mistake turned something around… Whimping you were… (!?) Yes yes, corrected the sentence, found ground. !You want to be loved! I wish to be laughed (at) So sir, new episode, what is it going to be, Thy wish to play with me?
  10. Pamo


    Courage, that’s my name.. I stand alone..ready for life. I am no longer afraid. I am hopeful. I can do anything. Because I have courage. Why? Because I have become a warrior.. a wisdom warrior. I stand alone.. Like the sword of wisdom. I will not give up the ground of compassion. I am not afraid to proclaim this. That’s the warriors cry. .. I will not give up my way of love, even if I am the last person on earth. I will not give up give in to hate. I will be courageous about loving all beings. I’ll be kind to myself and merciful to others. That’s the warrior’s code. Tall trees sway...sound of cars... sound moves across the sky... Courage has allowed me to see all these. With this fearless energy I can do anything. Nothing will blow my path. If obstacles arise, courage gives me the humor, skill and delight, to go around, over or through. With courage even the biggest mountains cannot stop me. Aggression can be overcome. Courage gives me the power to love without embracement or fear. Courage… that’s my name. Mipham Rinpoche
  11. A challenge for a Dharma practitioner, from the scripta on the lecture on the psychology of personality: "A personality is a relatively permanent and unique totality of mental, behavioural, and physical characteristics of an individual. A structure of personality is: temper, character, capacities, physical constitution; a human as a bio-psycho-social unity."
  12. so so inspiring http://www.tsemtulku.com/en/teachings/contemplations/being-different-being-happy/menu-id-15.html
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