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  1. Dinara

    Сolor Of Shapes

    Understand So properly? Someone says (kha cig na re). A : If something is round it is red. B: Color of white egg (chos can). It is red because it is round (yin par thal). You have to accept pervasion (khyab pa khas)? A: The reason is not established (ma grub) Аrgument of not justified?? B: Color of white egg (chos can) is white because it is is one with Color of White egg (Ldog pa) A: The reason is not established (ma grub) B: Color of egg (chos can) is white because it is is covered by white color (khyab pa)
  2. Dinara

    Сolor Of Shapes

    Someons asks (Ka cig na re) If something round it has a color The color of the red apple (cho can) Apple round (phir) it blue? (thel) No reason (ma grub na) The color of red apple is suitable as a red (common sense) (mdog tu bstan du mar po) No reason (ma grub na)
  3. Dinara

    Color Of White Cloud

    Question about color of white cloud (subject). This is primary or secondary color? 1) Could say: Secondary because it is cloud . Cloud (Trin) is secondary color (reason?) Question: No pervasion. Possible secondary white color? Could say: No, because white it is primary color. //deadlock??// 2) Could say: Color of white cloud - primary color? Because white is primary color.(reason). Question: No pervasion. Yet. Cloud is secondary color. Its not be able primary. Could say: // it is impossible to understand for me! I am think. My ideas. Possible 2 variant of answer.// 1) If cloud tangible object. The color of white cloud (sublect) is primary white color (pervasion)/ 2) If oblect (sublect) is color of secondary color (cloud). Its not be able primary. Secondary color (sublect) not be able primary color. It is correctly?
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