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  1. Zeitgeist also talk about microshiping in near future and warn us. David Icke, Zacharia Sitchin and others researchers of "forbiden history" talks also about annunaki, draco,... about beings who can "posses" a human Of course they mostly talk about "bad" beings who control our planet via wars, terrors, (un)natural disasters, ... and especialy about mind control via main media and also across all the structures (schoool , medicine, politics,..) but when they talk about evil ones also never forgot mention that there are also god ones I asking myself/others if there is any connection acording to buddhist cosmology (hungry ghosts, pretas , gods , semigods, ..) ?
  2. Simmilar documentary/interview with antropologist Marcelo Messing about dark forces and what can we do about it. SLO subtitles http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=se+b...mp;sitesearch=#
  3. Very interesting movie - part 2 and 3 are realy shocking Acording to this film history is very diferent from offical version esspecialy the reasons for events (wars) Must see film - slovenian subtitles included Zeitgaist Are we realy so much manipulated ? Why nobody tel this on TV, newspaper ? .... actualy its very sadly if it is true
  4. Tashi delek I try to find a link with with some dharma text suitable for little children . If exists something in Slovene language it would be great thanks , Matjaž
  5. Thanks for your answers I must to confess I'm a person who like to believe in "miracle" thinks especialy when lama writen them In his book there are many of them (Yetis, telepaty, Ancient cave, 4.5 m long bodyes from our predecessors, , astral journeys, etc ) I understand (hope I realy do ) that developing bodicita is our primary goal so such reading can not help us in this way, but since we are westerns such books attract us very much . My knowledge/wisdom is not at the level to distinguish between true/untrue storyes in such books that mean beter not to read them ?! ... but still like to know which part are true regards , Metjaž
  6. Tashi Delek I read two book s from lama Lobsang Rampa "The third eye" and "The Cave of the Ancients" (slovene translation) It was realy very exciting reading and after that I try to find more information on the web. I become sad when I found an article which said Rampa is charlatan . Have anybody right information about Rampa ? Thanks Best regards, Matjaž
  7. Tashi Delek, I heard something about karma from my friend and I want to verify it, because I'm not sure about it. First he said that bad karma also can be "cleaned" by a great master . And second that treatment with bioenergetics, radiostesists and similar practitioner are very dangerous for them, because they absorb pacient karma and therefore they die faster Thanks, Matjaž
  8. Tashi Delek, In telecast "Sveto in Svet" Mr. ?erni? mention that 25% people of west believe in reincarnation but their believinq is quite opposite than Buddhist one. He said that they like the idea that they will reborn again while budiist strive to go out of samsara. I'm also budist, OK without refuge .. yet , but If somebody ask me if I want to reborn I would say : yes sure My question is : Is a desire to reborn as a human realy so contradictory with buddhist doctrine or is it normal that "buddhist begginers" like me simple can't imagine what nirvana is ? :oops: I undestand that all achievement in spiritual path will reduce my suffering and will make me able to be useful for other sentient being in this and next live Best regards, Matjaž
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