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    drawing painting playing music (didgeridoo and guimbard) taking photos .. maditating !? interresting of all things of life :))
  1. Yeah I agree! Some people do all what they can to don't be integrated to the society and be taken in pity, but it will always exist some beggars that who don't want to work, and it's a choice. But Sometimes there are some other reasons, due to the loan or other money problems and then it won't be a question of integration anymore. We don't have to put all the beggars on the same basket isn't it !? But there's not only discimination of the society towards the beggars, but there's also inequality in the height of the society too !! it's viscious !! best regards !
  2. hi ! As everyone here I was frequently approaching by some beggars, but if I have the time I'm used to speak with them, why they need money? for what and who ? It's not because I'm speaking with them that I'll give them money ! One time, a women and her dog, were at the entrance of a supermarket, I asked her why she beged, she answered me, it was for her children then I asked her again what does she needed .. Then at the same time of buying my goods I've take some goods for her too (broad, milk, pasta, vegetables), she was so happy, and by this act I was sure she couldn't buy alcohol or cigarettes, I'm used to see her again, but she don't ask me to buy anything, she just smiles at me ! But I have also satisfaction in not especially offer something to a beggar, I know an old man who's stay always at the same place, each time I'm crossing the street, anybody took a look at him and I think he was sad because of this situation, but even if I'm hurry I'm giving him a look and say hello, he's always joining his hand and I'm doing the same as a kind of respect for his person. It's so simple, it's nothing but a coin won't necessarly give him a smile. But the worse experience I had with beggars, was in Paris in front of the great Cathedral, a little girl (about 8 / 9 years old) had accosted me and was about to impose me to pay after several explenations, I was quite upset by her behaviour but I didn't give anything ! In my opinion, it's a pity, a shame to use children in this way to have what the adults want ! But all the beggars are not bad and the most of them just want humanity from the rest of the society !
  3. Hi ! If the years of the pig are Bad years, I was born on a sad year (1983 Pig-water) should it mean that all the bad-luck will follow me ? I don't think so ! Neither I don't believe in good or bad year, Because the year is what we want it to be, and I come to life again on the karma of each of us ! But I'm not denying the influance of the constellations and the planets of our system ('cause I believe on earthly energy, cosmo telluric .. and so on), but saying that the pig year is a bad year is like to put a spell on the year and early damn it for what it haven't already done ! I think the better way to prevent obstacles is to practice dharma as much as you can with much faith, but it will always exist some external phenomenons you'll can't prevent ! But it's just my point of view ! Have a good day !!
  4. hi!! Well, we all know what to do now , improve our meditation an our way of thinking about daily-life things ! Haha "Don't worry, Be happy"
  5. hi !! Yeah this is a good question, but I better think you have to search the answer into books that are talking about Vacuity .. I'm thinking about the Treaty of the Middle by Nagarjurna (it's a hard reading book but quite clear with much exemples). At the same time, it's not really necessary to know how have been made the first effect, because it's too far and you'll probably find the answer of your request into the daily life experiences of emotions, events and your(or other people) relation (attention) towards them. But I maintain that it's more important to stay concentrate into the present and be conscious as much as you can on what you're doing, in thinking about what will be the consequences of what you've done !! In that way I can't answer you about the First Effect, if only is there one !! Best regards,
  6. Tashi Delek ! That's a good news. The French government had decided as well to prohibit the cigarette in all public places. I think this was necessary in the point of view from the ethic, respect and health of everyone. But all those kind of laws are the results of the unresponsability of each of us. As a person sayd one time "les restos du coeurs" and some lows of prohibitions are the failures of the society (in speaking about "les restos du coeurs" who is an organisation to share foods to homless and hard living persons). But I'm deviating from the subject ! see ya..
  7. Tashi Delek à tous et bonne année "occidentale" à tous !! Si vous me le permettez, malgrés le retard je voudrais apporter mon sentiment quant à la prise de refuge. En effet comme le savent déjà certains (Frederic notament) j'ai pris refuge cet été auprès de Son Eminence Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche pendant 4 jours de séminaire sur le Lo Djong. Cela faisait bientôt 2 ans que j'attendais ce jour et je l'ai enfin concretisé. Comment exprimer ma joie ? Par de la gratitude et un profond respect ainsi que part la pratique quotidienne du Dharma. Comme l'a souligné Wangdu c'est un nouveau souffle qui s'amène à nous car nous nous sommes d'avantage ouvert comme un vase sans couvercle recueillant l'eau de pluie bienfaitrice. Ceci dit outre la plénitude qui suivit la prise de refuge une grande réflexion s'est portée à mes neuronnes notamment la compréhension de la signification du nom qui nous a été individuellement transmit (pour ma part Karma Yönten Lhamo, traduis par La déesse des qualités). C'est un nouveau santier qu'il faut suivre avec toutes ces balises sur tout type de terrains pas toujours facil d'accès, mais si nous avons les bons outils et avons pris le temps de rélfexion, d'études, certains obstacles nous parraîtrons insignifiant ! Voilà ce que pour moi la prise de refuge signifie. Tous ces évènement m'ont finalement poussé à l'étude de la langue tibétaine .. je sais déjà un peu écrire, j'attend l'arrivée du dictionnaire pour compléter tout ça !! Voilà encore une fois je vous souhaite à tous une merveilleuse année 2007, reçevez tous mes voeux de bonheur, de santé et prospérité !
  8. Tashi Delek !! I don't agree with what you said Farman . I quote you "I do believe that sometimes violence is a necessary evil...but even then, only as a last measure." Violence creates violence and never solves any problems, even at last measure !! Bush had chosen to proclame war against Iraq for the problem of his tirranic government and the different "supposed" terrirorists acts against the World Trade Center. But It's not only the reason of Iraq conquest to reorder the country but also the richness of it's basements and grounds. Is it justifiable to conquire a country by violence for a suppose promised liberty behind an egotist goal ? Is it justifiable to use violence to bring peace ? Have we the right to risk people lives in the concern of eliminate terrorists ?? All the goals of the US government are the enrichment of his own nation and due to the resources in Iraq, the scapegoat was found !! Violence IS NEVER necessary to anything, but firmness, knowledge and compassion are ! see ya ..
  9. Hi !! As requested Lodreu I repost my answer about tantric initiation(reference of the first post). I have a good friend, a very good Friend (for her anonyma I'll call her Ju). So during 2 years Ju were to several Chakras tantric initiations (according to her; But I don't know if this combination really exists). But at each time she came back home she were afflicted, sad, powerless, lost as never. The more she gone there the more she was lost .. It happened sometimes that so sad she were, she couldn't come to school during a week or 2 ! She sometimes explain to me the practices she done with people ! There were some "hands touching on the different part of the body espacially the chakras positions..). I asked her who drove the initiations !? A Lama, a qualified teacher or what !?.. She told me it was an european man and each session costed a lot !! In my oppinion I don't think this man was qualified 'cause when we see that during a session the practices are too powerfull for someone we put appart the frail one and we stop .. or make a pose for this person, but it wasn't the case. Moreover ,this person invited Ju to other sessions to upper levels ! (I think this inapropriate !) Now some good friends (that have noticed her state) and I are quite anxious for her. She could suddenly change her mood and be distant. She said She's too emotionaly open and to stop to be fragil she had to "close her door". I find this quite extrem, plus those pratices destroy her I feel it she has no more taste to do anything, no more imagination (she use to had 'cause we're in art school) or when she does something she's always too linked and tires herself by the same way ! what do u think about this ?? Now I would like to know even if she didn't ask any help, how should we react in front of her when she retracts herself with any explanations !! (I know we have never to be violent or agressive !!) And if she asks friends or me to help her, what are the best keys to guide her in the "curing" way ? Because our way in the path to enlightment is to do the best for ourself and for the others with intelligence without ignorance !! sorry for mistakes !! angy
  10. sorry for my misunderstanding Gigu ! I'll try the next time to pay more attention to the sens of the text and it's meaning! Accept my ignorance! angy
  11. Hi Draftsman !! In a way he's not wrong and in an other he's too much ! I explain : That's true that sometime western buddhism could appear as a remedy to western stress of our society. It's so simple to let himself go to a way like Zen or pseudo-meditation drived by a westerner .. and that's the problem, the Western buddhism is oftenly associated to White people that divert the real sens of Buddhism to accomode it to western needing and transform it as an "exotic stuff for languished bourgeois" like a "buddhism Fashion". But in my oppinion a religion or philosophy, in his most pure sens, has no limits or territory. Ok buddhism was born in north India, Christianism, commonly known, in the West etc etc .. but the people who have a real interrest for this philosophy or an other, practice it with the more respect he can offer wherever he lives. Why admit a religion to a race and an other to an other race !!!?? this is restricting the capacity of human being to understand the phylosophy or religion of another nation and shuting him away in absurdity of exclusiveness. So I don't see why blaming the "Western Buddhism" in it's absolute ! Thanks,
  12. Tashi Delek all ! Wow what articles here !! It asks now the question of evolution of Karma from the lowest form to emptiness (nirvana). It's like we could see what will become the "spirit" of an animal at the time of his death to the next life regarding his karma during his life and the opportunity to become more conscious in his next life and why not admit he will grow in an human body !! We could also be more attentive to our present life and the acts we do in taking exemple on the evolution of karma regarding to the defferent species and then be more compassionate to them and offer the opportunity to "boost" their spiritual path in paying attention and praying for them ! What do you think about this ?
  13. hello Gigu ! In my souvenirs I remember I've seen an American man from the staff (sat near us during diner), but I couldn't tell you exactly who were accompanying the relics because the staff change according to the country. But I can tell you that there were a standing Monk near the relics and 2 more nuns were blessing people with 2 other relics ! But Frederic could probably answer you with more details !! isn't it ? Bonne journée à tous !
  14. Hello !! Je viens de rentrer !! et J'y étais aussi en sa charmante compagnie ainsi que des amis à lui et ai assister au flashage !! Vraiment être en présence de ces reliques ce fut extra-ordinaires, mais surtout les gens étaient superbes et très serviables !! Passez une bonne soirée et dormez bien !!
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