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  1. I want to explain the difference between mathematic and other branches of science, because a lot of argumentation on this forum these days is based on mathematic principle. Mathematic is not a science in a way other branches of science are, because it is not connected to this world (that means, it is on karmic level, and mathematic is developing because of the needs of other branches of science), but in fact it is just a game of definitions, principles and proofs, e.g. 1 + 1 = 10 is true, if we use just two digits, like computer does. Mathematic also doesn’t have experiments to prove certain theory like other branches of science, so it is useless to use mathematic for explaining faith. Formula A=Pi.r.r have been developing through the years, because Greeks used Pi = 22/7 or Pi = 3.14 (which is not) to calculate this formula and even now some enthusiastic calculate this Pi with big computers to have more decimals. So this formula is just a construct and does not have exact answer in the real world, but in mathematic it does.
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