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  1. Sory, but this is just insane! Who is a moron "expert" who gave this stupid oppininon? I myself have lots of knowledge about nutritionism and I can guarante, that vegetarian food is just fine and healthy. My kid (2 years old) is pure vegetarian since he was in womb, and he doen't even eat any expencive suplementals or anything, just plain old natural vegetables, dairy producits and fruit and is much healthyer than most of meat eating kids, and even more than his parents, who gave up meat long after their childhood.
  2. Imam eno vprašanje. Ne jem živali predvsem zaradi sočutja in ne uboja živih bitij. Poleg tega pa meso tudi znižuje zavest in nas vleče globlje pod vplih samsare in energij materialne narave. Zanima pa me naslednje; pravijo (pri večini vej hinduizma), da tudi jajca znižujejo zavest, podobno kot meso in se jih prav tako ne priporoča, sicer je bolje jesti jajca kot meso, saj pri tem žival ostane živa, vendar naj bi jajca imela enake negativne posledice za telo in zavest kot meso. Medtem, ko mleko zelo pozitivno vpliva na nas (seveda če je sveže od krave) Zanima me, če je to res, ima kdo kakšne izkušnje v zvezi s tem? Ali kdo kaj ve?
  3. About spontanious combustion. This is a thrue phenomenom (well at leat I read so, I didn't combust yes, so I can't be 100% sure...) Some yogis could use this metod intencionally, when they felt it was time to live there body at a certain auspicius moment, off course they were masters of different kind of yoga, including energy manipulation. Some of them use this in sanyas, because they were alone in the himalaya mountains, and they still wanted to be cremated properly (like Drtharastra -an Indian yogi) But spontanious combustion also happened to some people who did not know or practise any kind of yoga or did not follow any religion. Some say that happenes because of to much fire element in there body combined spontanious kundalini awakening, when the body was not prepared to it.
  4. It seems that you think about something every year at the same time, so you should not take it to seriously next year ...
  5. Thank you for replies, I know it is not necesary to know every anwcer, but my nature is to be a very curious human. I ma trying to get to the bottom of everything ... Sometimes a realise so many things, that I feal like I am going to get mad.
  6. I thing it is good to work with pure love, cause that is what we are. Nirvana is realisation of thrue nature of emptines and it is enlightenment... I thing it is not called enlightenment with out a reason, nirvana is pure bliss and peace, even though it is not... Nirvana is realisation of non duality... I am just giving my own realisations, I am not actualy qualified to give you propper anwcers, so wait for some one who knows better Just trying to share my believes...
  7. I have a question. If every effect has it's cause, how we all know it does, then was was the cause of a first effect, if there is no God? How were we created if we are not soul (atman), a piece of higher soul (paramatman)? If there is only One, then aren't we a piece of that one? I realy don't know what buddhists think of this, I would realy like to know... Thank you
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