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  1. Another year around, we are about to enter in 2139 Water-Dragon year. calendar link: http://www.rabten.eu/calendar.pdf
  2. I found a very handy calendar for print by Geshe Rabten, is it ok? link: http://www.rabten.eu/calendar.pdf
  3. i belive but it's pleasant pain, at that very moment we realise that we have even more muscles as we thought i tried it too, long ago .....
  4. Dear Wangmo, thank you very much for simple explanation. I do understand that looks easy and soft movements are based on totaly mind and body mingle. It's amazing that people have a stimulation for their own health such as lower health insurance fee Which countries are these? .....and they are all our mind right? Oceans of Light
  5. Tashi Delek, as i checked some topics and not found proper one (or didn't checked well ), i would like to know more about prepairing good nonmeat food and drinks. Thank you
  6. Dearest, the "dancing" video is really funny, specially with Granny, but i would like to get more informations about martial arts as Tai Chi. I am not well informed yet regarding it so will appreciate any info. Thanks
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