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    Hello loving kind, Hate i accepted and it makes me fortunate, Greed i overcomed and it maked me easy, i looked in Ignorance and i cried wishfully, i enjoyed the life but what a vaste of time coming back to basics of creativity, but still in need, oh omniscent why do you live with love? Finding you will be the greatest vow i made!
  2. Buddha Shakyamuni realized enlightenment through trying to escape suffering and that is the foundation of Buddhism. The real question of the next Millennium is whether humanity will strive to realize enlightenment if they can live an abundant, healthy and almost infinite life. What will be the basis for enlightenment? If humanity has the desire to realize enlightenment and continues to strive towards the Great Awakening of all sentient life, then true radiant abundance can be experienced. Suffering serves a purpose, to awaken. Let us pray that it is no longer needed in the next Millennium. For the next Millennium let us replace suffering, as our foundation, with the joy of knowing ones own mind, enlightenment through Mahavairocana. Rev. Eijun Eidson
  3. At your feet oh Marpa from Lhodrak I bow down Grant your blessing that this beggar will stay in natural retreats That you stalwart benefactors are so fondly gathered here Makes the right connection for fulfilling the two concerns When this body hard to get that so easily decays Gets the nourishment it needs it will flourish and be full of health When the pollen from the flowers growing in the solid ground And the honeydew of raindrops falling from the deep blue sky Come together this connection is of benefit to beings But what gives this link its meaning is when dharma is included too When a body that's illusion by its parents nursed to life And the guiding instructions from a lama who's reliable Come together this connection brings the practice of dharma to life But what gives this link its meaning is when persevering heart bone beats When a cave in the rock in a valley with no human being And someone really practicing without hypocrisy Come together this connection can fulfill your every need But what gives this link its meaning is what's known as the emptiness When a Milarepa's practice of endurance in meditation And those from the three realms who have the quality of faith Come together this connection brings about the good of beings But what gives this link its meaning is compassion in a noble heart When a skillful meditator meditating in the wilderness And a skillful benefactor providing the wherewithal Come together this connection leads to both gaining buddhahood But what gives this link its meaning is to dedicate the merit When an excellent lama endowed with compassionate heart And an excellent student with endurance in meditation Come together this connection makes the teaching accessible But what gives this link its meaning is the samaya it brings about When the gift of abhisheka with its blessing that works so fast And the fervent trusting prayer where you're praying it will come to you Come together this connection gets your prayer well-answered soon But to give this link its meaning a little bit of luck might help Oh master Vajradhara, the essence of Akshobhya You know my joys and sorrows à¢-†and what this beggar's going through Composed by Milarepa
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