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  1. Regarding this topic i wish to point it out also drug usage by homeless people. The other day i met one homeless man, selling a newspaper, which they publish and it is called "Kings of the street - Kralji ulice", and i thought, ok, i would buy one and in this way help them. So, i gave him 1 EUR, that was the price. He took the money, and said, sorry, but i cannot give you the newspaper. I said, it`s ok, that`s not the point. I have noticed he was under the drugs. And this one is not a lonely case. I have more or less regular contacts with two homeless and i try to help them, but both on drugs. Beside long lasting consequences of the drug usage there are also some very quickly manifested. Here is also one lately newly published story, which also gives to think. The mayor of Saborsko (Croatia) organized a New Year party in shamanistic style in his wooden shed. They even lit a fire in the shed! They were drinking a beverage from some black berries (bunika ie. mandragora). Result: one person passed away, because he felt on the fire and nobody noticed to help him, three persons ended in the psychiatrist hospital being without any orientation what so ever, one claiming being bitten by snakes. http://www.dnevnik.si/novice/aktualne_zgodbe/1042233658
  2. The one, which gives itself for the others. We all and each of us carry a happiness within, but if we keep it only for ourselves, it becomes limited, if we allow ourselves to manifest it for the sake of the others, then it becomes unlimited.
  3. Simona

    The Secret

    Some time ago i noticed in the bookstores here in Slovenia a flood of the book "The Secret" and several people, as friends or in Shelfari group told it is a great book, and quite popular. I, myself haven`t been read it. Here is a short movie (or type at youtube "The Secret: 1st 20 minutes"). What are your opinions, if you have any? Best regards, Simona
  4. Simona

    New year bazaar

    The other day I was thinking about the stuff I have got at home and which I don`t use it anymore. About making a list of it and proceed analytical meditation upon, why I buy, what I buy etc. It went all fine, until I didn`t start to calculate how much money is placed in all these items. And how the motivation to buy them were - emotions, you know, emotions (movere, move). I saw a thing, being moved by its niceness or thinking I need it and - bought it. Few days I kept looking at it and after some time I didn`t notice it anymore. That thing satisfied my emotion and when the emotion ceased, the thing ceased as well from my perspective. Karma. I would like to transform all these karma coloured staff, and I cannot find any other way as to give and get them with the better, higher Motivation as this was the case in the past. Such Motivation which change and transform is Bodhicitta, Compassion. So, I am observing quite attentively all the stuff at my home again and check the Motivation before chose and bring for the New Year Bazaar. So, for the end, I wish you all a good selection of the items and this Friday you can bring them already before the Teaching at Dharma center. See you
  5. Donacija kot davčna olajšava 0,3% Pravne osebe - davčni zavezanci lahko v skladu z 59. členom ZDDPO-2 http://www.uradni-list.si/1/objava.jsp?url...p;stevilka=5014 uveljavljajo donacijo kot davčno olajšavo - zmanjšanje davčne osnove. Kako V plačilni nalog napišete DHARMALING, Melikova 1, Ljubljana kot prejemnik, DONACIJA kot namen in v polje ŠIFRA napišete A3111, kar je oznaka za donacijo. TRR: SI56 0202 1025 4674 673 Podpora Z donacijo podpirate aktivnosti nepridobitne organizacije Dharmaling. Zahvala Vsak donator prejme lepo oblikovano priznanje za donacijo. Promocija podjetja Logotip podjetja bo skupaj s povezavo na spletno stran podjetja objavljen na posebni strani donatorjev, v primeru donacije nad 300 EUR. Dharmalingovo spletno stran je obiskalo čez 4000 obiskovalcev z vsega sveta v samo 2 mesecih. Pozdrav
  6. Donation as tax facility 0,3% Legal entities - tax liabled can in accordance with 59. article of ZDDPO-2 http://www.uradni-list.si/1/objava.jsp?url...p;stevilka=5014 put into force donations as tax facility - reduction of the tax basis. How to do it In the form for payment order you write DHARMALING, Melikova 1, Ljubljana as a recepient, DONATION as a purpose and in the field CODE you write A3111, which is a sign for a donation. TRR: SI56 0202 1025 4674 673 Support With donation you support activities of non-profit organization Dharmaling. Thanks Each donor gets nicely formed acknowledgment for a donation. Promotion of the company Logotype of the company with the link to company web site will be in the case of donation above 300 EUR included in special page of donors. Dharmaling web site has got over 4000 visitors from all of the world in just 2 months. See you
  7. Good evening! I have read today in Snow Lion Publications that the movie is available since November 4th 2008.http://www.milarepafilm.com/
  8. Simona

    New year bazaar

    Dear all, the hour of the New Year Bazaar is changed to 16.00. If you wish to bring some items before the bazaar will take place, we can recommend you to bring them before each Teaching, when there is a special wicker basked appointed specially for this occasion. See you all on Saturday, December 13th at 16.00 at Melikova 1, Ljubljana.
  9. It brings an association in my mind of one topic from long time ago, where there was a word about Clear Light and how generally a sentient being, when meets this Light, "jumps off", due to some fear. I hope i wrote it correctly...and regarding the fear, what it is about, what it is to be afraid of? My way of seeing it is, that when meet the Light, to accept it, one should renounce all what one build, conceptions, prejudices, all has to be left behind. All what this "I" perceives, does, thinks, is all what this "I" knows and all these has to be left behind. Recently I watched movie http://thebraveone.warnerbros.com/ about a woman which had to deal with a fear. There are some very good statements and gives me a lot to think. She was happy woman, running her radio show, which was popular because of her philosphical thinking, she was recording voices of New York at night, wondering at bus and metro stations, a bit of creative approach, one could say. Until she and her fiance were attacked and brutally beaten up by one group of criminals when taking a dog for a walk. Her fiance didn`t survive the attack. After that event her life completely changed and she met and got to know herself in a completely new, different light. Interesting is there pop up a new feeling, which accompanied the renunciation of what she was before, what she knew before about life, herself, how she knew, it was feeling of becoming a stranger to herself. As a consequence of this feeling, she experienced a great "emptiness" in herself, and started to fill it up, could not stopped herself, until... Michael, thanks for sharing. Bye & take care, Simona
  10. Simona

    New year bazaar

    Sincere thanks to Pippi Konstanski from USA, who offered as a donation one beautiful photo for New Year cards and some items from her jewelry collection, which Zavod will receive by mail. www.pippijewelry.etsy.com Greetings to USA
  11. Simona

    New year bazaar

    Thank you for the great idea, Gigu. Thank you, Mariann. I believe it is of great help. Warmly welcome, Gyöngyi! Many thanks to Pepita Selles from Sweden, who offered a donation of several art pictures, which can be used for New Year cards http://www.artistrising.com/shop/artist/19...pita-Selles.htm Greetings to Sweden
  12. Simona

    New year bazaar

    Dear all, it`s great joy to inform you about the second phase of the organization and give you some news and directions suggested from your side. Some of you expressed a wish to offer at Bazaar some "hand made" items, as well, which you would make by your own. We welcome this idea warmly, so that those interested could just start with work according to their own schedules, free time, material. The only recommendation we would have is, such "hand made" items shall be of the certain quality regarding the make, looking very very nice. Regarding New Year cards we plan to organize a workshop in November, which would last for about 3 hours - in the afternoon. About exact termin and place we all will be informed. There are 10 members, working on organization and proposing ideas. Some of them we placed them here, some of them are in the phase of consideration. All ideas welcome. Thank you & kind regards your organization team
  13. Simona

    New year bazaar

    Thank you New Year Bazaar will take place in front of Dharma Center in Melikova 1, Ljubljana on Saturday December, 13th at 18.00. (Note: hour is changed to 16.00)
  14. Simona

    New year bazaar

    Thank You very much for joining and the positive support from your side, Dechen Thank You very much, Pekar You help is warmly welcome. Sincere thanks to everyone, who join this project and help Dharma Center to exist. In the following days the organization is about to move to the second phase. Details follow.
  15. Simona

    New year bazaar

    Thank You very much, Tchokyi So far, we have for the organization confirmed: Khyenrab, Tchokyi, plus there would be one or two persons for New Year cards (set by phone) and m_v (waiting for their confirmation). Five members so far Thank you and the organization team is still open for anybody who wish to join! We would need persons to bring 3 - 4 garden candles, too and somebody for making a tea and eventually serve it in the pots.
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