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  1. Tears behind iron bars http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugRvRjR0J2o Jigme
  2. Amnesty International passed a resolution last year, that it will uphold abortion as a woman's right. As you can imagine, there was an unending debate on such a delicate subject and it has encountered some strong opposition from countries with a traditionally strong catholic church (Spain, Ireland, Poland, USA). The decision developed through different accounts from all around the world, which may be difficult to understand for a Westerner. In wartime rape is often used as a weapon. Raped women go through a most dramatic period in their lives and want to get rid of the child either before or after giving birth. In Argentina, where abortion is a crime, the mortality rate of women has its peak between the ages of 15-25 and than it falls. The main reason is that pregnant women resort to black market abortion facilities, which more often than not lead to complications and potentially death of the mother. To make it clear: upholding the right to abortion and promoting abortion are two different things! Jigme
  3. I agree with 3ndr3, It has also been seen, that non-alpha-male rats have shown some uncharacteristic, bossy behaviour, after they had been administered a seratonin injection. A state of mind being the consequence of chemicals. It has also been proven, that the seratonin level of a player in a team sport raised after the player had been chosen as the captain of the team. Chemicals are the consequence of a new state of mind. Jigme
  4. Tashi Delek, I know that the idea of our thoughts being the result of some chemicals in our brain is unappealing, but still… When a mother is away from her new-born child she becomes uneasy and wants to get back, due to prolactin in her brain. As soon as she is there and breast feeds the baby, she feels better and peaceful because oxytocin was secreted. This same hormone is the scientific counterpart of cupid as is produced when one falls in love. Than there is dopamine that is associated with our high moods and pleasure. If you seek long-lasting happiness you will manage to find it via a constant flow of dopamine through your brain (people do that with drugs, maybe something similar can be achieved through some practice). Endorphins in your brain help you to calm your mind and enable you to endure a particularly unpleasant situation. When your seratonin level is high, you have a high self-esteem and vice versa. There are many more hormones and neurotransmitters and our moods and thoughts may well be just the result of the “cocktail of the dayâ€. Jigme
  5. Yet, Farman, you should not think too much about it. I don’t really think that the above description matters. The motivation behind your practice should not be to get something supernatural in return. That would be cheap. Jigme
  6. I am going to ask a question and than log off before karma realises, that it was I who dared asking such a question. Isn’t believing in any God creator equivalent to believing in the Law of cause and effect? In both cases one has a fundamental truth that cannot be proven and that builds a whole set of norms that arise from it. Gotta go…
  7. Tashi Delek Pamo, Here it is... http://www.vegsource.com/veg_faq/anatomy.pdf Jigme
  8. Tashi Delek, I became vegetarian before I became Buddhist, and the more I tink about it, the less likely I am to ever go back to those unhealthy habits. Some of the reasons are based on compassion towards the animals, others are based on the concer for my well being. I will briefly tell you a few reasons why vegetarian food (preferably ecological) is better for you: 1) I have decided to stop supporting an industry that breeds animals, feeds them with whatever makes them bigger or makes them produce more milk, that transports them for many kilometres (sometimes passing through many countries) only to slaughter them as close to the consumer as possible. This was my first reason. 2) I sent a link some time ago, showing that the human being is physically very close to herbivorous animals. I need no further proof. The case is closed. 3) We are one of the rare animals unable to produce vitamin C and our ape ancestors only managed to survive this potentially delitorious genetical mutation, by eating vegetarian food, that is rich in vitamin C. 4) In ecology there is a simple equation called the rule of 10 which says, that every ring of a food chain looses a tenth of its energy. To give you an example: A cat ate a bird, that ate a caterpillar that fed on leaves. The leaves absorbed the energy from the sun and made all necessary nutrients – it is pure 100% energy. In a caterpillar we only find 10% of that energy in the bird 1% and the cat is left with 0,1%. What about pesticides and other poisons on the leaves? The caterpillar will store them in the body and its concentration will increase with every bite. The body of bird eating contaminated caterpillars will be even more poluted with pesticieds and you can imagine, that the story is even more dramatic for the poor cat. Luckily we have cat food. Moral of the story: further you are from the vegetable world, poorer is your diet and bigger is the risk of intoxication. 5) Many times people mention that we need more iron or other nutrients that are difficult to find in vegetarian food, but again, if cattle can find all the iron it needs from simple grass, so can we from some more nutritious grains and vegetables. This forum is maybe unsuitable for what might turn up to be a leghthy discussion, but we could cover this topic at one of our pizza retreats. Regards, Jigme
  9. Tashi Delek The female and male body are more similar than one would expect. To a large degree, the differences arise from the different mode of action of our sexual hormones. These hormones bind snugly onto certain receptors in our cells by which they instruct the cells what to produce. Often we compare the hormone-receptor relationship to the key and the keyhole. In the same way one key only suits one keyhole, in the same way only one molecule (the hormone) can stimulate one specific receptor. But is it really so? Not quite. Sometimes a similar key (or a needle, a paperclip, a hairpin) can do the job. In the same way a molecule that mimics the action of the hormone can also bring about the same effect. The article above talks about phthalates, certain pesticides and other molecules from our daily life that have this effect. When they bind to the receptor, they trigger a body response that has no reason to occur. Phthalates, particularly, may mimic the function of the female sexual hormone resulting in man acquiring female characteristics and girls getting their period at an earlier age than normal. Disclaimer: I never used a needle, a paperclip or a hairpin for unlawful deeds.
  10. Tashi Delek, This post prompted me into some digging through the internet and I found a simple anatomy comparison between species and their eating habits. You may read it all or go directly to the concise summary on page 5. http://www.vegsource.com/veg_faq/anatomy.pdf If Frederic follows Wangmo's example, maybe Wangmo could follow his? :v All the best, Jigme
  11. Tashi Delek I don't know much about the diet you are talking about, but I doubt that there is any strong connection between the blood type and a particular type of food one should eat. To have a certain blood type means that we have one of the three specific genes: A, B and Rh+. In case we don’t have these genes we turn to be 0 and Rh-. Now, the human genome is composed of about 20.000 genes - just imagine, if our diet had to be chosen according to the specific combination of all those genes. The digestive system is a very autonomous machine. It breaks down any food we eat into some basic nutrients that the cells can use to build the molecules they need. If you eat some protein rich food as meat, dairy or soya, they will all be turned into the same nutrients and the body will hardly know the difference. Becoming a vegetarian is mostly a matter of principle and hardly a matter of specific body needs. Yet, sometimes we may lack a gene which is involved in the digestive process. In this case, a special care as to what we eat is advisable. For example, many people (lactose intolerant) lack the enzyme lactase, which is essential in the digestion of milk and are, therefore, better off not drinking it. There are some nutritional elements that are not easily found in a vegetarian diet, like vitamins B6 and B12. They are manly produced by bacteria and fungi during fermentation processes. Among some alternative sources are: dry yeast, algae, yoghurts, kefir, beer ,… Eggs are the richest and most balanced protein source according to their amino acid composition. Of strictly vegetarian sources the most important is buckwheat (ajda, sarrasin), having a higher nutritional value even compared to meat or soja. Regards, Jigme
  12. Tashi Delek Pendant le séminaire à Kranjska Gora qui vient de se achever une question similaire a été posée. Avec la perte des membres inférieures ou d’une autre partie du corps les 72000 canaux énergétiques ne sont pas coupés et le flux des énergies permet toujours le développement de la compréhension de l'esprit. La douleur du membre fantôme serait la preuve que ses canaux existent toujours. J’imagine, que la contrainte psychologique peut rendre la pratique difficile. Jigme
  13. Quand on s’approche au Bouddhisme pour la première fois (et c’était mon cas) un des premiers enseignements qu’on reçoit est l’enseignement sur les quatre nobles vérités. Ils sont structurés d’une manière très concise et facile a comprendre pour le novice. Chacun de nous (Bouddhiste ou non) voit à un point dans sa vie tout le poids de la première vérité et les enseignements de la quatrième apparaissent futiles; des beaux mots.
  14. Tashi Delek Sulphur has been used for centuries as an efficient pesticide and is known for its low-toxicity on animals (men included) and the environmet. Additional information... http://pmep.cce.cornell.edu/profiles/extox...sulfur-ext.html Jigme
  15. Tashi Delek Chabi No one doubts that the Catholic Church had a tremendous influence on the European and world history. Whether it was positive or not is debatable. Your family had to flee from Spain because of Franco and the Catholic Church helped it to stay united. A few centuries before some other family had to flee from Spain because of the Spanish Inquisition. They would have a different story to tell. The European enlargement is a political process and not a religious one. To have a predominantly Muslim country entering the Union is a sign of our maturity. That the Vatican feels threatened by it is, of course, understandable. Regards, Jigme
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