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  1. To follow up the topic about how one understand Tibet well or not, here is a letter from the Tibetan Government Department of Information and International Relations:
  2. Good Draftsman, looking forward for the name ...I'll provide some nice real computer stories (not gender oriented) Well, as you all know, statistics is maybe the most abused branch of science. From the results in 4th classes of secondary schools in Slovenia we could jump to conclusion that women are generally more inteligent then their male coevals - after all they have better grades ... but this is not true, women at the age of 18 years have better habits of learning and less problems with delinquent behavior. monster
  3. Hm, at the moment C.G. Jung (in his next incarnation) is probably smiling, because as we can read in his biographies he was very gentle and witty man, at all the stupidities that become as "results" of his thoughts from other, much less clever and witty men. 4 basic functions from Jung are one of the many theorethical concepts from this author. That's a well known fact. But! This so called superior/interior relationship between them (first best, second best, third, last ...) which Draftsman heard from some kind Jungian psychologist (monster is very curious who he is) is a complete nonsense for anybody who has a basic knowledge of Jung's work. This "concept" is far to technical, simple and un-witty, and finally not in a spirit of a "developed man", what we can interpret as Jung's goal. Because ... I we would accept this "concept", we have to accept that in at least in one basic human function we will be hendikapeted (???), in two so-so an in one - superior. Hm ... To my opinion it's just a common plea to be unable to do some things "Well, my senses are inferior, so I didn't hear you well ..." Secondly, Draftsman is certainly capable to show as statistics about this predominance abot one gender in this field and other in that. But! He's certainly forgetting about the simple truth, that each measurement of this kind (some human qualities) at the moment is a result of many factors from the past. Not just and only the gender but also the influencies from milieu for instance. person can be predomint in one aspect if he/she has many experiences in that field ... I'm sure you can imagine that we can't play it that easy Finally ... about not knowing people who can't copy a file ... Hm, all I can say: you probably don't know enough "right" people . One day we can exchange anecdotes and it will be fun. Best regards to all monster
  4. Well Wangmo ... when I heard about european spiritual roots which are "christian" my blood preasure becomes jumpy It's almost the same if we say that before "good" white colonisators with crosses, swords and fire came to islands in Pacific there was no spirituality, no culture etc I presume that also in Europe there was strong spiritual practice BEFORE "good" christians came with crosses, fire and swords Hm, it is always the same story (like in politics): if you repeat a lie several times, a lie becomes the truth. And of course, if somebody is losing his position, he has to establish some "truths" to explain his existence. Has somebody mentioned Vatican?
  5. It's good to know about which terms we are talking about ... ... as mentioned above ...
  6. Well I thought so, that you are "he" . On some other forum I have a "she" colleague Sacha, but because of your location ... I was "inclined" to male Ok, first ...I'm personally NOT a psychoanalist, so I'm not trained or well educated for such statements. It is just my personal view, that it's NOT impossible to treat even ignorance with different "cure". Let me see ... ignorance is a state of psyche, when we can observe lack of proper knowledge, lack of proper understanding ... through analysis klient get some information about himself, about his past and relations with others ... information via himself or with interpretation of his/her therapeutist. After the analysis is complete, klient should have a higher level of understanding of him/herself and the relations with enviroment. Or we can say that more healthy person comes out of the "therapeutic box". Is it then so unbelievable that he or she has lower level of ignorance. No? All the best 8)
  7. do you know for sure that it is imposible to get off the ignorance via psychoanalysis
  8. oh, he/she didn't. and it was not a quote (as you see, there was no proper quotation marks) It was just a reminder, that remark "psychoanalysis can't really treat ..." is implication that "never" can treat ...
  9. Oh, one more ... Robert: .. The sangha is the community of people who have the perfect right to cut through your trips and feed you with wisdom, as well as the perfect right to demonstrate their own neurosis (sorry Monster! ) and be seen through by you. " (from Heart of the Buddha, chapter on Refuge) well, this, you have to excuse me, complete non-sense. Maybe I don't understand the deeper meaning of this quote, but ... :? I would like other forum members to contribute their opinions ...
  10. I have to add few more thoughts ... If somebody is using some words out of there (yes again) true meaning, then this is not correct to my opinion. More that I'm thinking about neurosis as a term of unawakened mind, more I dislike this. Neurosis is a pathological term, so everybody who is not awakened is ill in some way? Hm, hm ... perhaps my mind is not awakened (yeah, sure is not ) but because of this fact my mind is not ill or what? Generally speaking, every confusion with words, explanations etc, is foggy. Example: if I would have some question about karma, I would go and ask Rinpoche, because I find him very qualified for this issue. I would not ask people on the street or somebody who happened to read book or two about karma ... it is better to go closer to the source, instead to listen to some interpretations of the interpretations of the ... And yes, my conclusion of the origin of the word neurosis to the language of the eastern gurus is maybe correct. In 1960's and 1970's Westerners went to India on the flow of the Flower power movement and psychoanalysis (freudian type) was popular again. Woody Allen did it, Beatles did it, Mia Farrow did it ... and yes, gurus just borrowed the word to explain mental illness of the west ego Maybe it seems that I'm picky, but I find this important. If something is round, then is round, if it is square it is square. Full stop. All the best monster (with not awakened mind, but without known clinical neurosis) 8)
  11. no problem Robert What you wrote is completely new for me ... and I have to say strange. If the state of an unawakened mind is neurotic ... hm, hm the term comes from "neuroticism" and "neurologists" are very close ... it have to do something with the "nerves" and with na old understanding of psychological problems. They were "neurotic diseases" ... in slovenian we have "živ?ne bolezni" which is at the moment unsuitable term ... illnesses of the nerves (this is what neurologists explore) are something different again from the psychological illnesses I can fully understand your point (at least I think so ...) why using this word, but I can see that you now understand why my hair us up! :roll: All the best monster
  12. Oh yes, I can clarify very easily ... Depression was mentioned several times in the past (excuse me, I can't find posts) without clear understanding (to my opinion) ... Neurosis you Robert mentioned twice in the post in the other topic ... If you are speaking of the "neurosis of trying to be perfect" is this completly unclear to my western ears ... #1 - I thought you are speaking of some kind of compulsive neurosis (perfectionism) which is so far unknown ... #2 - I have a feeling (correct me if I'm wrong) that this "neurosis to be perfect" is very common phenomenae so maybe you are talking about of a symptom of perfectionism ?? ... #3 - I spot that you are reporting about your expiriences. So, maybe you are sharing with as your clinical diagnosis, which is a very brave thing to do or you see by youself a "neurosis" within yourself? Hm, I think this is a small exaggeration of your simptoms ... Well, anyhow, the use of "neurosis" was unclear for me ... On some other part of the same post ... Hm, hm. I read some reports about eastern gurus, who know the word "neurosis" which was some decades ago very popular among psychoterapists (not any more ...) and this gurus gave the diagnosis of neurosis to every western klient came along "You all Westerners have neurosis!" ... Of course this is non-sense! I'm not telling this is the same issue here, but I'm confused! #1: maybe you are talking about your personal neurosis; or #2 you are speaking as the neurosis exists per se in everybody and it is torn apart! ... to my opinion, neurosis can't be torn apart, maybe some other psychological elements (complexes, blocades, ...) because as I said neurosis is a SINDROM (few simptoms together) ...maybe you can say your "pride torn apart", even your ego p.s. and luckily not everybody have a neurosis Hope that this post will clarify something All the very best monster
  13. No problem Robert, ego - freudian concept of "guardian" or "tampon zone" between id and superego. Id is motivated by libido and superego is a result of education, culture, sex etc ... People with strong ego are keen to repress motives from id and superego. Ego tries to make as much compromises as possible to avoid motives from id and superego to became present. Flexible ego is (in psychology) necessary for healthy and "normal" life in society. Example: if your id dictates you to slap everybody you disagree and your ego is not functional, you willl really slap everybody neurosis - also freudian concept, in the time of S. Freud mostly asociated to hysteria, now to some very specific sindroms (depresive neurosis, phobic neurosis, kompulsive neurosis, manic neurosis, ...). It is different from psyhosis (like schizophrenia or bipolar psyhosis) , because klients with neurosis in their everyday life function well or welll to some point ... neurosis is also clinical diagnosis and it means that klient has all or most of the symptoms of specific symptom . Example: if you have one phobia (against snakes) then you have phobia, if your snake-phobia is so strong that in some part blokades your mental aparatus and gives you side-effects: anxiety, mental rotation just around snakes, lack of concentration ... then this is phobic neurosis.
  14. ... oh yes, just one comment to add ... I don't know much about buddhism or teachers and who did use one aproach and who other ... What I do know, is that it's responsability of those who teach that they know their issue. And in the case they don't know the answer to the specific question say: "I don't know, I will try to look for ..." and they not (in the function, yes, of their ego) try to imaginary invent something to get approval from the listeners
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