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  1. Me not being at all experienced I would think the following. Due to our past connections with certain Masters, we find ourselves also in relationships that coincide with that type of connection. So with some Masters we might take certain lessons, and with another one we can take all the lessons. I believe that the mind can not be forced to have trust into the Master, but when one becomes aware of that trust, one finds faith - then lessons, no matter how confronting they are, one is willing to go through. I also believe that practice of Guru Devotion makes that trust become usable for the lessons to be received. One can put all the efforts into this...but if it can't go....maybe through time it will go by continuing devoting...maybe at some level it becomes clear what area is to be deepened with that master...maybe a different Master will be the one you will trust to go through major lessons. At the same time I still believe one is able to percieve the level of ones own trust into a certain Master and then by making the practices strenghtening this notion one can take lessons that are need to transform disciple's mind. So I also think what without making the neccessary practice to support this connection, lessons do have a limited effect, but still karmic connections with our Masters do matter. Again...this is my limited view...and having the limited view I need to relly on the spiritual Master I have trust that can lead me on a broad level. And if I did not recognize that trust yet, then I can be guided only to a certain level.
  2. Dear Michael, you are very welcome . It is so easy to get caught up into judgements and rigidity regarding this topic. So I think to have interest in Dharma, to apply Dharma to our mind, to have friends that are doing similar is great!!! We are not many at the end - Precious human rebirth! With love, B.
  3. Hallo, I found this short but at least to me very nice teaching on how to view different Buddhist schools and how to take variety of teachings in a positive, constructive way. Fostering Harmony among Tibetan Buddhist Organization in Malaysia Lectured by His Holiness Sakya Trizin on 2nd October 2007 http://www.fpmt-ldc.org/res_hhstrizin.php Best regards, B.
  4. I believe our society works through appearance. So to be very beautiful and attractive in order to be able to reach many beings and be able to help them is something very different. So not, I am making myself beautiful because I feel ugly or not nice enough, but because by following certain characteristics of our society we do enable ourselves a wider field of action. His Holiness the Dalai Lama said that if he would reincarnate as a woman he would be very attractive. There are many ways of being beneficial for the others, I am sure, and I am not an expert. But, to be honest. If one wishes to work within Samsara and to work in various ways, one also needs to understand that appearance might play a big role. Then about feeling pleasantness. Pleasantness is pleasantness. Nothing wrong with it. But of course it does not include dwelling on it and making a big thing out of it. It is a moment. As it came it also passes. Being beautiful is nice I think, having a loving and compassionate heart with it, even more nice, then deepening our wisdom and acting for the benefit of others also nice I personally have never read that unattractiveness is prerequisite for helping others, and also I did not read the opposite. I guess it can be a matter of choosing our field in which we would like to be most beneficial for the others. * and then also...what an astonishing effect does a charming woman, who wholeheartedly practices for the benefit of the others, make on 'appearance oriented society' ...
  5. Pozdravljeni, Jutri 23. avgusta ob 21. uri je dan prižiganja svečk za podporo Tibet-u. Na linku http://www.flickr.com/photos/29805583@N03/...in/photostream/ so na voljo 3 različice plakata , ki si ju lahko brez omejitev prenesete na vaš računalnik oziroma stiskate, posredujete prijateljem, vzamete seboj tja kjer boste prižigali svečko. Pošiljam vam tudi povezavo do galerije (na večih straneh), kjer je dokumentiranih več primerov kršenja osnovnih človekovih pravic v Tibetu. http://www.stoptibetcrisis.org/photos.html (Opozorilo: Nekatere slike prikazujejo šokantne primere smrtnih žrtev v Tibetu) In še misel Roberta Thurman-a, predsednika 'Tibetanske Hiše' (Tibet House) v ZDA ? Svečka za Tibet je prečudovita iniciativa, ki se sklada s Tibetansko tradicijo prižiganja svečk v dolgih vrstah znotraj templjev in v posebnih 'hišah maslenih svečk' zunaj. Izgledamo nemočni v izboljšavi pogojev v tem trenutku v sedanji krizni situaciji. Ta mirna večerna molitev, ki ker osredotoči več miljonov umov na različna trpljenja trpinčenih in mučiteljev, je vpliven način posredovanja. Obenem ne izključuje ničesar kar si zamislimo in nato naredimo v nadaljevanju. Upam, da se bo vsakdo, ki je prebral ta tekst pridružil temu pomembnemu naporu.? Izvirnik: The Candle for Tibet initiative is a most wonderful thing, fitting in with the Tibetan tradition of lighting votive lamps in long rows in temples and in special butter lamp houses outside. We seem powerless to ameliorate conditions on the ground in the present crisis moment. This peaceful prayer vigil, since it focuses the minds of many millions on the different sufferings of tormented and tormentor alike, is a powerful way to intervene. And it does not preclude anything else we can think of and do further on. I hope everyone who reads this will join in this important effort. --Robert Thurman, President, Tibet House US
  6. Hallo, as you know on 23rd of August at 21h is public Candle lightning for Tibet. I am forwarding you the link of a poster Svečka za Tibet (Candle4Tibet) which you can freely download, distribute, send friends or exhibit in a public place (if you decide to light a candle in a public place). link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29805583@N03/...in/photostream/ There are 3 variations, so you can choose the one you like the most Best regards, B.
  7. Hallo, I am adding link to 2 wonderful videos about Tibet http://candle4tibet.ning.com/video/video/s...91467&xgs=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMh6yGzGjtM...3AVideo%3A91929 With all my best wishes, B.
  8. Hallo, Also Ljubljana will host the Biggest Light action for free Tibet and for peace in the world. More than 100.000.000 individuals over the world will join this beautiful and inspiring event. More information about event: Where: Bar Platana, Kongresni trg 7, 1000 Ljubljana ( http://zemljevid.najdi.si/search_maps.jsp?...na&tab=maps ) When: Thursday, 7.8.2008, 20h - 22 h What: public candle lighting More info: 051 417 257 Welcome to join us! p.s: Forward the news to you friends, so that we will be many supporting peace with peace More info about SvečkaZaTibet - Candle4Tibet na: http://candle4tibet.ning.com
  9. Pozdravljeni, Sporočam vam novico! Tudi Ljubljana se bo pridružila Največjemu množičnemu mednarodnemu prižiganju svečk za Svoboden Tibet in se s tem obenem pridružila akciji za mir na svetu. Preko 100.000.000 je tistih, ki se bodo na ta dan pridružili tej lepi akciji. Kje: Bar Platana, Kongresni trg 7, 1000 Ljubljana ( http://zemljevid.najdi.si/search_maps.jsp?...na&tab=maps ) Kdaj: četrtek, 7.8.2008 med 20 in 22 uro Kaj: javno prižiganje svečk Več informacij: 051 417 257 Vabljeni! p.s: Sporočilo posredujte čim več prijateljem, tako, da se bomo udeležili v velikem številu in na ta način na miren način podprli mir Več informacij o SvečkaZaTibet - Candle4Tibet na: http://candle4tibet.ning.com
  10. I would just like to let you know about the Online Bookstore that also ships items to Slovenia http://www.betterworld.com/ their mission: Better World Books collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. With more than two million new and used titles in stock, we're a self-sustaining, triple-bottom-line company that creates social, economic and environmental value for all our stakeholders. * I like their idea as it joins economy with social engagement for the better world
  11. thank you very much for his link. The whole documentary is really great and shocking
  12. H.H. Gyalwang Drukpa's enthronement of Tenzin Palmo (Part 1) H.H. Gyalwang Drukpa's enthronement of Tenzin Palmo (Part 2) H.H. Gyalwang Drukpa's explanation of "Jetsunma" Tenzin Palmo's teaching: The Nature of the Mind
  13. I would like to share a video that I find very interesting. Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight http://www.ted.com/talks/view/id/229
  14. Tashi Delek, I found a teaching of Lama Yeshe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-O2E-hTBKUc To me it explained wider what I was thinking in previous post. With best wishes, B.
  15. Tashi Delek, I would have never thought that a robber, so well hidden, yet being a part of our attitudes, is within my own mind. Years ago, when there was only one supermarket for lets say more than few villages, and when we could find only one chocolate (maybe 3 tastes), we have thought they were amazing. Well today they are not amazing any more and it is not the chocolate that changed, but our expectations about the chocolate. So if it stayed just with chocolate. With expectations we loose friends, since we are no longer satisfied, we loose partners, we loose peace, we don't see what we have. Isn't the robber the person that thinks that does not have something...so he/she must get it, manipulate it or others...isn't this robber me, who takes away all the joy of my life...so that at the end there is nothing else left to enjoy, appreciate...but so much to be changed, made different, made better (cry) With best wishes, B.
  16. Hi, I have found another very inspiring teaching (personal experience of Tsem Rinpoche) Tsem Rinpoche remembers his Root Guru Kyabje Zong Rinpoche - With best wishes, B.
  17. Tashi Delek, Today Slovenian ex-president Mr. Janez Drnovsek passed away. More on: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7260349.stm Through his life he showed a lot of care for different areas of life and truly gained respect in Slovenia and abroad. As a vegetarian he was promoting the idea of peace, goodness and humanity. He has also met with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Lama Shenphen Rinpoche advised to recite the sutra of Ksitigarba for Mr. Drnovsek's fortunate rebirth and wellbeing of those close to him PS: about Ksitigarba sutra
  18. Great, thank you very much for posting this link . It does nicely explain to what is better to give attention and how to better approach differences - so that at the end is acceptance and not comparing and judging. Anyhow they are 2 different belief systems and are there to fit the needs of different practitioners. If I did offend anyone by the above posts...I apologize
  19. I am trying to see the extent to which explanations in Christianity contradict with explanations within Buddhism. Or what is a place of God based belief system - how much does is stand reasoning, to what extent. I have noticed sometimes that what is said in Christianity (let say about God) has a much more grounding explanation within Buddhism. So in one way Gods exist, but they belong to the God's realm. But this is also the end of debate from my point of view. Since having set a different goal, praising God does not work. Since God can not help me to liberate my mind from suffering. Then there is this second question that I have. From point of view of praising good and him rewarding us. He can be rewarding us with material and more emotional satisfactions, yet he does not posses the power to help us transform our minds radically. So in one way it is a promise that God can not fulfill - promising followers that they will get what they wish. Since we all wish happiness -> and happiness is not found in temporary pleasures. Then God revenging if we don't please him. It is only on the level of our experiences that he can revenge, yet he can not steal our mind, can not diminish the power of our mind, can not be more powerful from the law of cause and effect, since he himself is within the 6 realms - namely in God's realm. He is not free from suffering, he did not yet found the way to get out of it. I believe that instead of being pro or against it would be better to see the position of God within the Realms of existence. I don't think its bad. Everyone has its own place and its own properties of mind. Some minds can liberate us, some others can bring us nice crops or offspring...
  20. Tashi Delek, I would like to understand one thing. If one is praying to God, and praising God, does this mean one is creating karma to be reborn in Heaven. And if one would be a Christian and would not do like God says, would one really be reborn in Hell. I am questioning the logic of God faith and is it relevant to 6 realms explained in Buddhism. If God can punish, can he punish in such way, that one would really be reborn in Hell. It does not make sense to me, since God is not the judge of our accumulated causes and conditions. It is us who create them and it is the law of cause and effect that is accurately placing us in appropriate place of rebirth. Then also even though one would do all good just to please God, one would not be reborn in Heaven due to this, but more due to having a vast amount of positive karma. Yet somehow Heaven would not be optimal (God does not mention this), since after this positivity is burned out, we would get again reborn in lower realms.
  21. Hi, I am very happy that this topic got opened. I believe that from the point of view of gay relationships it is very good to first see and check if they are grounded and build on healthy basis. Well, funny enough. Not grounded couple of a woman and man can do it, do have a right to be a parent, even if at the end a child is hit many times, even misused or victim of different kinds of not humane treatment. But biologically they can do it and I believe if a child is not properly cared after, this right was misused. A child should be supported, cared after and parents should be there to help the child get towards independently making his/her own decisions - to develop healthy mentality. In gay relationships a lot of sexual promiscuity is present. A lot of cheating, changing partners and putting too much stress to sex. But it is not so in all cases. I believe a gay couple that wishes to adopt a child should be well checked for the presence of important factors that support child's development. That then can qualify as a healthy couple. There are so many children and not enough loving and caring parents. I am aware that being a gay parent is not optimal, but I must say I would support such adoption. Since there are children who lack even basic care and affection and a gay couple is able to provide such. Now from karmic point of view I think also a gay couple who wishes to offer love and affection does create positive karma, so in one way such compassionate act could help also gay couples to create enough positivities to ones get in contact with Buddha's teachings. Actually such act can even save child's life in cases where children from very poor families or countries are adopted - so a lot of positivity. Additionally maybe I am not aware how negative is the love from gay couple for the child. I hope love does not have a 'gender orientation based' label. With best wishes. B.
  22. Tashi Delek, below a link to 10 min teaching on meditation by Sogyal Rinpoche: Best regards, B.
  23. Dear Pamo, thank you very much for posting this teaching. It encourages one to look positively and constructively at the gap between our aspirations and where we are at the moment . Best wishes, B.
  24. Tashi Delek dear All , I find this teaching inspiring: http://www.lamayeshe.com/otherteachers/gom..._practice.shtml With best wishes, B.
  25. Dear all, I agree with what Ani Chodron wrote, yet I would like to expose one thing that is important to me. If we practice equanimity it must be a very difficult training. I myself did not go through this at all. What is important is that a person practicing equanimity does not find itself above the others who are not practicing equanimity. Actually I can say, maybe I practice it, but am not aware of it. Maybe I do some practices that are helping with this, but I never talk about this subject. I most probably need to add this to my vocabulary, yet what is a vocabulary. Maybe I will just practice more to subdue my mind. So that it becomes more flexible for the others, that my identification is less fixed, that I am more observant and mindful, that instead of following the impulses I do my best to react in the most beneficial way for the others. A person practicing equanimity can be or might not be flexible within. So I believe this is also an important subject. We should observe how many times we get stuck when in relation with others. We should honestly see how equanim we are. Example: I can be practicing not being angry, yet whenever adversity arises I get angry. So yes, I am working on anger, yet not putting myself above all the others due to practicing on anger. Humbleness I believe is a very important quality of one practitioner. I believe it allows one to honesty observe where one is, honestly admit the inner difficulties, puts one in the same position as the others, allows to help in a more efficient way, allows one to see also a vast area of delusions one needs to work on. Theory is great. Lets apply it to ourselves first in as many moments we are aware of. Lets see where we are. Lets be honest. Let us enter in honest relations with the others. Lets have the mistakes , lets be happy sometimes , stuck the other day , brilliant the next morning . Lets be acceptive of our mind flow, we can not cut the flow to fit perfection, our flow is already perfect - it passes from moment to moment and is anyhow not us. Lets relax In addition lets allow others to interact with our mind flow. If we show to others a fixed perfect picture of us it unfortunately does not allow interaction. It might also not allow others to learn from us in the best way. Picture is unfortunately static. We might be having many different not completely great states of mind and through time this might get better. I believe that Buddhas and Bodhisatvas are honestly sharing the mind that they have, so why are we choosing to star perfection? I believe perfection is not the best bet.
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