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  1. Many pictures and videos have been circlingthese days showing devastation in Tibet...some of them showing many bodies, naked,piled up...my friend’s remark was ‘how humiliating, reminds me of holocaust...’ In such situations, also accidents andsimilar, when bodies cannot be ‘left’ in peace, what would be the best courseof action, what would most benefit the consciounesses that have not yet gone to next rebirth (on the spot, maybe using the ex. of Tibet, and besides prayers)?
  2. Thank you Rinpoche! Your observations have satisfied my thirst! After some years I just was a vegetarianand full stop, I'd kindly ask for my veggies or quietly starve if necessary…but this black/white, good/bad, flesh NO attitude sometimes makes a divide between me, the good hihi , and others the bad flesh eating beings, surely not for me, but others do sometimes feel this way (not only in this field), and then when sometimes there is a 'valid' situation in which that 'chicken salad' is eaten with suitable motivation, like you explained, those very people could come to point out the inconsistency of our words and actions (which was the original question in this thread), which might surely serve as an opportunity to 'explain' and'eventually leave a footprint', but is just as likely to tigger ridicule and further disbelief in the validity of Dharma…that's why I 've been questioning this a bit 'rigid ' approach to explaining/applying rules and ethics…and wandering if saying things as they are, with the chicken salad included, wasn't a valid option…now if I have understood you correctly, it could be…
  3. Thank you very much Rinpoche! You are answer is very helpful and makes a lot more sense now. I have one more question about this 'potetial for mind development/practice' of beings. Theachings I have heard so far were quite clear about the potential of the 6 realms in general. Are there more detailed explanations in Dharma texts about individual realms...I mean, you mentioned pigs and worms...is this common sense logic or there is some explanation (insects, then worms, then pig- chicken-cow-deer, horse-dog-cat?) Would then animal liberation practices also be of more 'benefit' if done with fish rather than warms, for ex. (we should try to find the most developed of species)? Could you also explain a little bit more why a dead chicken yes, and why a live oyster, which if not 'killed' by you will definitely be killed within minutes by sbd else (so you would not acumulate karma of killing, but sbd else there would in front of your eyes), and on the other hand, also why a live oyster (which given its state might be far under the level a warm?) here put before a live host, who might end up in very 'disturbed emotional' situation having offered the most expensive of foods if then faced with a 'vegetarian debate'? I hope I am making sense and not going too far with my questions! Thank you all very much for putting up with me!
  4. I ethics really so rigid, black/white? I was just CONSIDERING yesterday, next time I find myself at a fancy 'buffet' lunch…you know at conferences when allfood is put out on tables and we go round with our plate, strugling to get abite… instead of trying to dig out my little veggie pieces under a bunch ofcorpses, I'll go straight for the corpses, preferably seafood for the follwing reasons: 1. 'events' (Irefer to) are infamous for there always being too little food (recession, Iguess) and people always struggle for their bite, 'cos once it's gone it'sgone' – so the corpse was not killed becasue of me and my eating it does notlead to more killing (it could be argued in this way I am somehow, thoughindirectly, supporting meat or fish industry, but this could equally be said ofanimal liberation practices, as described in the video by Tsem Tulku) 2. If i don't eat them, others will…others will not recite mantras for the benefit of the dead beings, even more, others might eat with greed and create further attachment and negativities, so maybe I save some from crating negativities , while I can recite mantras and make prayers for thedead and the living and maybe even create some merits (I could just recite mantras withouth eating them, I've seen some teachers going into the malls and spend loooong time with their malas at the frozen meat compartment, but they'd be eaten, maybe with greed, by others if I don't eat them and I'd miss the oportunity for my next point... 3. Just the taught of doing it upsets my stomach (unlike other meat, fish and the alike I find absolutely digusting in taste), so besides the mantras for the dead beings and prayers for the living eventually greedy bunch, I get to reflect about true, non-dual nature of reality…preferably intensly, 'cos if not the corpses might not stay in…grouse… It seems beyond ethicalor non-ethical, it's almost like my responsibility, for the benefit of the dead,the living and the ignorant me, wouldn't you agree? And then also, I have no garden, I can't grow my own veggies, eco veggies can cost a fortune, but even'eco' doesn't mean the farmer is careful not to kill a warm, so in his working the land and growing veggies still many beings die, but in most cases I am doomed to buy regular veggies, so on the top of it I am supporting the pesticides industry etc. etc. etc. This might sound as if Iwere anti-vegetarian, but quite to the contrary, I've been vegetarian for quitesome years, I am now just reconsidering my choices, not in the direction of eatingmeet, but rather in the direction of looking also into my attachment to what I reject, in line with the observations made above… Since this is just my 'considering' in the working (and I do not have a craving for meat, so end result doesn't upset me one way or the other), I would happily listen to your further comments and observations... Thank you in advance!
  5. I heard a story once which makes sense in a way and I find it useful sometimes when in situations like yours... One great master (I forget which, as usual, now dead) traveled teaching round Europe and most of the time in a restaurant he would only order a beef stake to great surprise of many students, most vegetarian...so they asked him, why he eats meat, isn't that a being, isn't that uncompasionate...and he said on the one hand one being was killed and with its meat you can feed a whole family for some time, on the other, for your plate of salad countless little beings like flies and insects and worms and snails...are killed...(I just write as much as I remember, don't take my word for it) Keeping this in mind, I have worst time with a plate of seafood, if you know what I mean, while lots of 'vegetarians' would still eat 'seafood' for 'health reasons' It is all just a matter of motivation, I think & eating or not eating meat can both be virtuous or non-virtuos, selfish or compassionate...
  6. Thank you Rinpoche for an inspiring answer! This is the method, thank you! But it is as you say developing Bodhicitta, I would not need an ice-cream for bliss if I had bodhicitta, I would help without that ice-cream... I do understand it won't fall on me at once, but if you say it won't fall on me forever then the very foundations of my reasoning are rotten; for me that little element was kind of crucial to 'my peace of mind'; if bodhicitta can come and go, I again have the grounds to constantly check (with my own mind to which little fragile stability maybe sometimes comes, and then fast goes) and doubt (other) persons' motivation…(I am sorry draftsman I have now wondered away from your question) Could you tell us more about it, Rinpoche, I find it a serious challenge from practitioner’s perspective… At what stage of one's practice can one have bodhicitta that comes and goes, what are the qualities of such a practitioner, why does bodhicitta go (lack of merits or wisdom or sth else?), what is the mind like when bodhicitta was experienced but has now gone?... Is the black/white Bodhicitta (ie the one that pervades, becomes your mind and cannot go away) only in the mind of a Buddha? Is thus Bodhicitta (in the absolute terms but only in the aspect of motivation, excluding its wisdom apect) of a Bodhisattva different than that of a Buddha? If so, are then Bodhisattvas even a valid object of refuge? (I've been told yes, but how come?)
  7. Not being a Buddha myself, I cannot confirm nor reject it. Nonetheless, I find no fault in Geshe.la's reasoning. Selfcherishing mind (more or less wild/tamed) and Bodhicitta exclude one another; if your mind is Bodhicitta, how could you wander if your motivation was selfish or not? One or the other – Rinpoche, did I misuderstand this point on Bodhicitta? Can a drop of Bodhicitta coexist with my generally crazy selfcherishing mind? Can I be a Bodhisattva with just a little craving for my ice-cream?
  8. Sound like a lazy little question draftsman ? If you have no boddhicitta, thus you have a selfcherishing mind and whatevever you do IS anyhow stained by it, so you take it or leave it, you work with it or relax, take an ice-cream, and never meditate again….whatever you chose, according to my understanding of karma, must give a result…even a simple wish not to have to put up with this selfcherishing mind must give a result…and it might be a better result than being reborn as a salmonella in a big box of ice-cream...(speaking of the selfcherishing mind ) Sbd. asked kind of a simillar question at one Q&A session recently: Q: Geshe.la how do I know when what I do, be it practice (of meditation, 6 perfections) or general actions, is motivated by bodhicitta or my self-cherising mind, since often I think I am doing sth virtuous, but often there is some selfcherishing element involved, so how do I know, what should I do, when should I act and when not? A: That's easy. Don't waste your time worring about it. You have no bodhicitta!
  9. I would like to know if you would consider also the following situations as the situations which are 'not' meant' and what solutions would be possible and 'healthier' in such cases: for ex. many Tibetan children come to live in monasteries and grow up being taken care of by monks, then other children over the world in orphanages mostly run by nuns (and/or mainly femaile volonteers), maybe even the question of more traditional boarding schools…would you consider them all cases of equally inappropriate environments for children that risk growing up even gay (ie as one risk element, besides the media etc.) becasue of the absence of the clear information about who is taking care of him/her in term of identification, ie absence of the role model of the one or the other gender? Thank you for your answer!
  10. Ow…of course…Thank you Rinpoche and Michael! I did overlook that Rinpoche…the imprints (of vows/commitments) will of course give results, and this type of causes will actually create positive conditions for 'further practice of vows/commitments' in my next lives, but since 'Dani' the 'then creator' dissolved at the moment of death, it might happen I do not recognize the great conditions provided by my creation...arghh... In fact there might be nothing intrinsically good/or bad about ((not)keeping) vows or commitments yet, if I were to recognise I have perfect conditions for practice (and learn about the law of karma)...? No reason to feel under the pressure of responsibility of some past deeds of some ego that dissolved and no longer exist, which might have made the creation ‘I, Dani’ have nothing to do with and I’d really just like to go to the movies and eat a big ice-cream...!
  11. What happens with the commitments we take, when we die before to be able to complete them? (persuming we sincerely strive to complete them)
  12. Funny, we could not agree more Dear m_v, what you worte in your first post - which to me sounds as a "preacher" like analysis - describes much my own mind…so from my point of view, your analysis is a valid one, but that of a preacher, I said, becasue you analyse the "foults", "stupidity",…of everyone else as if you were above the situation, the omniscient one…but if all we perceive is our own projection, these analysis "preachers" make about everyone else to me sound as a little place to hide from themsleves - well, that's what I'd tend to do anyhow… so the relevance was to say look, my mind also, Iets work on it (like you say just above) rather then hide ouverselves from ourselves behind our wrong and non-sense perceptions of others…but of course, I am ignorant, so I do have a judgemental mind to work on; with a Boddhisatva mind, indeed, it is off the topic to tell you you better be honest with yourself and refocus on your judgemental mind, so my appologies and much respect!
  13. Dear m_v, nothing new I must say, but quite true indeed. I can easily find myself in many things you put forth, as a woman and a human being. Just like you say…when there are more people telling me "Wow, how beautiful you are today!" I am probably "in love " - looking good to impress one person, or kind of depressed, looking to impress whomever…haha …and when I do my practice (right) and I find more peace on the inside, the outter appearences matter little...though no one might invite me for a cappuchino , I don't mind. Yet, this is my mind…I think a good place to start with the honesty you mention m_v is with ourselves. At the beginnig of my path, I was fast to start thinking it would be great if I could just become a nun and spend my life practicing, simple life, shaved head, one robe…so great…(well, everything but that shaved head part ) But who would I be kidding? Changing hairstyle, be it coloring your hair and wearing nice clothes to appear more beautiful or shaving the hair off and dress up in marron robes to appear more seriously practicing, for someone like me, are just two sides of the same coin…as is everyhting in between…I lived a life for a while of a lay person but almost as if I were in a monastery (monastery of my mind of course), becasue of all the rules I imposed on myslef…you see, the problem is, whatever others project on me or whatever I pretend to be…I can never escape my own mind…the mind which in many ways is exactly as you described it m_v... the more my mind is disturbed, the more I will notice (interesing/beautiful) (wo)men arround me, and the more I am at peace, the more I am self-sufficient in a way, so I might not feel unpleasant or disappointed by (wo)men, becasuse I might not have any expectiations from them…the wall between might be your fallen expectations? no expectations, no disappointments, no walls = much better communication? To me it makes sense to focus our judgemental mind (of any gender) back on itself.
  14. Dear Michael, what you say about dedicating merits and not harming others I fully agree with. My question to you is what is real happiness? What are you so happy about? I don't remember ever renouncing happiness...I want to be happy! (even that retreat, of which I seem to have convinced you I did some extreme cave-like yogi thing, while in reality it was barely 10 days spent in a cosy old castle...not much of an extreme, just my mind...I taught it will make me happy) If tomorrow they told you you have one week to live, would you still be happy?...there is something extreeme about death, even thinking about it seems quite extremist ...as if it weren't supposed to be part of our Middle Way... I haven't found any lasting happiness, but I am looking for...that is why I said I am now a Buddhist...(though a lazy one ). Is real hapiness something we can sacrifice? Becasue if you can sacrifice it for something, then you would no longer be happy, for you have sacrificed your happiness? Wouldn't then what you call happiness actually be the source of your unhappiness, since you would sacrifice happiness?...I am not sure your last sentence makes much sense to me?
  15. seriously Michael, I also used to live a happy life, but now I am a Buddhist I tried to do a retreat once (really just once:), to meditate, I was so happy I was going to that retreat, but as soon as I would sit down on the cushion, I would get this unberable pain in my legs, I could think of nothing else but this pain and how to move and when to move my legs to get rid of that pain and in such a way that others wouldn't notice it (to cover up my embarassment and not to disturb others), and when I'd gather courage to move, I would be relieved for maybe a minute or so before the pain was back, and when the "gong" went off to mark the end of meditation session...I was so happy, so relieved becasue I could stand up and the pain was gone...on day 3 the teacher who led the retreat came up to me and said he noticed I keep on moving, I should try harder, becasue by the end of the day it is only 45 minues, it will pass...he promised me the pain will pass if only I put some more effort to it...he lied! It never passed, though after a while I could bear the pain a little bit longer, chainging legs just 3 or 4 times per session, but also I slowly got less enthousiastic about the gong, becasue I knew it is only a matter of some minutes before I had to sit back again...and my walking meditation focused on the fact that I should enjoy walking while it lasts, since after walking we had to sit again...(needless to say it was not what we were instructed to do)... Anyhow, retreat was over, I was relieved it was over, but I was unhappy, I let myself down, becasue I came to meditate and all I did was putting up with my legs, and I had a bit of a question mark in my head why is everyone prasing Antonio.la so much...he was wrong, the pain didn't go away, I never got a chance to meditate... I don't think I've ever experienced happines or suffering in the same way after that distasterous retreat...there is something about the impermanence that just kills the joy or suffering of it... And when life seems just ok...knowing this life too will pass...puts things in a different perspective, for me at least...
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