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  1. Tashi Delek, Many thanks to all for answers. With all the best wishes :* Jure
  2. Tashi Delek, So do we purify just broken vows or do we also generate regrets of attachment towards plesurable senses.... Best wishes Jure
  3. Tashi Delek, Talking about purification. When one does purification practice it is said one should meditate about negative actions. Is it so that negative actions have to po outpointed and clarified somehow or just in general generate regret of negative actions. Is it so that one needs to purify same negative actions over and over again generating feelings of regret over the same action. Best wishes Jure
  4. Tashi Delek, Many thanks, may you all reach enlightenment as soon as posible. All the best wishes Jure
  5. Tashi Delek, Pamo Where is possible to find this article ? Best wishes Jure
  6. Tashi Delek, Thanks for explanation Frederic Best wishes Jure
  7. Tashi Delek, What do you mean exactly by saying valid ? :loco: Best wishes Jure
  8. Tashi Delek, Pamo ...as I talking to you don't...Pamo Good point and many thanks to you Pamo !:! . This way of thinking might have lead me more towards nihilism. :oops: I am greatfull to you to pointing this out to me. Problematic situations do exist . Though not from their own side. We label them as problematic situation so therefore they are labeled from our own side as a "problem situation". The "problem situation" did not apear out off blank as existing on its own side. It has its causes and effects ;-} . Might have been karma or law of cause and effect that brought them both together in that difficult situation. Due to the law off impearmanence the problem will not exists eternaly. The solution will be there when the karma of both the parent and the child or either of them will expire. So it seems to my limited knowledge.... Agree once again as you said understanding is the key to liberation, !:! Correct me please, dear Pamo or anyone else, that sees my deluded mind going wrong there ! :< Many thanks and all the best Jure
  9. Tashi Delek, Pamo I am not sure if I understand.... :< It is said that one should follow a qualified teacher without the shadow of a doubt. 8) And this is the way we make our samsara Remember any of this does not really have any true - inherent existance. 8) All the best wishes Jure
  10. Tashi Delek, Pamo If this is an advice from Lama Zopa i do follow it wit sincere trust. You might check it or leave it. But remember it does take time and devotion. {..} What are stories ? :< l-) Best wishes Jure
  11. Tashi Delek, Simona The fastest way to deal with problems is facing them in an upoluted envirioment, might it be in a meditation, practice, whatever you call it (might be just a peacfull place). Just try to make us much effort as you can. Then try to face your problem as it apears. :| There is also meditation on death and Tibetan book of life and death. This does take some courage, but it is worth of every effort, every step in this direction. The choice is yours make the best that you can. {..} Holding my fingers crossed for you Best wishes Jure
  12. Tashi Delek, Pamo You might try a offering food practice, it is also described in the Teachings in the Vajrasatva retreat, Lama Zopa Rinpoche. Meditating on food you eat makes things less complicated Best wishes Jure
  13. Tashi Delek, Simona If you ask someone: What are you angry for ? :v What answer will you get ? They will tell you the answer and you can try and analyse. Best wishes Jure
  14. Tashi Delek, Csillag Dealing with people you get a good chance to meditate on words as energy source. But try to meditate on it as you face this situation ! Try to analise where this energy is :idea: Where does it go to :?: If energy hurts :crunch: where does it hurt :crunch: What is it that this words, or energy hurts ? :< Meditate on words = energy and if you desintegrate energy down to :< :loco: Think of emptiness is form, form is emptiness. I think this way its easier to l-) Best wishes Jure
  15. Tashi Delek, In the text from Lama Zopa Rinpoche; Techings from the Vajrasatva retreat, http://www.lamayeshe.com/acatalog/tvr.html ;-} It is mentioned that by killing insects while driving we make causes to be reborn in Gathering and Crushing Hell realms. :rules: . Same goes for killing them while walking. :roll: For those who walk or hike a lot it is well established rule also in Triglav National Park (and the rest of the paths) to walk on the paths that are made. Insects (bugs, ants etc.) try to cross those paths as rearly as possible. Though they do have to do it sometimes. As well we sometimes feel the need to walk :? . What we can also do is chant the mantra OM TRE TSARA GHANA HUNG HRIH SOHA 7 l-) , blow or spit on the sole of shoes, (try to cover most of it !) This is a blessing to our feet, so that we than save the insects that we kill from the animal realm. We can use this also for driving. This mantra should be somewhere on the front windscreen. One solution would also be to spit in the flask and mix it with water for cleansing the windows. (not sure if its good way ?!? Any suggestions ?!?) We might as well spit or blow on tires ! :roll: :oops: There is also one other mantra but it is not written down it is called. Namgyalma mantra or Stainless Pinnacle mantra which are written in the Nalanda praying book :?: Just to make our life more peacfull l-) All the best, Jure
  16. Tashi Delek, {-|-} {-|-} !:! Thanks for great news ! Best Regards, Jure
  17. Tashi Delek, Thank you for your answer Ani.Chodron. Best regards Jure
  18. Tashi Delek, As always makes sense, thank you for your answer ! {| What about dedicating merits ! For example: we are engaging into a activity which is continous and benefits other sentient beings. Though it is interupted by breaks. Does it make any differance (timewise) whether there are breaks or if we forget to dedicate this merits ? Or is it more like: As long as I can still remember, and have my mind full of inprints from that activity so it does not make much of a difference. Because sometimes this would also lead to dedicating merits through out the day and turning into a :roll: :?: Best Regards, Jure
  19. Tashi Delek, Khyenrab Thank you very much for your answer But the question about sealing dedication with emptiness and "om, ha hung" remains ! Best regards, Jure
  20. I agree completley ! But then again i found some pictures in the book of Dalai Lama with tibetan monks wearing fur hats and coats or i beg your pardon at least it seamed so :< And what should it be done when a fur is owned o:) What is the best way to handle it :?: Best regards, Jure
  21. Tashi Delek :* A few questions in accordance offering food, water and dedicating merits is confusing my mind ! When offering food and water to pretas does the water and food suposed to disapear ?? :loco: How exactly should water and food be offered in term off vessels ? Does it matter what kind off vessel water and food is in ? :? The reason why im asking this is cause water and food in my vessels seems to stay (for a day or two) intact. When pretas are taking offered food and water shouldnt there be something to notice when they have taken it ? :crunch: :crunch: Since i have found quite a few versions of dedicating merits in different occasions, there seems to be a bit of confusion in my mind. But what i know is that bodhichita is most important. Anyway as far as i know "om ha hung" and reflecting on emptiness of offered gesture, food, merit and myself at the end of dedication is important. Can we then have one general way of dedicating food, merits etc. for all off phenomena ? :crunch: :< Regards Jure
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