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  1. Hi Kunzang, hi everyone, merry Xmas to all of you! Kunzang, you can always start here. Best, Frederic
  2. Thanks Simona. Very interesting interview...
  3. Ce qui me m'amène à la prochaine question: et le Dzogchen, dans tout cela?
  4. I think there are so many reasons for this: violence in the media, over-exposure of past similar events, the pressure to succeed, the superficiality and ignorance of some of the people on campus, their karmic heritage (none of the people who were killed that day were truly innocent, from a buddhist standpoint...), the lack of security on campus, the lack of support for potentially depressed students on campus, the overprescription of anti-depressant drugs without enough investigation into what really causes the depression, and of course, last but not least in the United States, the much-too-easy access to firearms which are becoming deadlier and deadlier. I mean, look at this guy, he killed 30 people in a matter of minutes! Talk about effective guns! I'm thinking that at the time the american forefathers included the right to bear arms in the US constitution, they never expected nor even dreamt that guns would become so efficient! Otherwise, they might not have included this right in the constitution to begin with... Christ! I pray for the victims, their families, the murderer and his family... Om Mani Peme Houng Om Mani Peme Houng Om Mani Peme Houng Om Mani Peme Houng (X many many times!)
  5. These "predictions" are, to me at least, simply informative and interesting to read about. They kinda give me "une vue d'ensemble" (the full picture) of the world we live in, and of the law of impermanence as seen on a global level. I particularly like how the creator of this video compares the apparition of Google with that of the Christ... I do agree with you, quality is, by far, more precious than quantity. Unless we are talking about money!
  6. You don't know if you would get killed if you interfered... Maybe you wouldn't, and the mob would be thrown off by this and not stabb you or the victim. Or maybe wound both of you but not actually end up killing anyone... It takes a lot of guts from the interfering witness though, no doubt... It's a very selfless, courageous act. I think if someone has bodhisattva vows and turns his/her back on this, does not interfere in order to help the victim, some vows would be broken, but I may be wrong...
  7. Personaly I think that if it makes you feel better to "let it all out", then by all means, let it all out. It is not here that someone will be reproachful, saying stuff like "why did you say all this, you shouldn't have said all this, this is bad", etc. Quite the contrary, the majority of the people participating to this forum is there to listen to you and help you relieve your suffering the best they can...
  8. Personellement, du haut de mes 28 ans (29 en mai), je trouve que c'est un très jolie geste.
  9. Wishing someone out of office is not the same as wishing this person dead. And there are legal measures available to make the first thing happen. What the americans are waiting for, I don't know?
  10. Hi Ana, Let me know if you received my pm. Cheers! Frederic
  11. Hi Bhakti, Buddha teaches us not to worry about the question of what was the first cause or first effect. He teaches that mind is beginningless, that suffering therefore, is beginningless, and that there is a way out of this suffering. For more info, look into the Buddha's Four Noble Truths: - The truth of suffering, - The truth of the origin of suffering, - The truth of the cessation of suffering, - The truth of the path that leads to the cessation of suffering. You may also find this sutta from the Buddha, interesting: The Anattalakkhana Sutta Best regards, Frederic
  12. You're suffering from attachment, Mavrica. Although I don't justify how its owners could put it to sleep because it lost an eye, the little animal had its karma working against (for?) it, and so it now goes on... Let go of your anger, only will you create more pain for yourself. You know what the Buddha said:"holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else. You are the one that gets burnt." Think also about the negative karmic seed those owners have planted in their "life-continuum" by putting this animal to sleep, and will have to experience if it remains unpurified, when the proper causes and conditions arise... Think also that they are probably sad as well to have lost this animal. Now you can generate compassion for them. Also, best you can do for the little animal now is to follow those advices, and to keep on practicing buddhadharma with diligence. Kind regards, Frederic
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