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  1. Hvala vsem, ki ste si vzeli čas za izpolnitev ankete! Na spletu jo bomo imeli še par dni potem jo bomo pa izklopili. V primeru, da poznate še koga, ki pije sadne sokove, se priporočam, da mu sporočite za to anketo. lp
  2. Tashi delek! S skupino sošolcev izvajam anketo o sladkih pijačah in sokovih. V primeru, da ima kdo okoli 10 minutk časa, bi bil zelo hvaležen, če bi jo lahko rešil. LINK: https://www.1ka.si/a/23000 Lep dan želim, Namgyel
  3. Thank you both for replying - it's much easier to understand all these fiction stories :S Best regards, Namgyel
  4. Tashi Delek! I recently read and heard a few things that disturb me. Can anyone explain it to me? The thing is about happenings in India - I read that Dalai Lama forbade worshiping the deity which guarded the Yellow caps, making now people that go along with that and people who continue to worship. Looks as if he has created 2 pools :S The second thing I heard was that Dalai Lama starting to think or thinks that maybe peace isn't the way they should take to bringing back Tibet - is this true? I'm stuck within my beliefs that peace is still able to be through peace and not war... Explanations would be very nice Best regards, Namgyel
  5. urki


    What about techniques used in the shaolin tradition - there is one in Ljubljana I think -http://www.shaolintemple.si/ They use the Shaolin meditatation - qi gong - is it ok? The courses I'm interested in start in september... Best regards, Namgyel
  6. Tashi Delek everyone! I have a question about yoga practices in Ljubljana, Slovenija. Last time on the Rinpoche's class we were talking about spring cleaning with salted water and bit about yoga. My question is - does anybody know a good yoga instructor (Ljubljana) and/or yoga book (English or Slovene)? Since I understood the teacher is better I think I would prefer him/her more than a book . Any help would be much appreciated! Best regards, Namgyel
  7. Thank you both! I'll try to read even more about this Best regards, Namgyel
  8. Tashi Delek, I was wondering - which dates are the ones that we take off the flags this year? In this link http://www.fpmt.org/resources/dates_explain.asp there are some dates that can be found, however I don't really understand which days are in Tibetan month (or are they in ours?). 29. NO PRAYER FLAGS - NPF According to Rinpoche, by hanging prayer flags including long prayer flags and banners) on the wrong dates, “you will continuously receive obstacles.†à¢-¢ Days 10, 22 of Months 1, 5, 9 à¢-¢ Days 7, 19 of Months 2, 6, 10 à¢-¢ Days 4, 16, 28 of Months 3, 7, 11 à¢-¢ Days 1, 13, 25 of Months 4, 8, 12 How do I know which day it is in our callendar? Best regards, Namgyel
  9. Tashi Delek when I've seen this trailer it made me almost cry. It's a crushing clip and I wish that all humans could see this Trailer - 7 Minutes Thank you soo much for sharing this with us!! Best regards, Namgyel
  10. Everything below is my opinion : Eventhough this topic refers to the abortion, I have one question. Doesn't the government always have weird "solutions" to the so called problems? What makes me nervous is the fact that this is still a debate and not an action. We have so many problems in Slovenia on which we have (can't say it otherwise) unrealistic/unhumane sollutions (like the minorities being pushed arround as a pile of poo). In my oppinion we should start working with the problems. Instead of a problems being thrown at us we should here from them on TV, big posters in the city, radio etc. Most of the things we hear in our society are very contraversial to the morality of one's actions. Examples like the - Poultury Ptuj (I will never forget her breasts) - do they even know what they promote? Loss of many more lives, - or maybe abortion - it's not biologicly allive, has no heart beat etc.. so it's ok to kill it - NO I don't think so! This debate should take more care whether the being is alive or not (In my opinion it is allive), - or maybe buying stuff you absolutely do not need (like the Gorenje big screen TV so you can watch more stuff that makes you less focus, less present, less human...) We are developed society, we have (even the porer) - the possibility to live a spiritual life, to have everything we need (a plasma screen most of the population Does't need ) and to create as much positive karma as possible. So also as a result of developed society we could cut down the working hours of men and women, have more employees, and have more equal money receievment, then we could live better - and we could really focus on the part of children being born. That I don't go away too far - In my opinion the thing that we should have more is education. Not the education we have in school: "Not again!! That old ..... will bug us again with the sexuality, pregnany etc.!" - rather than that we should promote more on media the things people should know and that all things have some sort of backfire (a action has an reaction). As for the now idea of paying the abortion - the sweetest fruit is the forbidden one. There will be more black market and deaths as said before since the place, the doctor and everything else will be made uncontrolled... which I think is said since we could work things out in the first place by talking or any other civil way. Best regards, Namgyel
  11. Thank you for the answer best regards, namgyel
  12. Someone send a post containing this book called Vipassana. Does anyone know anything about it? Is it like Shine? Best regards, Namgyel
  13. A great book that I'm reading - I recommend it to all buddhist practitioners. Food of Bodhisattvas Best regards, Namgyel
  14. Tashi Delek, Here are links from my research of Vegi style - hope it helps: Vegetarian Recipies Vegi FAQ Vegetarian Times Vegan Outreach Vegetarian Pancakes & Other Recipies Vegetarian Starter Kit Vegetarianism Vegetarian - More than Just Eating Veggies Vegetarian Diet For Athletes "Complete" Protein? Sports Nutrition For Vegetarian Athletes Protein Information Sheet Protein And Vegetarian Diets Are Eggs Vegetarian? Thanks to Felix and Gigu I started to look for literature and eat Vegetarian!! Best regards, Namgyel
  15. By that you're risking that the hunter will go the right way (for him). I feel the same, however to lie is not to answer. I remember Lama Shenphen once said on the teaching that before saying anything count to 10. When we lie, we should honestly and openly ask our self is it necessary? Will it benefit anyone? For to do something non-virtues we must be 100 % sure that it will benefit sentient beings. Does lying to your children about the cookies help anyone? Instead I think we should teach them about honesty, open relationship. This is my opinion . Best regards, Namgyel
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