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  1. Tashi Delek, In city where I live I always see a lot of very poor people. I usually help them with some money, but I would like to pray for their happiness and better life. Haw can I do it? I am not Buddhist (jet ), so I know only two mantras. Can I use them to pray for others? And if YES haw to do it? Have nice weekend TUBI PS. What does it mean "Tashi Delek"? Is it "halo" in tibetan?
  2. Thank You very much for the answers. I will keep searching. I am sure I will read books and go for teaching, and maybe with time I will find out what is my path. Best for everybody :hello: Tubi
  3. Tashi Delek I have probably super strange question, but it is in my mind for a long time. My questions is: What does it mean to be Buddhist? I come from catholic family, but I attend to teachings of Shenpen Rimpoche as often as I can. His teachings are incredible 8O , and it was he who make me interested in buddism. I gathered lot of knowledge, but I still do not know the answer to my question :cry: . So... How does look like the daily Buddhist practice? Where can I read about it ( I am sure there is plenty of books). What should I know before considering to became Buddhist? Any way there is much more question in my mind. As my roots are Catholic I still use to pray to God (or especially to Mother of Jesus). And I feel is help me a lot, but in another occasion I recitate few mantra I know. Is it good to mix it all, or I should choose? There will be lots of more questions, but thats it for now. Than You in advance for replays Tubi
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