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  1. Dear Rinpoche, that is the reason I asked here ... there are many confusing information about the practices of Zen, some seem to confirm the concept of karma, others oppose it --- Still, I find it amazing that within one religion, so many different approaches can exist (I mean not only Buddhism here). I haven't really put much effort into studying different schools or approaches, I must admit, because I was from the beginning happy with the one I found within Dharmaling. I know it is always suggested to study various approaches before deciding for one, but well ... maybe I didn't need to? ... However, this also means, that I am not so well equipped for theoretical discussions on the matter ... Thank You.
  2. ooookay, I see - zen. no rebirths. interesting. and still Buddhism. so then karma is not the central idea after all ... All the best
  3. Hello everyone, not long ago I discussed with someone the concept of karma. This person is not ignorant in topic world religions, so I was rather surprised to hear him say that in some Buddhist schools (or sects, I am not sure anymore) there is no such thing as karma. I think he mentioned Japan, but don't take me at word ... Is this true? I thought karma was essential to Buddhism in general and was common to all schools. I would very much appreciate an explanation. Thank you.
  4. I think one would suffice: to realize the true nature of existence. (also of climate change - and of the idea of being able to prevent it) (but who would want to read if it was only one tip, right? ) This was posted a couple of years ago, so some opinions on the matter might have changed ... Mine definitely has. I am sad to see that what seemed to be the expression of genuine care for nature and the world (a dreamer in me!) is now almost absolutely and very openly driven by the economic interests. (I do not refer to the link but to general situation). Probably I'm just disillusioned - well, each illusion less is good. All the best.
  5. Thank you! I will show her this video. best wishes, ana
  6. Hello everyone, a friend asked me today why His Holiness still eats meat if he is a buddhist. Apart from saying "for health reasons", I had no other explanation, and I must say that it was rather confusing to explain why buddhism supports vegetarianism and the highest representative still eats meat; even more inexplicable, he does it "for health reasons". We usually hear that people stop eating meat and animal products for health reasons, not vice versa. This almost seems like "eating meat would bring health". How could I give my friend an answer that wouldn't be too abstract for her, considering she knows very little about buddhism? Thank you, ana
  7. Dear lezjon, prostrations are a sign of respect to the buddhas and buddha nature in general and you can never do too many of them - as it is also impossible to show "too much" of genuine respect to another person If it were inauspicious, pilgrims would never prostrate such distances and (from the teacher given) number of prostrations would not serve as a preliminary practice ... What matters is not how many prostrations you do but what is your mind like when you do them. Well, it is pretty much like with everything else we do in our lives, I guess. With my best wishes, Chödzin
  8. Dear all, I think I have received my answer. Thank you. With my best wishes, Chödzin
  9. hello, I would really appreciate the answer, who Buddha Detached Lotus One is ... I somehow cannot find that anywhere in the internet ... Is the question so obvious to be easily answered (and I am the only one who doesn't see that)? Well, if so, I would appreciate a hint anyway. With my best wishes, Chödzin
  10. Tashi Delek, Lama Zopa's advice on buddhist images and the benefits of having many of them: http://www.fpmt.org/teachers/zopa/advice/p...holyobjects.pdf With my best wishes, Chödzin
  11. Tashi Delek, could somebody please give me advice what exactly to visualize when reciting this mantra: http://www.fpmt.org/teachers/zopa/advice/mantrashort.asp? and who are the three buddhas - I understand the Buddha Great Compassion is Chenrezig and the Buddha Limitless Illumination is Amitabha, what about the Buddha Detached Lotus One? With my best wishes, Chödzin
  12. Dear Ani Chödrön, a beautiful site. Thank You for sharing it with us. My best wishes, ana
  13. Pogosto smo obkroženi s stvarmi, ki jih sami ne potrebujemo več. Podarimo jih dalje. Morda jih kdo potrebuje. http://www.podarimo.si/ Vse dobro.
  14. dear Simona. I always think of that when I read or hear about similar news. how would I react? would I find courage to do anything at all or would I just freeze in shock and not be able to move ... I wish I knew the answer, what to do in situations like this. because, I am sad to admit, I would probably just freeze...
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