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  1. Tashi Delek. When browsing through the forum archive, I noticed I had already asked a similar question last year, approximately the same time (in March). Oh well. If already this question has been bothering me for one year without me being able to answer it properly, how about all other questions, concerning Dharma?? I must be a slow learner ... I've been thinking about it quite a lot these last few days, though. The thought arose, that I am often overcomplicating things. I tend to get lost in details and forget about the whole picture. Concerning the things that I value and that are very important to me, I always want to do them correctly and by the book. I should rely more on my instincts. In this case of reciting mantras and listening to the teachings (and unintentionally falling asleep along the way), if my motivation to do these activities was good in the first place, I should then not worry about possible negative consequences. I guess I am also a bit insecure when it comes to those positive / negative consequences, because I often read how it is that when you do one thing and it is positive, it gathers merits. When you do something else and it is not exactly following the rules, it brings negative karma. It is a mechanism, isn't it? You put in +, you receive +; you put in - and receive -. Well, I have obviously answered my own question now. Hopefully I won't be repeating a similar question in March 2008? With my best wishes.
  2. Tashi Delek. I remember to have read somewhere that mantras should always be recited with a focused mind and clear motivation, so should be the listening of the teachings, otherwise the results we achieve are as lame as our focus was - that is, they are minimal or none. My mind is focused when I am "brightly" awake, in the middle of the day for example. But sometimes I practice early in the morning (and I am not a morning type) or late in the evening, when my mind is not as focused as I would like it to be. I have also heard that one can recite mantras when laying in bed and trying to fall asleep - that is also not the peak time for my mind to be focused. Or, for example, I recite mantras while doing something else (driving and so) to which I focus primarily, but mantras are like "a background" to my actions. My motivation to recite mantras and do the practices is positive and respectful, and they appease my mind (consequently I am not so impatient on the road, for example). But well, I really wouldn't want this to have a negative side-effect in lame results of my practice. So, do these two things exclude? I mean, if I try to do well on one side and recite mantras but fall asleep with them in my (unfocused!) mind, will that bring negative karma on the other side, because I should actually recite them with focus, clearly and with distinctness? It has also happened to me that I fell asleep on the train, listening to some audio teachings. Can this also bring negative results?
  3. Tashi Delek. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me and thank You, Ven. Rinpoche, for Your opinion. Pamo, you reminded me of one thing I forgot to mention but is very important to me too - I don't want to support somebody to keep lying to get something he wants. My last experience, on the ground of which I decided to ask this question, was with a young guy of my age, leaving a bar, having an alcohol breath and cigarette smell, asking me for 20 cents he supposedly lacked of to buy a bus ticket. At that moment, by looking into his eyes, I got the feeling that he was lying, so I didn't give him the money he asked for. but I see now that I could have talked to him about it and learn more about his true motives. then I would have at least known them. I should not simply stop at taking my personal assumptions for granted. Dani, thank you for reminding me on this very simple fact - I can always dedicate whatever I give away. how come I keep forgetting this? so I can dedicate the money I give for the beggar's good, for him to find a spiritual path as quickly as possible. and yes, for me (and countless others) to keep on creating better and better circumstances for attending and following the Teachings. Frederic, I admire your selfless giving without asking. yes, indeed, there are many people in need and we, who are at the moment in a position to provide this help, should not hesitate to act. I am sure you brighten many people's days with your virtuous actions. Well, I guess there will soon be another opportunity for me to explore and apply a different way of reacting to a beggar's plead.
  4. Tashi Delek, kdor ima čas in podpira kampanjo, je vabljen, da se pridruži. Dragi prijatelji, civilna pobuda LjudjeZa.org vabi na mednarodni shod proti krznu z vodilnim geslom Za zakonsko prepoved vzreje živali za krzno v Republiki Sloveniji, s katerim nadaljujemo kampanjo proti zlorabi živali v krznarski industriji. Shod bo potekal v soboto, 17. februarja 2007, s pričetkom ob 11. uri na Kongresnem trgu v Ljubljani. V Sloveniji sta uradno registrirani dve krznarski farmi. Na obeh gojijo činčile. Razen tega obstajajo v Sloveniji še številne neregistrirane krznarske farme, na katerih gojijo činčile, dihurje, lisice, kunce in druge živali. S shodom želimo opozoriti na nekatere krivične vidike v slovenski zakonodaji in spodbuditi slovensko vlado k prepovedi vzreje živali za krzno. Prav tako bomo tudi glasno pozivali potrošnike, naj premislijo o svojem odnosu do krzna, ozavestijo svoje navade ter svoje odločitve usmerijo k etično sprejemljivim smotrom.
  5. Tashi Delek. It happens now and then that a person approaches me on the street and asks me for some money. Or I see them kneeling in front of supermarket entrances or churches. I admit, when I am not directly approached, most of the times I look away. But sometimes I go to the person and give him some money. And the funny thing is, that I don't feel good either way I react - if I don't give them money, I feel that I am not practicing generosity and am creating negative karma (and my mind says: hey, but you can find some cents extra); and if I give them money, I feel that I haven't done anything good anyway, because I am just empowering their behaviour and feeling of helplessness - if they see that they can gather money by begging and feeling sorry for themselves, then they will simply continue doing this. So, when I give them money, I indirectly help them to maintain this attitude, which will on a long term probably cause that they will also gather more negative karma. I feel that I cannot help those beggars even if I completely empty my bank account - they won't change because of that and I will lose the opportunity to offer money and give donations to a worthy cause (for example, to sponsor a child in need or cover the costs of driving to the Teachings and offering donations to the Sangha). All of this creates inner tensions in my mind. What can I do that would really benefit the beggars? One thing that I am sure of, is definitely to keep purifying my negative karma and practicing Dharma, attending the Teachings regularly and working on taming my mind to - hopefully!! - quickly see the situations from a wider perspective and realize, what exactly this person needs. ... But until then? ... What would be the best thing to do when I find myself in those situations? What do you do, what do situations like this arouse in your minds? And how do you react to it? Thank you.
  6. Pozdravljeni, smiselno je prebrati tudi izjavo Koalicije za trajnostni razvoj podeželja, ki je objavljena na spletni strani Inštituta za trajnostni razvoj. Po podatkih s strani Ministrstva za kmetijstvo, gozdarstvo in prehrano v Sloveniji že pridno raste vsaj 31 hibridov koruze MON 810. Torej se mi zdi vprašanje bolj v tem, kako oblikovati zakon in ne o tem, ali ga sploh imeti. ?? Zanimiv pa je tudi ta pripis: Republika Slovenija v skladu s pravnim redom Evropske unije ne more predpisati regij, kjer gojenje gensko spremenjenih rastlin ni mogoče. Lahko pa taka območja s prostovoljnimi dogovori ustanovijo posamezniki ali združenja, kar podpira tudi Evropska unija. V tem primeru bi lahko aktivno povezovanje posameznikov in združenj "očistilo" Slovenijo GSO-poljščin? Imam občutek, da s strani države ni ravno posebnega zanimanja za to, da bi Slovenija temeljila na ekološkem kmetovanju brez GSO. Predvsem pa pogrešam več informiranja javnosti o tem vprašanju. Povsem se strinjam, da smo premalo informirani o vseh posledicah, prednostih in slabostih GSO. Zase sem o tem prepričana, vse bolj pa to opažam tudi pri drugih, s katerimi se o tej dilemi pogovarjam. V veliko pomoč mi bodo kakšni linki do preverjenih raziskav (in nepristranskih - če sploh obstajajo!) o GSO, če jih kdo pozna. Vse dobro želim.
  7. Thank You all for a precious opportunity You have been creating, so that I can learn about Dharma through this internet forum. Different opinions, explanations and questions that we have, are widening my perspective on various life situations and help me clear my own views. Everybody adds a piece or two into this colorful puzzle. A proper guidance through this labyrinth of inner growth is indispensable. Thank You, Venerable Rinpoche and the whole Sangha, for Your effort.
  8. hello, We should all do our best, I guess ... we are all in the same pot anyway We are all responsible for the actions we make or don't make. And the weight of negative / positive karma differs according to our level of understanding and motivation. So there is again us, who can make a change - in our own behavior. Wishing you all the best,
  9. hello, Personally it would make no sense for me to just repeat some words which would have no real meaning for me and would not bring to a certain change in my mind, life, way of behaving ... why lose precious time?? Why doing something which has no sense for me anyway?? As I understand commitments, they are far more than simple repeating of words, but their meaning IS to lead to an inner change. Which DEFINITELY takes much much more effort than simple repeating of words. The same goes for the person who comes to the initiation. I mean, why in the world would somebody, who doesn't know "anything about anything" go to a certain initiation (not to mention a high one) in the first place?? Because this sounds mystical? It seems very strange to me that we are all perfectly aware of the fact that we have to be acquainted with laws of some country when we enter it, for example, when we go abroad, we inform ourselves about the speed limit etc.; when we have something to do with buying a real-estate, there are also certain laws behind it (and we KNOW that we HAVE TO get to know them, otherwise we can get into trouble). So why would it be different for when we get in touch with religious events?? Is it not also our own responsibility to investigate something before we do it? How can the responsibility be solely on the initiator's side?? After all, if one comes to a high initiation, knowing that he has no ground to make anything useful out of it, why does he proceed in doing it? What is the motivation behind? To collect "free tickets to enlightenment"? Simple curiosity? He / she could just as well not take the initiation, even if he / she is in that room at that very moment when the initiation takes place. We ourselves are creators of our karma (not the initiator), be it positive or negative one. And we always have a choice and have to act according to our ability to get proper information at proper time. Best regards.
  10. Tashi delek, If such a thing happened in my case, I would not lie about where the deer ran but would openly say that I will not answer that question because I believe the animal will die if I do so. As for the married couple case - if such a situation would happen to me, I would definitely tell my partner about it. of course it would be far from easy and the information would certainly cause him (both of us!) suffering, but still in my opinion such a situation could serve as "a place of healing" and learning about life's impermanence (even if we don't use Buddhist terms for it). and if it happened to my partner, I would most definitely want to know about it too. in my opinion this is the ground for a healthy relationship. I agree that sometimes it would be much easier to simply produce "a small white lie", but why doing so if we know this can only bring us more harm and negative karma?? especially in cases when it is really unnecessary to do so - like with the cookies for a child and with the parking ticket ... (I hope I have been listening to myself carefully! ... )
  11. Taši delek, tako pišejo Siolove novice: Evropsko partnerstvo za spodbujanje raziskovalnih metod za postopno ukinitev poskusov na živalih je ta teden objavilo delovni načrt za preoblikovanje, omejevanje in ukinjanje poskusov na živalih. Evropska komisija je v tem okviru oblikovala smernice za označevanje kozmetičnih izdelkov z napisi "ni preizkušeno na živalih" ter enotna merila za uporabo teh napisov. Smernice komisije za označevanje kozmetičnih izdelkov določajo, da nove oznake ne smejo zavajati uporabnikov niti spodbujati nelojalne konkurence. Podjetja, ki bodo želela svoje izdelke opremiti z napisi "ni preizkušeno na živalih", bodo vsebino napisa morale tudi dokazati v skladu s predpisanimi postopki. Evropska komisija je sicer v okviru prizadevanj za zaščito živali 16. junija sprožila devettedensko spletno posvetovanje laične in strokovne javnosti o okrepitvi zaščite živali, ki se uporabljajo v znanstvenih raziskavah. Namen posvetovanja je izboljšati zakonodajo, ki opredeljuje uporabo živali v znanstvenih poskusih. V posvetovanju je mogoče sodelovati tudi na spletni povezavi: http://ec.europa.eu/yourvoice/ipm/forms/di...animals&lang=sl Vabljeni, da tudi vi posredujete svoje mnenje!
  12. Dear Draftsman, thank you for the information. What can be done to stop such testing?? ... it really has to stop ... is there no law which would ban it? and what are the alternatives to this horrible testing?
  13. Taši delek, zanima me, kakšna simbolika je v tem, da imajo Učitelji in Bude na podobah vselej ogrnjeno haljo le čez levo roko, desna pa je odkrita. Je desna roka simbolna za prenašanje učenj ali kako?
  14. Dear Khyenrab, thank you for sharing your opinion and especially for including the second link. it is truly inspiring to read about people whose hearts are so open to forgiveness, in spite of very difficult circumstances they had to go through, as this american father had to. let this open our hearts too.
  15. Taši Delek, v nekaterih medijih sem zasledila podatek, da podjetje Lek kozmetika ne preizkuša svojih izdelkov na živalih (oz. na živalih niso preizkušene niti sestavine, iz katerih proizvajajo) in da bodo to označili tudi na svoji spletni strani. podatek sem preverila in ugotovila, da imajo na spletni strani res to označbo, zato sem se obrnila tudi na njihovo vodjo marketinga in prejela naslednji odgovor: Spoštovani, Vsi izdelki Lek Kozmetike so proizvedeni v skladu s slovensko in evropsko zakonodajo, ki pa ne predpisuje nobene oznake za ne testiranje na živalih in je zato tudi nimamo na izdelkih. Preden damo naše izdelke na trg so testirani tako, da zagotavljajo varnost potrošnika. Izdelki se najprej testirajo v naših laboratorijih (stabilnost, kompatibilnost z embalažo...), nato se opravijo mikrobiološki in dermatološki testi in pri specialnih izdelkih še testi učinkovitosti. Mikrobiološko neoporečnost testiramo v validiranem laboratoriju v Nemčiji in na Inštitutu za varovanje zdravja v Ljubljani. Dermatološko testiranje poteka na prostovoljcih v validirani dermatološki ustanovi. Teste učinkovitosti opravljamo v validiranem laboratoriju v Nemčiji. V skladu z zakonodajo se surovine za namen uporabe v kozmetičnih proizvodih ne testirajo na živalih, enako velja za izdelke. Lep pozdrav, Renata Lovrak Vodja Marketinga Ne vidim razloga, da tej izjavi ne bi verjela. Lek kozmetika je zato odslej zame črtana s "črne liste" podjetij, ki preizkušajo svoje izdelke na živalih (seveda le v tistem delu, ki se nanaša na Lek kozmetiko, ne pa tudi na Lekovo proizvodnjo farmacevtskih izdelkov - tega pa nisem preverila). Upam, da bodo vendarle to dejstvo tudi označili na embalaži svojih izdelkov. Res pa je, kot praviš, Draftsman, bolj problematično je opravljanje poskusov na živalih v postopku nastanka zdravil. Ali lahko posreduješ link do strani, kjer je seznam tovrstnih podjetij dostopen?
  16. Taši delek. Je možno prepoznati razliko med obema vrstama "srečanj"?
  17. Taši delek. Kako je s sanjanjem, kadar se ti sanja o nekaterih osebah, je možno, da so v sanjah dejansko na nek način prisotni? Da je na nek način tok zavesti med nami povezan? Za kakšne povezave pravzaprav gre? Verjetno sem tole vprašanje nerodno oblikovala, ampak upam, da je vseeno razumljivo.
  18. na spletni povezavi lahko najdete seznam podjetij, ki ne povzročajo trpljenja živalim - in tistih, ki žal tako delujejo. no, vsekakor ga je potrebno dopolniti tudi s slovenskimi proizvajalci, našteti so večinoma tuji. http://www.ljudjeza.org/poskusi.html vse dobro želim.
  19. Taši Delek, na angleškem forumu smo že načeli temo o karmičnih posledicah onesnaževanja in povzročanja trpljenja drugim čutečim bitjem. sem sodi tudi preizkušanje kozmetike, čistil ipd. na živalih, ki je po mojem mnenju povsem nepotrebno in bi se dermatološki preizkusi lahko izvajali povsem drugače, da ne bi povzročali trpljenja drugim živim bitjem. dokaz, da je to mogoče, je kar nekaj podjetij, ki takšen način dela že dolgo upoštevajo. zato mislim, da je pomembna odločitev, ki jo lahko sprejmem, tudi ta, da kupujem izdelke teh slednjih podjetij in tako vsaj posredno neham podpirati nesmiselno mučenje živali. če pa ima takšno podjetje sedež v Sloveniji, pa še toliko bolje - v takem primeru podprem tudi manj onesnaževanja s transportom. koliko pa je takšnih slovenskih podjetij? ko sem se po mejlu s tem vprašanjem obrnila neposredno na podjetja, sem dobila odgovor samo od Ilirije Vedrog (izdelki Subrina, Cvet idr.). oni izdelkov ne preizkušajo na živalih, temveč na prostovoljcih, ki se za to odločijo sami. vem pa, da na živalih preizkušata podjetji Krka in Lek. drugih podjetij kaj dosti niti ne poznam oz. mi na email niso odgovorila. verjetno bi bilo drugače, če bi se nanje obrnila v okviru kakšnega društva, ne samo kot posameznica. je komu znana kakšna pobuda v to smer? oziroma, ali kdo pozna še katero od slovenskih podjetij, ki, uradno potrjeno, izdelkov ne preizkuša na živalih?
  20. http://www.lamayeshe.com/otherteachers/teg...k/koo.pdf
  21. Tashi Delek, indeed very important things to know, thank you Draftsman. Actually I don't understand why more people don't recycle and separate their waste! Not like it would take so much time to do that. And it is the least to do since we are the ones who produce all that waste. Sometimes people put on a very strange smile when I answer their question "what am I doing with 4 bins in my kitchen", in a way like "what sense will this have, you are only one person". Well, perhaps there are only two of us in our house of 4 people, but if everywhere were like that ... we can imagine a slightly different lifestyle. I would add another thing, which isn't directly connected to global warming, but to suffering of animals: not to buy cosmetics / products that were tested on animals. there are many companies that don't test on animals and their products are just as good or even far better. best regards
  22. Tashi Delek, thank you for your suggestions! does it make any difference whether you use the name for a human being or for your pet animal - I mean, is both okay? what about with the names of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas? For example, the name Tara?
  23. Tashi Delek, can you give me some ideas how to name my new cat? I am sure you know a variety of "Buddhist" pet names? ... how did you name your pets? ps - sorry I tried to post it in another section - I guess moderator will have to take care of that ... because I don't know how to transfer the post there ...
  24. Tashi Delek, I understood that it is also okay if you open your eyes during the meditation if your mind gets so disturbed that there is nothing more but complete chaos in your mind. so looking at the picture once again helps you to focus your mind. but this goes only for beginners I guess (and even this should be an exception), and as You said, for as long as you are not familiar with the picture. of course one should first try to put more effort into seeing the mental picture than just using the shortcuts. all the best.
  25. Tashi Delek, When it comes to giving it away, what about donating it to a primary school for example, and making one child happy with it? Of course you can dedicate all the good that comes out from this act to the wellbeing of all sentient beings. If you are worried, who would take the old computers, I think they could give you such information in the nearest social care center or even school. You could make a "donation list" for another computers which are about to be written off so to make sure they will bring much joy right after they will be "retired" from work. I think that would bring a lot of positive energy. I don't know about "the naming of the computer" though, perhaps you could rename it as you give it away, into the "lay life", if you worry about improper handling of it.
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