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  1. Tashi Delek, dear Ani Chödrön, thank you very much for that link! I find it very useful. with best wishes
  2. Tashi Delek, from the Buddhist point of view, every sentient being (including the smallest one of animals) could be your kind mother in one of the previous lives, so you should not cause any harm to it. So what should I do if I want to grow some vegetables in my garden or simply cultivate flowers and plants in my appartment and it happens they get harmed by some animals, like "plant spiders" (sorry I don't know the name for them), mites, certain bugs etc.?? I should not kill the animals, I guess, but I cannot just throw away all the plants I've got?? ... :cry:
  3. Tashi Delek, would anybody know ... is there perhaps a slovene translator who is about to create extensive merit by translating Sanghatasutra to Slovene language?? ... that would be so wonderful ... :% {..}
  4. Tashi Delek, according to what I have read about the occupation of Tibet so far, I felt only a small part of all the horror that has been happening was shown in the documentary. However I believe it was enough to touch our hearts once again... though I have to admit I can only understand with a big difficulty why the majority of the world gets so restraint and silent when it comes to mentioning the question of the occupation of Tibet. And do we really need mass music concerts (with entrance free of charge, I suppose) to make us hear that some people are really suffering on our home planet?? Is their word not enough? There was very little said about the consequences of building of the railway; and of the destruction of the environment, which also has devastating outcome. But I don't think that even 10 documentaries would be enough to show the whole picture of what has been happening in Tibet... and in that case, who knows if we could even watch it in public? :? I found the message of this documentary in the call to awaken my heart and do something to speak out about the injustice and suffering that has been inflicted on Tibetans, and to show support to Tibetans and H.H. the Dalai Lama in their call for peaceful, non-violent resolution to recovering their basic human rights.
  5. Tashi Delek. one more question - does it make any difference if one recites mantras aloud or silently, only in his mind? is the effect any different? ...
  6. dear farman, could you explain a little more what is it that you meant by this? I cannot really understand it :? all the best.
  7. Tashi Delek, I find your opinions very useful for further thinking about the subject. I noticed this too. Reciting mantras, especially the Mani mantra, makes me more receptive and peaceful. I don't get upset by some unpleasant situations any more (when meeting a very nervous driver on the road, for example). That was one of my second thoughts also. But now I see it as another way of putting the same question as the quote above. In both ways - the result is "being present" in the moment. Just that one goes around the corner Sounds like a very powerful practice. Surely slows down the driving, doesn't it? I guess I will have to leave my house earlier if I want to get to work on time ... All the best.
  8. Tashi Delek. I wonder what could be the consequences of reciting mantras while driving a car. It is clear that a person cannot do both things equally attentive, that is driving carefully and reciting mantra mindfully :roll: So is it then better to just concentrate on one thing (which would be, of course, driving your car ) and make some kind of a meditation out of that act; or is it just as fine to recite mantras with a kind heart (while driving), even though that would mean you cannot do proper visualisations at the same time. Would you share your opinions on that? All the best.
  9. As I can remember, there is also "Buda bar" in Maribor, is it not? But I think it is like a tea house or something.
  10. Dear Gigu, I knew that one Relic Tour has already been done in Slovenia though I did not know it was exactly this one. I assume there are more of them, or am I wrong? But since I cannot turn the time back and attend it (as I unfortunately did not), I thought how great it would be if it were arranged again in near future - not necessarily the same one - for the good of all sentient beings who also did't attend it then but would if that would be organized here and now I do believe there is a lot of work and effort needed in organizing such an event and I appreciate every little bit of it as it has been done for the event in Slovenia few years ago. I am really sorry I missed it. all the best.
  11. Tashi Delek, dear Kama, thank you very much for the link! wouldn't it be great if also Slovenija would host this Relic tour event? ... or hopefully any of the neighbouring countries would invite it ... all the best.
  12. Tashi Delek, my information is completely informal. I put the question out in the forum as the answer might be of some interest to others also. I heard it should be organized in Hungary and by Dharmaling. I have to admit I am only sure for "the Hungary" part, and not also that it will be organized by Dharmaling (mistakenly written) . Will appreciate your answer about it sincerely.
  13. Tashi Delek, I heard the information that a relic exhibition is about to be organized some time soon. So I would like to check that - when and where would that happen and if there will be organized transportation to get there.
  14. another link for favorable and unfavorable days for performing various practices. http://www.fpmt.org/resources/dates_explain.asp Just like Simona I also wonder about the same question - how could raising flags bring harm to anything/anybody?
  15. ok, I have found it: INAUSPICIOUS or UNFAVOURABLE DAYS Though Monday is a good day to hang flags and Friday is very good, some Inauspicious Days for Hanging Prayer Flags are: 10th and 22nd of the First, Fifth and Ninth months 7th and 19th of the Second, Sixth and Tenth months 4th and 16th of the Third, Seventh and Eleventh months 1st and 13th of the Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth months. For end of Wood Bird Year 2132 and beginning of Fire Dog Year 2133, unlucky days for hanging new flags as per above calendar : 2006 - January 1, 12, 24; February 7 I have to admit I do not understand the counting precisely though. :?
  16. Tashi Delek, thank You for a very useful link. I will also be grateful to hear of any personal experience one had. all the best
  17. Tashi Delek, do you have any information about the places where it is possible to work as a volunteer and have the opportunity to study Dharma at the same time? did anyone do this already and what was your experience? this is one of the sites I found belonging to TAP - Tibetan Aid Project: http://www.nyingma.org/index.php I will be grateful for all your opinions and thoughts. all the best
  18. dear Kunzang, thank you for putting up this question. I often think about it too. It helped me a lot to get some opinions about it. I remember myself a couple of years ago, when a good friend of mine started doing yoga very intensively, going on regular retreats etc. that was the first time I met with the concept of "following a spiritual guide" in reality. I remember I did not understand her devotion and I believed I was the "clever" one, the "realistic" one, "she must be blind", etc. I regret my such behaviour because I feel I am on a very similar path now (and I feel very content with it). Nevertheless I cannot help noticing that some of the people around me are suspicious about my present behaviour. For them any other religion than Catholic Christian has the scent of something esoteric and manipulative. I also catch myself censoring my speech not to use the word "guru" because of the admixture it carries along in the western world. It helps me to attend Teachings regularly to meet with the people of similar belief, values and religious behaviour. Though I often notice the doubt arising in me ... then I analyse it ... and most of the times it is only my wounded ego struggling to get in control of the situation as it used to be years before ... I agree with Tatjana, this is probably a process.
  19. from the silence and darkness of my meditation room the celebration outside sounded and looked like a war. the voices of excitement were similar to people's cries. so much fuss about a couple of seconds of colourful light in the sky. I wish you all ... the courage, strength and wisdom to accept and realize the true nature of all the experiences this year will bring. I wish the same for myself ... {| :*
  20. Tashi Delek, Kyenrab, where and when is such a practice given? Is it like "a typical practice"? I thought it could vary from person to person what kind of practice he does. So, is the practice you mentioned, the one recommended for a beginner (of the Gelug tradition?) to start with??? Or did I mix anything now? Could also anyone be so kind to put up a link to the pictures of how to perform The world mandala offering? I forgot how you have to put your fingers correctly ... With my best wishes.
  21. Tashi Delek. I read somewhere that "in every relationship, people are constantly exchanging energy that can become a cord connecting two people. This energetic cord forms just below the breastbone and can remain long after a relationship has ended. This unbroken cord may leave an open channel between you and another person, through which emotions and energy can continue to flow. If you are unaware that the cord exists, it is easy to feel the other person's emotions and mistakenly think that they are yours. Besides the fact that this can limit the amount of closure you can experience in a relationship, letting this cord remain intact can leave you with a continued sense of sadness while creating feelings of lethargy as your own energy is sapped from you. Cutting the cord can help you separate yourself from old baggage, unnecessary attachments, and release you from connections that are no longer serving you." This is not taken from any Buddhist text, so I wonder what Buddhism says about it. I often had the feeling of connection with some people on "energy level", just like when I was connected to my mother with umbilical cord. Could it be said that these are "karmic cords" that connect people? best regards.
  22. Dear Lama Shenphen, thank You very much for all your answers. It is really important for me to consider some aspects of this decision before I take it, because I find it very serious. You helped me a lot. {|
  23. Tashi Delek, thank you for Your answer. But ... ... Is it really possible to fully understand Buddhism even before you take Refuge and start a regular practice? 8O Another thing is ones faith or conviction, which could be found, for example, in the belief that Buddhism can offer a wider and more stable understanding of life itself and everything that happens to a person. But since there is no full understanding from the very beginning, is there not always a little bit of confusion present? I do not believe in Christian god, but I was raised in the environment which forced that belief. If I want it or not, it became a part of me, even though I never accepted it as something to really believe in. But I would pretend if I said that none of the Christian concepts are still a part of me (subconsciously). So, yes, I admit there is some confusion. Though I believe I am able to overcome it by deeper understanding, which will evolve in time and through study. But does this presence of some "confusion" mean I should better not take Refuge yet??
  24. Some people ask if taking refuge vows means converting to Buddhism and leaving forever their native religions. This is not the case, unless we wish to do so. There is no term in Tibetan literally equivalent to a "Buddhist." The word used for a practitioner means "someone who lives within," namely within the boundaries of taking a safe and positive direction in life. To live that type of life does not require wearing a red protection string around our necks and never setting foot inside a church, synagogue, Hindu temple, or Confucian shrine. http://www.berzinarchives.com/vows/action_...ing_refuge.html Can somebody please explain what does this mean? I somehow cannot put it together. How could I keep believing in Christian god and so keep going to church (and it would be just fine) if I commit to the Buddhist way which disagrees with the basic concept of the god creator? Is it not strange to keep going to Christian holy masses if one decides to take refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha? Does it not mean that I indeed convert to Buddhism if I decide to take refuge? And another question - when someone asks me if I am a believer (faithful) and I say "yes, I am Buddhist" - is it then so that being Buddhist means you are faithful of some kind? And if this is the case, how could you then be Buddhist and Catholic at the same time?? 8O I apologize if my questions sound silly, but they are really bothering me.
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