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  1. Hello In today's teaching the 2nd part of "Parting from the Four Attachments" in the part about Boddhicitta it was said that one should develop Boddhicitta to be able to efficiently help others. But there already ARE beings who reached Enlightenment, who are omniscient, omnipresent, who ALREADY help all sentient beings in best ever possible way. So why me? What else could I give to the perfect help of the Buddhas who are already helping? This appeared in my mind, when I was thinking of a horse whose leg is seriously sore and if the responsible person would let her to the veterinarians, the horse would be killed already. So I was thinking, ok, if I'd be a Buddha or at least a Boddhisattva right now, I'd be able to efficiently help to that horse. But then it came to me: there already ARE Buddhas who are helping in best possible way!!! So what else could I give more to the already existing perfect help of the Buddhas given to the horse? The answer is: nothing. It is not the horse. Maybe the whole meaning is helping oneself to become free, to become a Buddha, to realize one own's true nature. What do you think? All the very best, Khestun
  2. Tashi Delek! Parents wants their children to be happy. Happy all the time . Sometimes things run smoothly, but sometimes doesn't. A parent is in a worry or in a hurry, a child wants (to do) something else as his/her parent wants for the child. Then there comes to a conflict. A child gets stuborn and/or starts with emotional blackmailing . (Parents are separated and the child lives some time with one and some time with the other parent and there is some competition for the child's inclination and none cooperation between the parents, yet.) A parent wishes the child wouldn't use this type of behaviuor, but would rather cooperate. So what to do to make a child cooperate instead of involve in these negative behaviour? It is easier when a parent is calm and can react to such behaviour with laughing or tickling , but what is best to do, what is the compassionate way, when there is agitation, worries and/or hurry ? Khetsun
  3. No. My question is simple: when a computer is to be written off, how to deal with its hostname? Its paper label and its records in certain files, lists ... The subquestion was: are by me given names questionable or. with other words: could in some case bring negativites? Regards, Khetsun
  4. Dear Simona, naming computers in this case means hostnaming and not inventory denoting (Networking purpose and not bookeeping purpose). Each computer has static IP address and a name attached to this IP address. Names appear in so called DNS servers (name resolving). For a person to physically find the right computer which among 200 computers in the same room, there are paper labels attached to each one. Of course, if not before then certailnly when a computer is to be written off, there comes a conection between a hostname and an inventory number. Regards, Khestun
  5. Here are several things to be expained: first these computers are not ordinary PCs we are used to and on which we run Windows, but unix based systems which can hardly be used in primary schools for maybe very limited purpose (e.g. web server) second when these systems are written off, hard disks are removed or destroyed (company security policy), some other compoments may also be removed as spare parts. Of course there are also oridinary PCs to be be written off, but usually "dinosaures", at the time pentium I or II could be found, which hardly meet today's needs or wants of children in primary school. I have some experience with such computers giving away, but people think they will get latest Windows, Office, more memory, better processor ... Regards, Khetsun
  6. Tashi Delek everybody, at my work I give names to company computers, so to promote budism and Tibet culture I gave names: daka, dakini, pecha, khata, equanimity, medicine, middle, path, karuna, arhat, glimpse, damaru. Names are written on a paper label on each computer. Today I came to me: one day this computers will be written off and put in trash. Is there any danger or specific way to handle this machines and/or their names without accumulating negative karma? Just now I am in a situation to write off computer named Brahma (not named by me)? How to do this in proper way? Khetsun
  7. What about the Short Four-handed Chenrezig practice published by Dharmaling? At the end of the practice when Budha dissolves into meditator's body and his/hers body, speach and mind becomes inseparable from Budha Chenrezig body speach and mind ... one becomes Budha Chenrezig in his/hers visualisation. Do I understand this correctly? Regards, Klemen
  8. Tashi Delek dear Rinpoche, in the topic "pacifying thoughts and kleshas" http://www.dharmaling.org/Forums/viewtopic/t=406.html You say:"Note that to visualize yourself as the deity, you do need to have received an Initiation of the fourth Tantric class." In the Kathleen McDonald book "How to meditate" (Kako meditirati) in the meditation practice about Budha, the practice says to visualize self as Shakyamuni Budha. Is it okay to do this practice without having received an Initiation of the fourth Tantric class? Kindest Regards, Klemen
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