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  1. Hi Here is Rinpoches answer to the journalist who wrote that article : http://www.dharmaling.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1245 All the very best, Tchokyi
  2. Tchokyi

    New year bazaar

    Dear Simona, I like idea very much and I wish to help with organization Wish You all the best.
  3. Tashi Delek! I am joining Ani.Chödrön’s words ;-F . When I had a cat which was dying, I put cd with mantras to her or recited them aloud :v . My purpose was to give her a positive imprint, so that in her next lives she would have a contact with Dharma. But we can do the same with animals which are not dying jet :% . Wish you all the best! Tchökyi!
  4. Tashi Delek, if the house is closed, the air in it is stuffy, :x if you open it, it can ventilate and the air is fresh. Sometimes it is cold, sometimes it is warm. What I find most important in those situations is not to close our mind, to let everything that is happening around us to just fulfil its purpose. When this outburst of anger or hatred comes, it is important to open your mind, because this is the only way to find a solution for this situation – if the solution is needed. And you know best which way suits you most, so that you can confront the situation in the best possible way. Your Dharma friends told you some recipes, you can use some of these or make your own mix. With an opened mind and big big heart :% you will succeed. Sometimes we are attached to what is going on with us, not only to good, but also to bad, because we are used to it. Try to be as much impartial in those situations, not to get too much involved in them, so that you can see what is really going on. In the critical situations we often forget the goal that we have set some time ago or that we have not set yet. So it is important that we focus more to what we intend and this way we are less burdened with others’ actions, words and similar. Do not neglect your duties at that times. I was receiving this kind of advices at hard times that I had. They helped me a lot. I wish you all the best, Tchökyi
  5. Tashi Delek!!! Probably they had very little time available, from this reasons there were so many interruptions, I think... If anyone would like to see the show ( on video cassette ) , just write me! All the best! Tchokyi
  6. I have 0+ blood type and I didn't eat meat almost one year, maybe more or less, anyhow, my health is ok, my blood is very good, I think that eating vegetables, fruits, and other non-meat food in right combination it is enough for our body, but you can ask yourself what does meat have what vegetables, fruits and non-meat food don’t have, that is just my opinion. All the best! Tchokyi
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