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  1. Tashi delek Gelong T.Shenpen; Thank you for your kind reply. Here one can see which difference only one letter can cause for illusion(s). Indeed Geshe is the academic title for a very well learned Monk/Gelong. Thank you for the correction, i make allways this one letter mistake, very stupid from me ! No excuse. When i am not wrong then this person becomes afterwards a Lama in Gelug ? Further i fully agree to the further view regarding study: At first removing basic stupidity/ignorance by thorough study Then gaining insight by this study Further filtering this insight by meditation Then wisdom is gained and by other helpfull correct personal (Yogic)-technics/ methods With this realised wisdom one is able to abide in a correct post-meditative view, the view So study, thinking, meditating, dualism stops and one can obtain that which is without dualism and without learning and without study, the allways abiding pure illuminating one. Primeordial Wisdom is that which is inherrent "in" as well the Buddha(s) as well the Bodhisattva(s) as well in all other sentient beings, in the latter dormant/unrealised Compassion is the way of the Buddha(s) as well the Bodhisattva's to help the dormant/unrealised. Herefore the unrealised need at first study etc. Tsultrim. P.s.: Dear Lama Shenpen, I don't want to be impolite about your status, but for the clear view, what is your status Gelong / Lama and Rinpoche ? How should i adress you, with what title ? Are You a Tibetan Lama or a western ?
  2. Helo Kyenrab; In the Gelug one is Yeshe after a long study, about 12 years? I know during my visit on the Tibetan university for higher studies in Benares, India, that there where a lot of Tibetan monks studying from: Bon, Gelug, Sakya, Kagyu, Nyingma. In the Gelug one get a degree of Yeshe. after a long study, about 12 years In Kagyu it is Khenpo after a long study, about 12 years In Nyingma Loppon, when i am not wrong. after a long study, about 12 years So in this case i don't understand: Gelug and Yeshe means primordial wisdom. Here it was because of study with the brains/intellect/ dualisms that one can get Yeshe, primordial Wisdom ? Kagyu and Khenpo means abbot, here used for the same as Yeshe, after a long study, about 12 years Nyingma and Loppon means translator, here used for the same as Yeshe, after a long study, about 12 years Bon, i don't know ? after a long study, about 12 years Is it then true that with only study one can attain a degree of self-realisation which is without dualism or free of it ? Or is study only an aid to self-realisation of the inborn pure first mind or Dharmakaya and is the finishing touch more the "real"meditation without dualisms like: words concepts study etc. Tsultrim
  3. Hello Boris; Thank you for the reply. Your answer is also what i thought about it. But my confusion stems from some interpreters from the Prajñaparamita-sutra's where they say that this sutra's are of wisdom "quality" and when i understand it well this must not be a primordial wisdom, because prime-ordial wisdom cannot (or less) be interpreted. What is interpreteble must be sherab or prajña. The other things which we cannot explain with words must be more non-dualistic and must be therefore more Yeshe or Jñana. But let's not forget that we use here words for some very high meanings. One is not (easy) for words to explain One is more to explain with words So ain't no easy therefore my "misunderstanding". Tsultrim
  4. Tashi delek; Regarding Jñana and prajña, these are 2 words to prescribe a state of councious or mind. Sometimes they use prajña for wisdom and sometimes insight. Sometimes they use Jñana for wisdom, when i am not wrong. Can somebody please be so kind to explain these 2 concepts with their Tibetan equilavents ? Thank you very much in advance. Tsultrim
  5. Hello; We all know in Tibetan Buddhism Tulku's / Rinpoches. My question is what status has this Tulku and how is it proved by Tibetan ? With status is meant: Buddha Bodhisattva With proves is meant: With authenthic scriptures like Tantra's and Sutra's Tsultrim
  6. Hello Draftsman; Regarding the 3the point one can say that this mantra is used for: The increasing of wisdom Can allaways be repeated before the study. Tsultrim
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