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  1. Thank you very much Dechen for the reply. I'm very much aware of the side effect of these practice. That's why I'm asking if there's a teacher or any of you would like to teach and guide me is much welcome. As for delusions, In my meditation, yoga and many practices that I already did, the delusions is always come and appear with or without direct guidance. The problem is whether we can control and manage them. Not to mention any un-explained stimulation or feeling appear in the meditation. Your reply is utmost welcome and I thank you very much indeed for your information and warning. Thank you Dechen Regards, Gustiadi
  2. Does anyone here could help me to have the mantra for each of the 21 Tara and the Mahakala. My purpose is to deepening my spiritual relationship to all the 21 Tara and unite them in my mind, body and soul. I would also asked help from Mahakala deities to guide and protect me in my meditation journey. I wish to do this not only by chanting (as we all would do in the Tibetan monastery) but also from the mantra. I will appreciate and very gratefull if you could be so kind to tell me each of the 21 Tara deities mantra.
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