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  1. Tashi Delek dear Mavrica, I hope the Relic Tour will come to every country to help all beings with its powerful and healing energy l-) They always look for volunteers. As the Relic Tour was in Switzerland, I worked as a volunteer. If you want to help, you can contact the organisation. I can only say, it is amazing! !:! !:! I wish that you once can go to this exhibition! If you are there one time, you will mostly try to find other possibilities to see the Relics again. All the very best, Kama :*
  2. Tashi Delek dear Mavrica Do you mean the Heart Shrine Relic Tour of the Maitreya Project? If you mean this tour, you will find informations on the homepage: www.maitreyaproject.org I hope it will help you! All the best, Kama
  3. Tashi Delek. Thank you all for your answers! And thank you, Ani Chödrön for the book recommendation! I heard that Prana or Lung is the energy of life. Consciousness and vitality of the body belong to Prana. So I would also say that prana is inseparable from consciousness. Matter has to be connected with Prana because it is even the basic energy of everyone`s life. I would add something to your discussion about the medical point of view. I agree with you, draftsman. It is all karma. And if you suffer from cancer it will be karma. Western medicine can`t cure you, it can only take the symptoms away. I read about some visualisations. They are like an inner fire which can burn carmic traces. Your intention must be very clear and you need a Lama who helps you. Finally it is Prana, which has the power to recover from cancer. All the best, Kama :*
  4. Tashi Delek Ani Chödrön, Thank you very much for your explanation! The comparison with the waves helps a lot! I didn`t understand how mental fabrications arise from Emptiness. Could you explain it, please? Something refering to the forest experience: When I sit in the dark forest and I start thinking, do I create fear? Are my thoughts producing fear? Can we distinguish between feelings created by mind and pure feelings , or are feelings always created by mind? :crunch: All the very best, Kama :*
  5. Tashi Delek. Thank you very much for your answers! The question might be unnecessary, but for me thoughts are really strange. There are for example images or words which I create, but in fact they are nothing. They are figures of a play called mind. And when you are in the forest by night, the mind plays very actively.... I don`t know how it is for you, I find it difficult to be aware of my thoughts. I am trying, but my mind looks often for an excuse not to do it. :roll: We should become some kind of an observer and we shouldn`t be lazy.... Then we realize that there are so many thoughts we have never expected. All the best, Kama
  6. Tashi Delek Where do thoughts go to? Thoughts are part of the mind, I suppose. When you are aware of your thoughts you recognize them as thoughts. Nevertheless, they disappear to some place or other. I have had a picture recently: the mind is like a river, and thoughts sometimes come on the surface and then you can "think" them and you can try to be aware of them. Otherwise they remain under water.:maybe: But where do they last there? What do you ~think~ ? Best regards, Kama
  7. Tashi Delek, Simona! I read a book about the five elements.... "Healing with Form, Energy, and Light: The Five Elements in Tibetan Shamanism, Tantra, and Dzogchen , from Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche" It may interest you.... All the best, Kama
  8. Tashi Delek! Thank you very much for your answer! It is a great help! The last days I thought about your words. And I realized that I haven`t felt the essence of the word "mind" yet. But then I found something similiar. During dancing I feel the flow, the unending stream. There is a mouvement and an other one comes, and so one. Pictures come and disappear, there are feelings and you can feel them, in the next moment they are gone with the wind.... There I can feel the mind. What do you think travels from one life to another life? Have a nice evening! Kama
  9. Tashi Delek dear Tatjana, The grasping mind appears everywhere, in every part of the life. you can see so many things, and hear so many things once more. I don`t know, where you are from, but here in the west there are too many things, which are showed for buying. The mind, my mind too, grasps also for spiritual happiness. We must try to calm the mind....it is very difficult. I would say, that it is better to know/understand one text with the head and the HEART, than hundreds of texts only with head. This is probably what you mean with your question. The last months I tried to integrate the messages from the book in my life. I found and find it really strenuous to behave myself "rightfully" (without selfishness, negative thoughts ... ). Practising changes the inner feeling. Because of that, I`m so happy. (It is so simple...) Have a peaceful evening Kama
  10. Tashi Delek, I have read your interesting discussion. There is one question I have: What is the difference between mind and consciousness? All the best Kama
  11. Tashi Delek Simona, So, I will try to explain, what I meant. It is difficult for me to talk about such philosophical things in English. I agree with you, that there isn`t a "soul" as an entity. Is it better to use mind for 'the composure of experiences' , for your inner liveliness? The mind of each person is different and it is the mind, which travels from one life to another. I think you mean the hungry ghosts with the "spirit"?! I don`t mean them. As I described in the first post, I feel, that there is something else. Something, which connects you with the other beings. Something, which is pure and bright and is the same in every being. I called it the spirit. What do you think? I really hope, I could express myself better! All the best, Kama
  12. Tashi Delek dear Tatjana, I read Bodhisattvacharyatara, because the Teachings by His Holiness were about this wonderful text. I am trying to change my inner attitude and to integrate the ideas in my life. It isn`t easy but you can feel satisfaction and joy. Now I`m studying the comment by Geshe Yeshe. It really helps me to understand and to become absorbed in the meaning of the words. You can study Bodhisattvacharyatara your whole life and in every moment you can find other aspects in it, so you will move on on your own path. All the best, Kama
  13. Tashi Delek Dechen, Thank you for your link! I have read your messages. It touches me, what Lama Zopa has said once. The color of the sky and the sea is a reflection from the mount meru! With light, Kama
  14. Tashi Delek, It is difficult to say in words the difference between spirit and soul. There is a subtle emotion about this difference in me, but I can`t find the right words. In every soul are other experiences treasured up. What about the spirit? Is it in every being? Is it pure? What is it? What do I feel in my body during thinking? Is it my soul, my individual, my spirit? All the best, Kama
  15. Tashi Delek Tatjana, Thanks for your post! A friend of mine said it to me and I read a coverage about his childhood. Yes, I know, he is studying in Sera Jhe University. I really hope, he`s going to give Teachings! Have you read Bodhisattvacharyatara? all the best, Kama
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