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  1. Dear all, One question, please. In the Black Lawsuit Sutra there is a particular mantra or supplication to Buddha Vajrapani: TAYAT'HA OM VAJRAPANI MAMA RAKSHA RAKSHA / OM JYO-DOG KHA-CHU MARAYA PHAT / SAMAYA DU RAKSHA HUNG HUNG PHAT PHAT SVAHA / (Buddha Vajrapani, save me, save me, reverse and end the conflict, lawsuits and negativity caused by the malicious minds possessed by the maras. Break it. Always protect me. Break. Break. So be it.) Would it be ok to rely on this mantra alone and recite it separately when one doesn't have the time or it is not practical to recite the whole Sutra? The Sutra can be found at Saraswati Bhawan - Download - Prayers - Sutra Kha-Chu Nag-Po. Thank You
  2. "As stated in the Tantra Requested by Subahu, recite the mantras devoid of the eight faults of mantra recitation: reciting too quickly, too slowly, too loudly (so that others hear), too softly (so that even oneself does not hear), over-enunciating each syllable, interrupting the mantra with conversation, being distracted, and reciting the short syllables as long and the long as short." (from a text explaining visualizations during recitation of the mantra of Manjushri)
  3. Introduction to the Pledged Bodhichitta Actions for Training and the Root Bodhisattva Vows http://www.berzinarchives.com/web/x/nav/group.html_2076185219.html Might be helpful
  4. Just to bring this thread and mantra back to attention, it could be good for many animals
  5. From Dharmaling's Glossary: Ignorance (skt.: avidya, tib.: ma rig pa) Literally, not seeing that which exists, or the way in which things exist. The fundamental delusion from which all others spring. There are basically two kinds, ignorance of karma and ignorance of ultimate truth. It is not mere lack of knowledge, but mistaken perception of the true nature of phenomena. Due to incorrect apprehension we fail to recognize the Ultimate nature of self and phenomena and falsely ascribe them true existence. Ignorance, karma and desire are the three forces that cause reincarnation. Ignorance is also first of the twelve links of dependent arising.
  6. Today's interview with His Holiness by Larry King: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bylkup389
  7. Really inspiring. There is part II also.
  8. Here is the first one: "Everything Is a Moment", there are six more... Best regards,
  9. Khyenrab

    New year bazaar

    I guess it was immature of me to joke a little bit in my previous post, though i ment it in a positive way... Since any project ment to support the Dharma Center must be sacred, especially when there is a great need to do so, as is now. Sorry about that. It would be wonderful, if we all examined our capabilities, be very honest with ourselves, and give what we truly can... And keep in mind that Dharma is priceless and the source of all happiness.
  10. Khyenrab

    New year bazaar

    Dear Simona, I very much like the idea, and I do join. You forgot to mention that Rinpoche gave the green light to organize it in front of the Dharma Center Yes, why? Come to the New Year Bazar, and benefit the Dharma Center, get for your family and friends something you don't even expect getting But, nice things, please bring nice things... We could offer delicious tea or chai for everyone, light some candles... I also kindly invite everyone to join the idea here, and later we can set a date, organize, invite others... With best wishes,
  11. Here is a new documentary you might like, it's about the "behind the scenes" of the monetary based economy we live in, about "corporatocracy", modern slavery, global manipulation and corruption of governments and taking over of whole nations by the USA (includes tactics, a three step way they do it...), artificial promotion of scarcity of resources as the fuel for the profit driven system and so on. There is lots more, in fact... This is the second part (addition) of the Zeitgeist movie. Zeitgeist: Addendum video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7065205277695921912 As a side note: the movie is highly critical of theistic religions (even more in the first movie). From a Vajrayana point of view there are some spiritual quotations at the end of the movie that are incorrect, like no need for a Guru.
  12. You don't even know us, Michael... You're making some very strong statements there. Based on what??
  13. I hope it's the right place to post this... Let's continue with sharing drops from the network. Some musical "drops"... I hope you like them. The main theme here is "relax" "Astrakan" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOPK0TCy-bw "Lotus feet" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2KRG7cVMF0 "The Return of Per Ulv" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcSg7cf4MVo Best regards, K
  14. Dear all, I was meditating today and started thinking about how precious it is to be in any way connected to a Dharma Center. In our LamRim meditations we recollect our thoughts on sections such as the precious human rebirth, inevitability of death and the uncertainty of the time of death, the sufferings of samsara; we think about Renunciation, Bodhicitta and Emptiness, and the incomparable kindness of our precious Guru, who makes all of our understanding of Dharma possible... I feel something like this, if we are open to the meaning of Dharma, to this great immediate need to become free from any kind of suffering, and to quickly help others understand this urgency, then we will feel a deep heart-felt connection to our Dharma Center and to our precious Lama. I wrote the above as an "introduction". As Mariann wrote before (maybe others too , making donations to your Teacher or to Dharma in general, as an offereing, is an extremely powerful method to progress on the Path. I'd like to think further about this a little bit. Sometimes i think we might feel like making donations to some humanitarian organization is a very good thing, we help people get clothes, food, maybe shelter, help them with getting any equipment they need, etc... It seems that supporting a BuddhaDharma center is incomparably more beneficial. A Dharma Center, under a Guidance of a Lama, is an absolute good. It's a place where people and other beings realize what the causes of suffering are, and begin to understand the causes of true happiness and joy (imprints which help them for lifetimes and lifetimes!), all the way to the peerless Happiness of complete Enlightenment. Supporting, sustaining, making offerings to a BuddhaDharma Center is also a real test of one's motivation I think. If we really want happiness for others (and for ourselves alone!), real lasting happiness, our support for the activities of a Dharma Center should be almost ecstatic! If we wish to be generous, I think there is no other place to practice perfect generosity. The activities of a Dharma Center (that we support) will offer gem-like activities and practices that will benefit incredible numbers of beings. And the benefit will be profound, it will touch their hearts their minds and will make them kind, compassionate, blissful. It will shake Samsara up. By supporting a Lama that knows the nature of Reality perfectly, I think all this happens - due to our financial support. Making donations to a Dharma Center - I think it is by far the best material offering possible anywhere in this world. If we do it with a Dharma motivation, I think it can only be even more powerful. Usually when we think about money we can feel a certain kind of burden, but I feel that having the knowledge that we can transform it and the opportunity to transform it completely into an absolute good, is very liberating. We can help others profoundly by supporting the pure, unmistaken teachings of the Buddhas. Life and everything in our life should turn into joy and hope. I hope we can all regularly support the activities of our precious Lama, with whatever that we can give, for the benefit of all sentient beings. May our Dharma Center be sustained for a very long time! P.S.: It seems to me that many people sometimes take it all for granted, but in reality, it will not be there forever... I guess *everything* depends on our motivation, and readiness to create positive causes... Bank transfer information: http://eshop.dharmaling.org/cart.php?page=...fer_information Best regards, K
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