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  1. well i would like to know wether his reputation is as good as is been said . on the net we can see that his activity is very wide spread and his the spiritual director of numerous centers... i'm interested more to know wether he talks from the state of realization or from a mere intelectual knowledge given the fact that he studied for at least 7 years the main tenets of buddhism...of course he spent a few years in retreat wich does not prove anything 'cause i know at least 10 individuals (very closely)who spent between 3 and 13 years in retreat (the tradittional three year retreat) and they did not get any more enlightened than me or yourself or anybody else.of course lots of them have a very good understanding of the practices and of the way the mind works and some of them have had glimpses of the nature of mind ... going back to mingyur dorje ...yes i would like to know wether he is more special than the others or is just another rinpoche in the world of tibetan buddhism ketunbaraga
  2. to khyenrab you are very much in the dark believing that there is a stage of development wich reflects our present condition. because our present condition is as good as the other one. as long as you believe that you are on a certain stage everything you will do will be in accord with that particular understanding where you will think that there is advancment taking place and you can get from the dream state of development to the dream state of liberation wich is gonna happen sometime in the future.this is how the dream goes on and on and on...... to gigu the moderator i don't know what you understood from my message but i certainly did not said that i do not exist wich is a very mistaken position to take,but i said that things appear to exist wich leads us to understannd that there is a conventional reality where everithing appears to manifest and where things go on as before. my argument was that teachers stiil reinforce the dream , the apparent reality spoken of above ,by making us believe that we need to do variuos things to get to the state of liberation..making us plunge even deper into the dream.here i do not want to give the impression that we don't need to do these things but to emphasize the need of balancing the absolute perspective with the relative one.. the true teacher will allways tell you that you are allready the thing you seek (and if you can see that is wonderfull)and you don't need him ,anybody for that to happen.. but he will not tell you that you are perfect either because that will promote laziness .he will just encourage you to discover that wich is allways been but not by reinforcing the dream character wich is "you" ketunbaraga
  3. one of the main dificulties with teachers is that most of the time they talk to you as though you are a separate individual and you have a choice. and in order to get liberated you have to accomplish so many practices and to go through various proceses and to traverse various paths and to accumulate so much merit. and if you do this sometime in the future "you" will become liberated. here ...when i mention teachers i have in mind the majority of tibetan teachers and not only them... there are lots of faults with this message .but on the other hand we live in a relativ domain where we still have to do things,to relate to each other and to live our lives.. and on the other hand every thing lacks substance and all those paths virtues,methods,proceses do not exist but appear to exist, wich misleads people in believing that they need to do all the things mentioned . this misunderstanding mainly comes from the continuos emphazis on the part of our teachers that we are separate individuals and we need" to do" all these things... now ... i have a few questions??? how can you get to where you already are and you've already been from the very begining? how can any process take you to that place where you've been all along? how can"you"get liberated? why a teacher still reinforces the belief that if "you do this" then "you can get there" ? why a teacher still adresess you as though you are a separate individual and you are not that wich you are looking for and the thing you are looking for is actually sometime in the future only after you've accomplished so many things?? why they stil reinforce the illusion that is something that can be understood and accomplished when there is nobody there to understand anything and to accomplish anything but only appears to be?? all they do is reinforce the illusion and the dream ... ketunbaraga
  4. here is a subject wich is undeniably still very hot and represents an endless fight among the proponents of madhyamaka and those of adv. vedanta. everyone is welcome to post and to share their thoughts on the subject. i would be very interested to know what is rinpoche's view on the matter and morever how is buddhism different from advaita system. ketunbaraga.
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