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  1. until
    As Shenpen Rinpoche is abroad, the teaching will take place via video conference. In English for practical reasons.
  2. 17:30 - 18:30 = Teaching: "The two truths, karma, and daily life" As Shenpen Rinpoche is abroad, the teaching will take place via video conference. In English with Slovene translation.
  3. until
    18:00 - 19:00 = Meditation - mental quietness (Shine or Vipassana) and Loving kindness
  4. until
    18:00 - 19:00 = Meditation on death, and meditation on loving kindness
  5. To be updated... Chapter 2 - Established base (gzhi grub) Synonyms for gzhi grub (established base) - shes bya, object of knowledge - yod pa, existent - gzhal bya, object of comprehension - yul, object - chos, phenomenon Synonyms for rtag pa (permanent phenomenon) - spyi mtshan (generally characterized phenomenon) - kun rdzob bden pa (conventional truth) - 'dus ma byas pa (uncomposed phenomenon, asanskrita) Synonyms for dngos po (functioning thing) - byas pa (product) - 'dus byas (composed phenomenon) - dzas (?) (substantial) - rang mtshan (specifically characterized phenomenon or self characterized phenomenon) - don dam bden pa (ultimate truth) - mi rtag pa (impermanent)
  6. Goodie

    Color Of White Cloud

    Maybe there are different explanations, but professor Dan Perdue, who translated the text in English (Debate in Tibetan Buddhism, p197), explains the original Tibetan text as saying:
  7. Goodie

    Color Of White Cloud

    That secondary color cloud include only colors of clouds which are secondary (or mixed) color also seems to be defined in ranglug section. I think this follows because when they list the secondary colors they use the "der gyur pa'i". But this would need to be checked. Also, on this link on page 17 and 20 http://uma-tibet.org/pdf/bsdus_grwa/debate.pdf Rinpoche gives the following explanation on this topic:
  8. Goodie

    Color Of White Cloud

    Not sure how to put this in debate format, so it is more in free format: There is no such problem, because the two cases are not analogous. This is because secondary colors include only mixed colors, and when they say that colors of cloud are a member of secondary colors, they include in this group only colors of clouds which are mixed colors, and not all colors of cloud (thus color of white cloud is excluded from this group). However white color is always a primary color, because primary colors has only non-mixed colors, thus it can not be in secondary colors.
  9. I don't think these two positions contradict each other, I tried to explain why not in the Dura thread here: http://www.dharmaling.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=1537&p=7667
  10. Goodie

    Color Of White Cloud

    I don't think they are controversial because from debate II. it doesn't follow that white color of cloud is secondary color (it only follows that it is a color of cloud). However, if we rewrite the debate II. so that it tries to prove that white color of a cloud is secondary color, then ranglug can defeat it, because not all colors of cloud are in the secondary group color of cloud. Opponent says: White color of a cloud It is a secondary color Because it is a member of color of cloud. Ranglug says: Ma khyab (if something is a member of color of cloud it is not necessarily secondary color).
  11. Yes, I think by performing the function can be one criteria. There is no problem if an object is called, perceived or used differently by different groups of beings. For example, glass of liquid is for humans valid as water, for gods valid as nectar, for pretas valid as pus. This is because for each of these groups it performs a function which is in accordance with their karma. However it would not be valid for preta to think it is nectar, because for preta it does not perform the function of nectar. Also, it must not contradict logic. For example, permanent self can never exist and therefore can not validly exist, even if a group of beings believe that permanent self exists.
  12. It is not that public opinion is always invalid. It can be valid or invalid. Validity is proved if the mind has valid cognition, which is either valid direct perception or valid inference.
  13. I'm not sure if this is also for Sautrantika following Reasoning, but higher schools say that each moment can be divided because it has three parts: beginning, middle and an end. I'm not sure though if this is meant conceptually divided or not.
  14. 21:30:34 From Boris: Alex says: white color of cloud (trin kar po'i kha dog) it is secondary color G: white color of cloud it is not secondary color because it is primary color Alex: rtags ma grub G: white color of cloud it is primary color because it is white Alex: rtags ma grub G: white colord of cloud it is white because it is one with white color of cloud 22:03:01 From Boris: DEBATE 22:03:02 From Boris: White color of a cloud is a secondray color because White color of a cloud is color of cloud 22:03:16 From Boris: ma khyab 22:03:25 From Boris: if something is color of cloud, it is not neccessarily secondary color 22:04:16 From ngawang thugje : white color of cloud+++ it is primary color ? is it secondary color ? 22:04:55 From ngawang thugje : if says, it is primary color, then…Debate;;; 22:05:38 From ngawang thugje : it should be secondary color, becoz it is color of cloud.
  15. Right, this is true for Sautrantika following Scripture, but Sautrantika following Reasoning do not assert so.
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