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  1. Hello! Does this imply that samsara is impermanent with the speed of impermanence of 65 moments per finger snap? (mpf - this could be a new unit ) But then it realy depends how long is the finger snap... And then we are speaking of time. And since the time is an interval between cause and effect, and it does not exist inherently, it is dependent on the observer, the speed of impermanence then also varies from being to being. Which means that the smallest unit (1/64 mps) is not a constant which would exist in the same way for everybody, but it is conditioned by the level of Awareness. So until we develop our Awareness to its highest potential we can't observe this process of one moment giving rise to another moment, since our perception is not mature enough to see it. And every moment in this state is kind of infinite. But it somehow implies, that even this process exists only conventionally, since it is created by the mind which observes it.
  2. Hello, I find THESE stories quite inspiring. Best regards
  3. Thank You for Your answer dear Rinpoche Best regards, Andrej
  4. Hello, I wonder if one brakes a vow of not telling a lie with showing magic tricks to a child? Best regards, Andrej
  5. Dear Rinpoche, Thank You for clarifying also this topic! Best Regards, Endre
  6. The Firefox add-on China Channel offers internet user outside China to surf the web as if they were in China. For the most part the Chinese web will feel a lot like home. You will, however, begin to notices differences if you start asking Google about sensitive issues (for example Tananmen Square protests, or Pro Tibetan issues). But I'm not sure if the add-on will work with proxy connections. All the very best, e
  7. Dear all, I find this site very usefull All the very best,
  8. Thank you dear Rinpoche for your answer. As I remember, there are antidotes to use, when agitation or dullness arise in the mind. In case of agitation is it the best to just leave the the thoughts that they pass and put the mind back on the object of meditation? What about dullness? Is dullness the same as tiredness? What causes dullness and what is the best antidote against it? All the very best,
  9. Shine is realy the basis for everything. So I wonder what are the greates obstacles for gaining Shine All the very best,
  10. I stumbled upon this and thought you might want to see it... And here you can find audio Teachings by Lama performing the demonstration seen on the upper video. Tashi Delek
  11. Hello everybody, I suppose everybody did some stupid things in the past which regrets now... But if I understand correctly, as Ontul Rinpoche said, that the heaviness of those action is much lesser than of those done after one took the Refuge vows. So there is a kind of relieve in these words. But I also wonder about the scars that those actions caused, above all those which are seen in the present. How are you confronting these scars? I would appreciate your answers very much! Tashi Delek
  12. Tashi Delek, In Tibet near a place called Yushu, someone carved the Chenrezig's Mantra into a frozen lake that can be seen on Google maps. The tallest letters are almost 50 meters high. Best regards, Jampel
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