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  1. So Much Suffering We suffer again and again. We suffer from hunger and pain. We suffer while we are sleeping, or while we are awake. We suffer, too, when our bones break. We suffer when we are born, and we suffer when we are about to be gone. But I know now the time will come, when all this pain will be gone. All I have to do is to follow, what my precious Masters have done.
  2. thanks Mariann. I'm not much of philosopher, but the quote from Dharmakirti at the end of the second article really hit the nail on the head for me Tiberij
  3. From Lama Zopa Rinpoche's Wish Fulfilling Golden Sun of Mahayana Thought Training: ''If I use this precious human rebirth only to gain the eight worldly dharmas or higher samsaric pleasures with self-cherishing thought, I shall circle continuously in the six samsaric realms of unimaginable suffering, as I have circled since beginningless time in all my previous lives. The beginning of these lives is not even seen by the Buddha’s Omniscient Mind let alone by the minds of ordinary beings, and if I continue to work for these things I shall continue to suffer in the circle of samsara.'' (link) How does Buddha's not knowing the beginning of samsaric lives correspond with His omniscience? (I can only think of it as an exception to His omniscience, similar to the exception of his omnipotence which is being limited by the strenght of sentient beings karmic obscurations...)
  4. Dear Rinpoche, Daria asked me for the translation of few questions, which she wishes You would answer. 1. Can meditation on, or ''practicing'' Bodhicitta annihilate or soften the consequences of grave actions done in this life (let's say in our youth); on general, murder or attempt of murder, anything that could heavily harm another being? 2. Is abortion, done out of health reasons, and the same euthanasia of animals, very heavy action, if we consider karmic consequences? 3. Are there any obstacles to becoming a buddhist for a person with such a burden? Thank You. Best regards, Tiberij Slovene: Živjo Tibi! Imam eno prošnjo in upam da nisem nadležna. Prosila bi Rinpočeja za odgovor, žal pa zaradi slabe angleščine ne morem direktno vprašat.Zanima me naslednje: ali lahko meditacija,"prakticieranje" Bodičite izniči ali ublaži posledice hudih dejanj narejenih v sedanjem življenju (recimo, v mladosti) ? Na splošno, umor ali poskus umora, vse kar bi lahko zelo škodovalo drugem bitju. Pa še eno vprašanje, ali je splav narejen zaradi zdravstvenih razlogov in enako, evtanazija živali,zelo slabo dejanje, glede karmičnih posledic. Upam, da sem razumljivo napisala.Če slučajno ne moreš vprašat, tudi prav. Hvala za pomoč. Lep pozdrav. Daria Oprosti , še to sem pozabila napisat; ali so kakšne ovire, da oseba s takimi obremenitvami postane Budist? Lep pozdrav.Daria
  5. In slovene forum section there's been question posted under the user name 'daria' and in since the question was addressed to Rinpoche, I'll try to translate it here: Slovene: ''Prosim za odgovor, ali lahko uporabljam tole mantro Super Purification Mantra, the mantra is: Namah Sarwa Tathagatha Hridaya Anuh Gatey Om Kurum Ghini Svače nisem vzela Zavetišča.Hvala za odgovor.'' English: ''Please answer if I can use this Super Purification Mantra: Namah Sarwa Tathagatha Hridaya Anuh Gatey Om Kurum Ghini Swache. I haven't taken Refuge. Thank you for your reply.''
  6. I guess only happiness of full enlightenment would fall into the category, but since the forum is not concerned with Dharma, the answer might need some explanation of what enlightenment is, etc.. Best regards.
  7. I think we should look at sadness as a result of previously accumulated karma and be ''glad'' that it resulted in such a way rather than for example as suffering of an hell being. But we should not wait for sadness to give us the chance to work on our karma; we've been wandering in samsara from beginingless times and accumulated loads of negative karma which needs to be purified and therefor have to work on it all the time, especially when things are going well and when it is much easier to do so.
  8. I would say it all comes down to accepting the universal cause of law and effect (or at least try-at which stage i am still). The negative karmic imprints must ripen sooner or later, and if we know that karma expands greatly through passing time, the sooner is much better. In a way it helps me to accept suffering more as a sign of effective purification practices, rather then some kind of bad luck. The next thing this quote brings to my mind is one of the pairs from eight wordly dharmas: attachment to sensual pleasures and aversion to unpleasant things, which in turn helps to, in a way, expand the mind and therefor maintain the stability on ones Path. But this are of course my own humble experiences, and would appreciate if somebody with more insight (especially from the psychology point of view) would shed some light on the matter, too. (By the way, the quote is from the Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand)
  9. Here is a quote which helps me to get through difficult situations (unfortunatelly I'm not sure where is it from): ''Do not be glad when happy, rejoice when sad: Happiness uses up accumulated merit, Unhappiness purifies sin and obscurations''
  10. sorry, I wasn't explicit enough: I meant in comparison to Mahayana Great (or full) enlightenment. It is from Pabonka Rinpoche's ''Liberation in the palm of your hand'', pg. 15/16.
  11. In the lam.rim teachings it is said that Shravakas and Pratyekabuddhas have to, among other things, overcome the four causes of ignorance in order to gain full enlightenment. I was wondering which four are they? Thank you.
  12. Thank you very much Simona. The whole matter is much clearer now. Best wishes, Tibi
  13. Tashi Delek Simona, thank you for your reply. I was hoping I would get an answer also about reciting mantras (sutras, Buddhas names, etc.) when breathing in. So i'm kindly asking if you have an opinion about that: is it disrespectful, unaspicious... or si it ok? I'm also imploring other members of the forum to post their opinion about the matter. Thank you all. Best regards, Tibi
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