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  1. I think mantra's are recited for the good of all sentient beings . That being the motivation there can be no negative consequences in being unfocused . Maybe the benefits are not as strong. Remember one moment in meditation is better than none at all . kind wishes lezjon
  2. Thank you , Khyenrab the links have been very helpfull and informative . Best wishes lezjon
  3. wow ! I had no idea there was so much to it . I was instructed in the Sadhana of Manjushri Arapatza by Tsarpa Lochen Choedak Rinpoche . It is a beautiful meditation and touches on quite a few of the aspects in the 35 Buddhas . I will stay doing this as well as my calm abiding meditation , my simple prostrations and the blessing of speech mantra "Om a Ra pa Tsa Na Dhih " I am new to this please excuse me if my translation is not correct I mean no disrespect . thank you best wishes and kind regards lezjon.
  4. Well that's great cause I feel good to do them and sometimes I cry tears of joy that we have such a thing called Buddhism and that I have been lucky enough to have come across it and to have let it into my life. thank you for your advice best wishes to you lezjon
  5. Hi and peace to all . i was wondering when doing prostations ; how many one should do ! I meditate in the morning and prostate to my shrine before I begin some times during , when I finish and then when i pray for our teachers and after my prayer for all ! Is that too many . Can there be too many ? is it inauspicious to do too many . I feel it is a mark of respect and I don't mind doing several but if it is not right I would not like to be offensive.
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