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  1. Dear Rinpoche, Let me please ask you something: do you agree that bigger the attachment, harder it is to break it? And, if so, is it not true that in this way we get more wisdom out of it than we would if it was something more trivial to us? Specificaly, I think it is much harder decision to leave your beautiful wife and your own kids behind to search for the final truth and freedom, like Buddha did, than it is to do this without family. Or, another example, if you start your relationship with a woman because she is beautiful and you are attracted to her, and you later become aware that she annoys you because of her personality (discrepancy between your projections and reality), is this not a perfect school for patience and breaking the illusions and projections? Because you have to do it! So, in the end you have to thank her, because without her it would be harder to see yourself. Do you know what I mean? So this means that attachment sort of led you to be more free of yourself. Also, is it not true that the whole human kind is sort of experimenting on itself to see how low can we go in duality, before becoming aware of nonduality and that there is reason for this (I hope a good one, haha)? Basically what i am asking is: harder is better (if you are willing to learn)? or: lets take an example of mother and child: mother is going to be very attached to her child. If something happens to the child (death), she will experience enormous amount of pain, but if she is willing to work through it properly, she will come out much wiser than she was before. in the contrast, such pain is impossible to experience when you loose a cat or a dog. Thank you very much for your answer and time. Marko
  2. Hi to everybody! I'm interested to learn more about dzogchen and the diamond way. Is that possible in Slovenia? Thank you for your time, Marko
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