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  1. When I read the artucle "Buddhist & Gay - A Recipe for Middle School Suicide" I felt the strong wish to thank all of those who helped me to survive my time in school emotionally. No matter in which way you are different - as soon as you are excluded by a group who's members overrule any compassion and understanding in order to stay part of the group life can turn into hell. Now - as I'm more than 24 years old - I can still feel this. Even if a group follows some kind of leftist/liberal ideology and keeps repeating like a mantra "everyone has to be accepted as he is - leave people as they are" - as soon as you don't accept the rituals, opinions and role models of the group you will feel disregard and the frostiness of exclusion. If you don't believe this - try to go out in Ljubljana without drinking beer and refusing any other kind of drug which is polular in this place (maybe because you just don't feel the need for drugs and don't want to have a headache/stomach ache the day after). You will be the one who attacks the lifestyle of those who don't refuse it, even if you don't say anything about this topic and (try to) accept everyone as he is, leaving people as they are. All the very best Alexander
  2. Thank you very much tibi! But how to explain it without using the word "enlightenment" or "awakening", without talking about Buddhism or religion - just in the tradition of western natural science? Some people stop to listen, read and think when they suspect a religious background… I'm afraid that this is impossible Best regards
  3. Good evening, I want to ask all of you which answer you would give, if somebody on a public forum (which is not concerned with Dharma) asked "which kind of luck/happiness is not impermanent". Thank you
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