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  1. Yes, what Buddhism do to politics is: one, correcting the mistaken decisions(decisions that block from liberation or/and are harmful) the second is dealing with the psychological disorders, ego based rebellions this correction might generate first in people. For this it applies logic and goodness (as ultimate goodness gives peace to the mind)
  2. Besides that this description is fully unprecise, many times wrong and biased toward leftists, it has no relevance to Buddhism - in ideal case. It is perfectly mistaken to mix or relate Buddhism to politics. It is about liberating mind, and only as much as this purpose is concerned has it anything to do with politics. I guess you tried to question disciples' faith to the Guru, with this "parallel". Guru is not a political authority, the faith in the Guru is essential to progress, just like analytical thinking. For most of the people who have engaged in the Buddhist path, first there is spontaneous faith in the Bodhisattva or Guru they see, then they become disciples, accept what the Guru says, keeping it in mind and adjust their behaviour according to His/her instructions, then meditate on the meaning of His/Her teachings. Often, the first time we hear a teaching or a decision by the Guru, we do not have the capabilitiy to understand it fully, or to understand it at all... Understanding is a process, and it comes from analyzis and actual experience. So we put the teaching into the mind, in a neutral position - as far as its analysis concerned - and we apply it to test it in real life. Then we analyze the results. Meanwhile, if we have questions we ask them again. It is all about analyzis and experience. Many people have no realizations, and also wont have realizations, because they have no faith in what Guru says, dont even give a chance to test what the Guru states, as they are obsessed with their own concepts. I think it is fine, nobody wants them to follow anyone to whom they have no friendly feeling at least - as a start - and then how far they are from faith or devotion to the Guru, that is though spontaneous, but was always prerequisite on these paths, in India and Tibet too. Faith to Guru as a prerequisite is not man-made thing, it is a law of the Universe, that this kind of quality appears when one has the right attitude on the path toward Enlightenment. These people without faith and lacking such understanding cannot be called disciples, and they should better consider leaving the Guru, instead of causing many negativities for themselves and others. At least until they find deeper understanding they better relax.
  3. http://tsemtulku.typepad.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/2010/03/my-entry.html nice animal liberation video. worth watching the whole video. a partial answer to your question from 16.25
  4. "The Baul tradition is as old as the yogic traditions in India. Later it was inspired by Buddhist philosophy and Sufi traditions and was connected with the Siddha practitioners of south India. Baul music celebrates the joy of unconditional love, true devotion and freedom from the bondages of the world. Through their songs, Bauls seek to be free even from the human body, which they consider no more than a pile of bones and flesh. One of the younger singers of the tradition is Parvathy Baul." http://video.webindia123.com/interviews/dancers/parvathybaul/index.htm
  5. Oh, there are many rubbish on internet. it is obviously against His Holiness, made out of some incredible ignorance and badwill. the video is strongly meant for effect with a limpid hypocratic attitude. one can't do much against such appearances... but if i could i would definitely do. best is to strenghten one's own understanding and faith to avoid such dark influences... best regards,mariann
  6. check out the whole site if interested in future science could bring http://www.kurzweilai.net/meme/frame.html?....html?m=2%23703
  7. supplemet for seeing China's motivation: http://ecoworldly.com/2009/07/26/kenya-fea...ction-projects/ a friend posted this link on another forum:
  8. A link i have received - quite useful to think about: http://www.culturalcreatives.org/ in hungarian: http://web.me.com/kulturaliskreativok/Kult...t%C3%ADvok.html
  9. Yes, exactly. this is the point.
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