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  1. Thank you! Yes I give the instructions my bon teacher. His name is Nagaraksha. And also give instructions from John Reynolds Nyingmapa teacher. My Bon teacher give for me Werma Nyenya Chang sen Snowlion method and my nyingma teacher give for me the Vajrakilaya and protectors instructions and permit. My own path is the Vajrakilaya method in nyingma and also I doing the Werma Nyenya Chang sen in the bon.I have two teacher a Bon and a Nyingma. But the bon is not buddhist I know! I also know that Mariann was in a little egotrip when she defamed me. But I forgave she! I took medicine buddha empowerment it was a shamanic ritual not buddhist ritual! And in the bon the medicine buddha's name not sangye menla just : Menla and he form is sambhogakaya not nirmanakaya. Tonpa Shenrab's form. Because my bon teacher is a shaman and me also! And what is your opinion from the shamanism? good night! Senge ui: Thanks your instructions!
  2. Thanks! I am a healer, who is healing the peoples with tibetan bowls and gongs etc.! I ask you: There is a wooman who is suffer from cancer! The tibetan bowls will help she, or I will choose an another method? Sorry but my english languages is little. What is the best method against the cancer? I till now I heal she with vajra Garuda and Drakphur method! Because I'am a nyingma yogi.
  3. Dear Rinpoche! What is your opinion from John Myrdhin Reynolds, and from that the tulku system is a joke? Thanks! Senge the snowlion
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