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  1. You're welcome! I understand. I already 12 of his years I do the Sangye Menla practice. And also I do the bon Menla practice. It's a beautiful method! I love it! I wish you very nice day! Gonpo (Viktor)
  2. Ok I understand! Thanks! Kalsang lama? He by way of Sakya Trinzin's affiliated resident tibetan teacher in hungary! A non sectarian RIME view lama in "Szakja tasi csöling". Same as you in Dharmaling. http://www.szakja.hu/english/index.htm Kalsang lama: Lama Kalsang was born in Eastern Tibet, in Congh Shi in the Makham Zhong province. Lama Kalsang was ten when he followed his father’s recommendation and became a monk. His father said that Lama Kalsang was born on an especially lucky and auspicious day. He was born on Saga Dawa Düchen, which is the day of birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of Sakyamuni Buddha. There are deep roots of Tibetan spiritual tradition in Lama Kalsang’s familiy. One of his grandfathers’ brother also was a tulku lama in the Nyigma tradition called Ngolu Tulku Rinpoche. His uncle was the reincarnation of Kara Lama and Lama Kalsang himself also a Tulku. When he was 10 Lama Kalsang took refuge from Kunna Penchen rinpoche. After the refuge ceremony Rinpoche said to Lama’s father that Lama Kalsang is the reincarnation of Kunna Khenpo Tsering. Lama Kalsang has been studying in Kunna Sakya Monastery for 13 years under the guidance of Penchen Rinpoche. At these times after he received the main basic teachings and initiations of the Sakya lineage he went to a four month long teaching series where he received Nyigmapa Lineage initiation and teachings called Rinchen Tenzo from Khalto Khenpo Jayam and Tulku Loga Rinpoche. He was 23 when he traveled to the largest Tibetan Sakya Monastery, the Lhankam Chemo where he received the most important teachings and initiations, like Lam Dre, Lobshey, Tsogshey, Dhuta Kündü, Dzüde Kündü and all Sakya lineage initiations and teachings from Lama Loga Rinpoche. During the two years that he spent there Lama Kalsang went for the first longer Vajrapani retreat in the Natsal Palace which was His Holiness Sakya Trizin’s previous residence in Tibet. Lama Kalsang left Tibet in 1991 after a pilgrimage to the Kailash Mountain. They marched for 15 days carrying food, cloths and all the necessary equipment. In 1992 the Lama arrived to Rajpur (Dehra Dun) where he met at first time personally with His Holiness Sakya Trizin. Then in 1993 according to His Holiness advice the Lama joined and continued his studies in the Sakya College. He studied there for 9 years with the guidance of Khenpo Migma Tsering. Finally he deserved the title of Acharya (Geshe) which is the highest graduation award after Buddhist Studies. Then the Lama went for different retreats like Rigszum, Manjushri, Vajrapani and Avalokiteshvara and the longest one took for 6 months. During the nine years spent in Sakya College in 1993 through a three months period Lama Kalsang received Dhuta Kundu, all the most important teachings and initiations of Sakya Lineage from His Holiness the Sakya Trizin in Kathmandu in Nepal. In 1994 and 1995 Lama received all Gzude Kundu teachings and initiations of Sakya lineage from His Holiness in the Ngopa Monastery in Dehra Dun, India. In 1996 Lama Kalsang also received all Lam Dre Tsogshey teachings and initiations of Sakya lineage from His Holiness in Sakya Centre of Rajpur in Dehra Dun, India and in 2001 He received all Lam Dre Logshey teachings and initiations of Sakya lineage from His Holiness in Sakya Dhu Kham in Dehra Dun, India. In 2002 His Holiness sent Him as a resident Lama first time to Malaysia and thereafter He served in Singapoore as second mission from 2004 to 2006 where he led the Sakya Community. For the request of Sakya Tashi Choling in Budapest His Holiness designated Budapest, Hungary for Lama Kalsang as next mission to serve as resident Lama. He arrived to Budapest in October of 2006 where He is living at present. Lama Kalsang is giving teachings and initiation not only in Hungary but in other European countries. Nice evening: Gonpo
  3. These only medicine Buddha sadhanas, not medicine buddha puja ritual. Kalsang lama said: You may cure yourself with the medicine Buddha sadanas, and if you'll cure the peoples, you do the Sangye Menla puja (medicine buddha ritual with tormas and etc.). The puja would interest me not the sadhana! Thanks!
  4. Dear Shenphen lama! Please write about the Medicine buddha puja and its karmic effects! Thanks! Gonpo
  5. Thanks! So: If somebody has a highest (Hevajra, Chakrasamvara, Kalachakra etc.) initiation (two day empowerment (vase-secret-wisdom-word initiation with samayas), then any kind of lower initiation (Manjusri, medicine buddha, mahakala,Tara, etc.) too gets may visualize himself as all forms for what he got the lower blessing initiation. But he/she dont have any highest initiation, than he/she not vizualize yourself as than yidam. Do I interpret it well? Lama Zopa rinpoche said: If you have got a highest initiation, you may visualize yourself than black garuda or any yidam when you want to make his sadhana practice. Gonpo
  6. So than most! Thanks! But if somebody does not received highest initiation (my very dear friend (girl), only lower one, but his received vase initiation, may she can vizualize himself as the Buddha aspect? Because the lamas nowadays is applied the vase empowerment on the lower initiations. Where sadhana notebook is given after an initiation it not only a blessing initiation.You took it in this manner the not only a blessing? Gonpo
  7. Dear Shenpen Rinpoche! Thank you! I ask you! You also answer my asked question likewise the selftransformation and wang, what I entry. Thanks!
  8. Hello dear lamas! If I received a highest initiation (Hevajra Heruka and Nairatmya yab yum) and I also received Medicine Buddha lower initiation and White Mahakala lower initiation than I may vizualize myself then Medicine Buddha or White Mahakala? Because what I received to them sadhana texts, they are about this, but I would like an affirmation! Thanks! Gonpo
  9. Dear Shenphen rinpoche! Who is Tsem Tulku? I was watching his video and I asked it in myself : Is this a normal man? I believe this lama is lost in samsara! With respect: Gonpo
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