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  1. The 'Queen of Spices' and the 'Grains of Paradise', Cardamom, is one of the expensive spices. Indian 'elaichi' is the most assorted spice that gives a flavour to everything it touches. A few seeds of cardamom can work wonders with your breathe. The sweet and tingling taste of the spice helps give you a boost of confidence by freshning your breathe and your mind. The golden pod when added with particular dishes brings in a mouth watering aroma. The seeds act as an antidepressant thus cutting down the stress and fatigue that rule your daily chaotic life. Cardamom has always been categorized as a very important ingredient in ayurvedic medicines. A pod with medicinal value of its own also spices up the love life. The spice is used to cure sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation and impotence. The ultimate sex stimulating food, cardamom is recommended as remedy. The culinary and confectionary uses of cardamom are unavoidable. Teas, coffees and milk find a new stimulating flavour with a dash of elaichi. The spice is a very active ingredient in getting rid of obesity. Skin and urinay problems can be resolved with cardamom. The seeds also produce valuable cardamom oil which have many culinary and therapeutic uses. The famous masala chai and elaichi chai have the spice as the main ingredient. The mouth cleansing and breath freshning effect of the cardamom makes it the friend of the dentists. The most expensive spice is the most assorted spice not only in India but all over the world.
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