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  1. Tashi Delek! Dear Rinpoche, thank You for the explanations. With all the best, Khyentse
  2. Atreju, Tashi Delek! I see. Thanks for your reply, but in my case it is not so, because I'm (was) a smoker and alcoholic as welll. It is different if someone needs alcohol (this was my case), or just like beer (wihout addiction). Be well, Khyentse
  3. Tashi Delek! I agree with Rinpoche, that consuming drinks with alcohol under 1% can not affect our mind, develop some attachment (or worse: alcoholism...)..., which - so I think - is the main meaning or purpose of a vow. But it is said in Genyen vows (and in all others vows as well): no intoxicants. I have some problems with cigarettes: I can stop smoking for a period of time, but when I smoke a first cigarette after some time, I feel a strong craving and I smoke again. It is because of my attachment. My mind is weak (about cigarettes, not to be mistaken... ), and I can understand, that a lay person can drink some drinks with alcohol under mentioned (or even with a higher) level, or smoke a cigarette, or enjoy any other thing without attachment, but I can not understand, why it is allowed such minimum for ordained persons? I saw in India and Nepal (very rare, to be honest) monks smoking cigarettes or drinking beer, and I was thinking: why then they're monks?!? From my point of view such behaviour can weaken (or break) the vow. And why is it so hard to say no to drinks with a low level of alcohol? Is it maybe because of some attachment to the taste of some drink? I don't mean anyone personally, but within this topic there is almost one year of my fight against smoking, eating meat...
  4. Tashi Delek! Interesting question: where are Karmic seed "stored"... I think it is very difficult to explain some spiritiual (pr better: non material...) phenomena with words, which are somehow connected with time and space. "Where" refers to some "place" within the space, and withinin this space there is something "stored". I think, because I've never seen a Karmic seed as it is (I just experience it's result...), that there is no place (in conventional meaning), where can such seeds be stored. I can not even imagine this (some "boxes" within our mind: white coloured for good and maybe black for bad seeds), because the "understanding" of where are carmic seeds stored (and the like..) is only possible (so I think) when both realities (conventional and ultimate) are perceived at the same time, and only Buddha is able to perceive in such way. Or even more: what we call carmic seeds is a convention (spiritual phenomena?), which has no self- inherent existance, so: what to store where? :? And is it up to us to care, "where" some seeds are "stored"? Maybe they are in a little green ball in the middle of Shunyata? I personally prefer to practice, how to be a better being, and such questions can not fulfill my task. Be well.
  5. Tashi Delek! I'm sorry, Ripoche, but I didn't make my statements clear enough, so: I know that Bodhisattva can perceive a conventional level as well as the ultimate one, but not at the same time as Buddhas can. And it's clear, that Bodhisattvas (and Buddhas as well) somehow have to function at a conventional level, otherwise they will not be able to help or to teach...When I talk about conventional level, I talk about myself (and, if I can, about all of us on similar level...). I can not control each of 64 processes per sec. all of my time! In this case (so I think) I'll be a Buddha. For me this theory about 64 paralel mental states per sec. is a very good inspiration for better and harder practice. This is what I want to say, and for me it is not important if there are really so many states of mind in one fingersnap (as I've been told at University, there are maybe more - including all the processes, that control body functions...), but I believe it is so. As You know, sometimes I prefer to believe more than to investigate a topic, which is somehow traditional, AND IT WORKS! I was talking about conventional level, and I'm sure that fingers and all things do work on mentioned level... No problem. But even on a conventional understanding of Shunyata it is not so hard to understand, that "a finger" and "mental states" (and the like...) are just words...for some phenomena without self inherent existance. Our Karma makes them work. So I've been told. 8)
  6. Tashi Delek! I think that in a conventional world we can use a theory (or convention?) that there are 64 paralel mental processes in one finger - snap to imagine, how difficult is to "control" the mind. Is it possible (on conventional level...) to control it all the time at all? I do not think so, but maybe I'm wrong. :? Neverthenless: a finger?, a mind?, the mental processes?...where all those things are? I can not "see" any of this things with some independent self - existance... :oops:
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