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Emptiness & Experience

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I thought important to post here the following message from an other Buddhist Forum:


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If you try to "understand" Emptiness all along the way, you won't experience it...


Basically, you can't meditate ON Emptiness, but only ABOUT Emptiness. You search for an inherent existence; and when you can't find it, you are coming toward Emptiness. For long time, that remains an intellectual journey. Continuing under proper guidance from a qualified teacher will help you to "let go" the intelectualization at the right moment of your meditation so to enter into the field of experience. Then, it won't be 'on' or 'about' Emptiness as a label or concept, but experiencing the true nature of all phenomena, including your mind.


This is particularly where students have difficulty to get it: keep intellectualising about Emptiness and you will never experience it.

You can't intellectualize an experience.

You can't intellectualize and experience at the same time.

The first time your mind come close to Emptiness, and you start to have really a beginning of experience about it, it is common that we start to rationalize/intellectualize "oh, I'm experience this or that" but then, it's immediately gone! For experience to be fruitful, the mind has to be completely and stably in peace... which comes after a certain amount of time/years of practice, of purification, ethical life, merits accumulation, and correct guidance.


All the best, Lama Shenphen Rinpoche


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Good morning,

I am not sure how my writting is in a harmony with the Buddhist Wisdom :blush: , but I read that we supposed to have two kinds/aspects of the mind. At least. One is the mind, which thinks and the second, which feels. At the first glimpse, I would think that the experience happens in the sphere of feelings. But, is the experience when we are absorbed into one specific - what ever feeling? Is that an experience? Or, does the experience rather happen in the sphere of "observing myself", where a certain distance is attained regarding the experience itself, as kind of parallel flow of the mind, which surpasses it at the same time, kind of "meta" mind. Awareness.


Best regards,

Simona ;)

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