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I Found A Robber

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Tashi Delek,


I would have never thought that a robber, so well hidden, yet being a part of our attitudes, is within my own mind.


Years ago, when there was only one supermarket for lets say more than few villages, and when we could find only one chocolate (maybe 3 tastes), we have thought they were amazing. Well today they are not amazing any more and it is not the chocolate that changed, but our expectations about the chocolate. So if it stayed just with chocolate. With expectations we loose friends, since we are no longer satisfied, we loose partners, we loose peace, we don't see what we have.


Isn't the robber the person that thinks that does not have something...so he/she must get it, manipulate it or others...isn't this robber me, who takes away all the joy of my life...so that at the end there is nothing else left to enjoy, appreciate...but so much to be changed, made different, made better (cry)


With best wishes,


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Hi, Billytiss and everybody! I didn have time to read the Teaching attached yet, nevertheless I wish to write my opinion on this matter. As well, I am not sure, how this opinion is in accordance with theory. So, basically I think every sentient being has a wish and expectation to be happy and that can be turned into benefit, because if that were not be so, who would follow Buddhas Teachings then at all? The main trouble as I can see it, is the communication, because the things are not communicated, are unspoken, unsaid. And here we shall divide essential things from unessential. How many times does it happen finding oneself in what ever environment, personal, parent-children, working places, when minor things are communicated into details and everything turns around the details, as for example how to place the stamp on the envelop or where to park the car, is it better this street or is it better that street, whereas the major things are "better to be left as they are" and how many times we all simply just run away from talking about the main things, the things which matters? I notice that when there is an initiative to talk about essential matter, people become - in a second - :0022: tired, they start to yawn, to roll their eyes, start to feel pains, get the headache, don`t have time, or become aggressive and filled up with adrenalin (the primary response "fight or run") whereas they could talk hours about how they mix the cream for the strawberries, how much suger they put in it, how long they do it, what are the comments of those who taste their cream and so on untill endlessness. Somebody would might say "the happiness lies in a small things", but I would say it is easier to be great in small things than be great in big things.

And, when the people meet to talk about the essential things, usually it looks really as a battle from ancient Roman times. Not so far ago, I attended one such meeting, which lasted 3 whole hours, the people divided into two parts, facing each other and some of their words had a shape of sharp and speedy arrows, which just swept, whereas some of the words took a shape of the lance and the others of the bulldozer (not taking care what is in front of us, just go and crush everything what is on the way - and feeling really good about it :taptap: ). Non-violence means the dialogue. But, not every talk is a dialogue. The weapon shall be put down in the mind - first.

As well, I remember the movie I have been watched many years back, the title is "Unfaithful", and on CD there is an extentional version, encolsed interview with Richard Gere (who is one of the main characters in that movie). I found the interview on the internet, but the one on CD is much better...



Bye & take care,


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