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Letters Send For Tibet Situation To Slovenian State

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Our Congregation has undertaken the task to express concerns and pressure to our Government (in Slovenia), specially since it is leading the EU during this semester.

(Dharmaling is not a political organization and therefore expresses its concerns regarding human rights, not political situation in itself. Other times, we would prefer a "Tibet Support Group" would undertake such actions, but we heard there is no more active TSG in Slovenia - it has been transformed into a humanitarian association to support their projects).


We have therefore sent a letter to several political most important leaders of the country.

And we are preparing some other actions.


Please find under the translation in English of the attached letter.



Lj., 19th of March 2008


Cabinet of the President of the Government of RS

Gregorciceva 20, 25

1000 Ljubljana



Subject: Standpoint of the Slovene state regarding the violence in Tibet and mediation of the presiding EU state in the conflict


Dear Sir or Madam,


In the last few days the violence in Tibet, especially in the capital Lhasa has been intensifying. The Chinese authorities have literally cut off Tibet from the rest of the world, the telecommunication connections have been suspended, even the journalists cannot enter. The world public can only guess, if so far 13 or 100 or even more people have died in the conflicts between the police and the demonstrators.


People's Republic of China had occupied Tibet 58 years ago. Since then it has been carrying out the cultural genocide. During this time it has destroyed more than 6000 monasteries, it has killed more than 1 million people, it has shifted thousands of Tibetans in prisons, a few 100 are still missing. Inter alia it has been methodically inhabiting large numbers of Chinese in Tibet, with the purpose of prevailing over the autochthon nation. It has been systematically depriving the Tibetans of their basic human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedom of religion.


Tibetan religious and political leader His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama has been calling for a dialogue with the Chinese authorities for quite some years. He is not demanding an independence of Tibet, but only the autonomy. Yet, especially lately, the Chinese authorities have been persistently rejecting the calls for the constructive talks.


Long term opression has been causing the increasing dissatisfaction of some Tibetans. Peaceful protests have grown violent after the Police intervention, the tensions are running higher and the development of affairs is unpredictable. Chinese authorities are threatening with people's war.


His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama expressed the demand for both sides to stop with violence. In the opossite case, if the Tibetans won't follow the appeal, He will resign, since He has been advocating the policy of non-violence for a long time. We agree with such a demand.


The coming Olympic Games in Beijing will set the Public Republic of China under the scrutiny of the world public. Potential boycott of the Olympic Games namely wouldn't solve the political problems. Regardless of this the period of the sport competitions will be an opportunity for China to regain the reputation on the field of respect of the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.


We are appealing to the Slovene state to adequatelly respond to the described events. We think that the Slovene Government and the President of the state should take a clear stand and the Parliament should accept a declaration with the adequate content. The violence should stop on both sides, People's Republic of China should let the independent United Nations observers in Tibet, and above all the systematic breaching of the basic human rights and fundamental freedoms should be stopped.


We are appealing to the President of the Government Janez Janša, the President of the state dr. Danilo Türk and the Minister of foreign affairs dr. Dimitrij Rupel to take on the diplomatic initiative on behalf of Slovenia as the state presiding the EU, and to mediate between both sides - the People's Republic of China and the Tibetan leadership in exile - with the purpose of reaching the agreement.




Lama Shenphen Rinpochee

Principal of the Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling


Sent also to:

- President of the parliament

- President of the state

- Minister of foreign affairs

- Leaders of the deputy groups

- Amnesty International Slovenia

- Tibet Support Group

- International Tibet Support Network

- Office for religious communities

- Media

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