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Hi to all!

I have one question and would appreciate your suggestions. It goes for functioning, power, value, (dis)harmony, proportion, influence, relation between awareness and non-awareness. Namely, I find quite some paradox here, like for example, sometimes when I am focused on completely non important matter, then some important matters would be solved smoothly, looks like as "by themselves", but when I am focused on important things, they would not get solved or would be solved very hardly with a lot of effort and hard work. In a way I can sense some more mind processes are running "behind" those being in front of me right now and are doing just fine, without "my" interference and soon as I would try to come near to them, they would disolve and disappear or may be simply "jump off". I cannot help to avoid to make a comparison with the snail in the house, it comes out, but soon as one would touch its little horn, it would hide back in the shell. In general, how this could be used in practicing the Dharma in more efficient way?


Best regards,


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