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Poems And A Prayer

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From the Exhibition of photos of the land of Tibet:


"To see the greatness of the mountains

One must keep one's distance.

To understand its form

One must move around it.

To experience its moods

One must see it at sunrise and sunset,

at noon and at midnight,

in sun and rain,

in snow and storm...in all seasons.


He who can see the mountain like this

comes near to the life of the mountain,

a life that is as intense and varied

as that of a human being." (Lama Anagarika Govanda, The Way of the White Clouds)



"One must remain in the vastness,

alert and lucid

letting one's gaze encompass

the infinity of the sky

as though seated on a summit

of a mountain open

to all the horizons." (Shabkar, 1781-1851)



"In the land

where celestial powers are revered,

where animals are partners in life's struggle,

where birds fly without fear,

where fish swim in freedom,

where wildlife is protected,

where men and women

cherish inner peace and outer freedom." (old Tibetan song)



"May the rain fall at a proper time.

May the harvest and animals always be beautiful.

May there be freedom from illness, famine and weapons.

May all living beings be well, happy and peaceful." (A Prayer Flag Text)

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