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From end of August, Dharmaling Center in Ljubljana is looking for a cook/care taker.

Of course this person needs to have experience in cooking, but would also have to be Dharma practitioner since at least three years, able to keep a little accountancy about the shopping required for the kitchen, and self-disciplined to plan her work according to the needs. She will have also to participate into taking care of the guest rooms.

Dharmaling Center has usually 6 residents (with the cook), and can have maximum 10 guests (4 guest rooms). Among the residents is Lama Shenphen Rinpoche.


The cook will be provided with food, along with full lodging facilities (room, water, electricity, washing machine), and a computer with internet access; and of course access to all activities in the Center (teachings, seminars, practices, etc.).

The position leaves lot of free times, and is specially addressed to someone wishing to combine karma yoga and practice/learning in a Dharma Center environment. Dharmaling Ljubljana Center has regular program of teachings and practices, covering from beginner to advanced practitioners.

The resident teacher is Lama Shenphen Rinpoche; and we invite other Lamas occasionally (Tulku Gyatso, Ontul Rinpoche, Geshe Khedrup, etc.).


For more information, you can write to Gelong Lodreu by email: office{at}dharmaling{dot}org

or by phone dialling: (+386) 40-272-698

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Tashi Delek,


as i checked some topics and not found proper one (or didn't checked well :blink: ), i would like to know more about prepairing good nonmeat food and drinks.


Thank you :)

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