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Buddhism And Global Environment

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"The Western concept of increasing the GNP each year must change, and fast. The principle itself contradicts all natural and logical laws. Westerners certainly need to develop a sense of contentment and more consideration towards others. In the meantime, the birth control question must also be addressed. The southern countries must curb their population growth. To tell you the truth, I think the first thing the southerners must do is recognize the negative consequences of the present Western concepts of life and economy. We have to correct or remould this erroneous belief in the value of an ever-increasing GNP."



Increasing GNP became one-sided measure of the success in last two hundred years and the highest goal of the society. The general and global acceptance of this goal brought us where we are, which is also somehow far beyond the economic measure itself. So, I can only but welcome shifted comprehension of what a success is in regard to quality of life of the people, care for the balance in the nature and other non material values. Slowly the quality of life replaces the quantity of production.


It happens countries of the third world mainly copy the western models and measures of economy, the development does not come from within these societies, from within their traditions and these result in serious iner conflicts. In these countries it is not rarity the luxory goods are produced and granted far before basic goods and one can see for example a house, of which inhabitants cannot be provided by enough water neither food, yet on the roof of the house there is satelite TV antenna. In one such country I have recently visited, the government slowly started to become aware of importnace of the tradition and traditional values and started also to invest funds in its renewal, but success it is under their expectations. It is a question what an impact the copy of western models will leave on the young generation, because as a local man explained while we were driving past the only pizzeria in town, his all six children (the seveth is on the way) like pizza and coca-cola much more than traditional dishes.

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