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Non-profit Activities Of Zavod Dharmaling

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Dear members of the group,


just the other day I was talking to a friend, who is involved in helping with donation for 1 -week holidays of the children from Bosnia and Hercegovina, which is taking place in these days in Debeli Rtič, Slovenia. The children participating are from socially endangered families and the project is co - financed by Slovene Ministry of Foreign Affairs http://www.mzz.gov.si/en. There are different business companies, which also helped with the project in different ways and for example I know for a hairdresser, who offers his service and coming for the fourth year already to do childrens`s hair in Debeli Rtič.

I find this news inspiring and therefore share it with you and would like to tell you at this occassion that also Zavod Dharmaling, which is a non-profit organization, working with goal to help the society with lessening and mitigation of social bias among vulnerable social groups and with trying to improve the quality of their social life, organized this year for the third time similar holidays, in the way as children camp, for the children primarily from socially endangered families and as well for all the other children, who wished to participate, of course. We never refuse any child. It goes for assuring of an environment, in which children can investigate, create and develop positive values of their being, life and people around. In order Zavod Dharmaling could perform its activity also in the future I encourage you to think about your way of helping by donation or inviting some other business companies or businessmen you know and would be willing to help.


Thank you,



Zavod Dharmaling

IBAN SI56 3000 0000 6227 630

Bank name: Volksbank - Ljudska banka, d. d.



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